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LB log - 20140620

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A difficult call came in today. I had two options open as far as what my first job would be, and the previous successful conclusion of the driving test for the local operation pretty much secured it for me. I knew I'd have to end consideration of the second offer eventually, but that choice was thrust upon me with a sudden phone call. It was the recruiter who operates his own service of coordinating employees with employers. It caught me off guard, and the person who called didn't make the conversation any easier by doing his best to speak negatively about the company that I mentioned I would be working for (without using outright negative phrases). However, I found something to be amiss in how strongly he insisted I go with the other company that he had aligned me with, making particular note about how the pay I'd be earning would be "roughly half" of what he was offering (and it isn't) and how being home every one or two weeks is acceptable (which, compared to the job I'll soon have which puts me home daily, is not). My lack of inclination to argue the point led me to tell him I'd call back, and I did so after exercising. In that time I had made up my mind to stay resolute and stick with what I had started. He didn't answer when I called back, and I left a message.

The entire situation threw me off because I didn't have the understanding that I was considered "pre hired" by the second firm, and that the person who called me was actually not just a go-between to the actual carriers. I thought it would have been my responsibility to contact that other carrier directly to inform them that I had taken up employment elsewhere. Perhaps I misunderstood something but without having signed any document nor received any document which indicated that I was a new hire to the company (as I have already received by the company I'll be working for), I didn't think anything was set in place. I'd like to think that I would have understood things differently if I thought it was already established and certain that I had the job. The call I received today is the first that I had received that understanding clearly, and the subsequent hard sell by the agent (who later said he was an effective representative of the company and was responsible for my being "pre hired") was enough to disorient and ultimately dissuade me from changing my mind about my employer.

The employer who I will be working for contacted me later, and I now come to find out that they have a rule where if the driver loads his own trailer, he gets an additional $30 per day. This means that once I am able to do that, I'll earn roughly the same amount now as my wife and I combine to earn from Walmart today. This is after she has been with the company for nineteen years. I think I made the right choice.

Songs were very good today, though this is partly due to the fact that several of the new records came from my second or third play of the given chart. If there's one trend which I can identify of my play in general, it's that my second play usually surpasses my baseline first. This isn't a terribly surprising discovery.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).

			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
テーレッテー新宿談 @	34.48 D		1603.F	563.477.516.479.906	0037	2324			2014-06-20T23:06:25:579Z
0/3			00.94-		0044-

xepher @		47.42 C		1841.F	655.531.426.119.505	0182	1941			2014-06-20T23:09:23:852Z
0/8			01.62-		0063-

hundred A O @		40.86 D		2023.F	701.621.582.225.784	0081	2475	1587	055.95	2014-06-20T23:12:59:674Z
0/2			01.83+		0091+	24+43+63-42-73-		0037-				2014-03-21T02:21:48:280Z

in motion @		73.28 A		1385.P	528.329.65.6.34		0163	0945	0661	042.96	2014-06-20T23:15:54:075Z
5/7			00.37+		0007+	4+1-1-2-2-		0101-				2013-09-15T00:04:38:141Z

dazzling neon @		34.96 D		1702.F	582.538.629.275.984	0042	2434			2014-06-20T23:19:12:019Z
0/5			01.29-		0063-

extrema pt 2 @		70.38 A		1640.P	612.416.108.12.59	0197	1165	1009	015.46	2014-06-20T23:22:37:835Z
3/11			00.73+		0017+	2+13+12-1+4+		0033-				2012-04-22T01:46:08:868Z

ladymade corestar @	38.16 D		2100.F	719.662.686.221.1038	0068	2751	2148	028.07	2014-06-20T23:26:47:506Z
0/2			06.58+		0362+	146+70+111-58-47-	0025+				2014-05-09T00:21:43:215Z

midnight strolling @	34.73 D		1721.F	607.507.587.237.988	0037	2477	1900	030.36	2014-06-20T23:31:01:875Z
0/2			04.56+		0226+	100+26+79-39-41-	0014-				2014-01-19T23:45:54:512Z

the sinking world @	68.12 A		2563.F	983.597.193.18.159	0179	1881			2014-06-20T23:34:32:251Z
1/4			02.92-		0110-

咲かせようヒマワリの花@	72.40 A		2201.F	883.435.88.38.144	0182	1520	0920	065.21	2014-06-20T23:41:04:995Z

gengaozo @		29.04 E		2342.F	749.844.1205.504.1633	0102	4032			2014-06-20T23:47:01:015Z
0/3			01.57-		0127-

murmur twins @		56.53 B		1835.F	674.487.238.79.348	0085	1623	1188	036.61	2014-06-20T23:50:09:146Z
0/10			01.70+		0055+	9-73+79-4-7-		0025-				2014-04-19T23:58:52:370Z

caldera @		44.82 C		1004.F	356.	0058	1120	0754	048.54	2014-06-20T23:53:17:322Z
0/3			00.63+		0014+	28+42-18+1+25+		0003-				2014-01-01T03:37:09:673Z

dusk recapture 		36.54 D		1219.F	427.365.375.113.576	0052	1668	1045	059.61	2014-06-20T23:57:27:194Z

yorugao			72.79 A		1252.P	488.	0177	0860	0853	0	2014-06-21T00:02:08:034Z

alien world @		74.81 A		1182.P	458.		0288	0790			2014-06-21T00:05:21:043Z
6/6			01.89-		0030-

ordeal @		57.26 B		1954.F	711.532.289.47.244	0086	1706	1287	032.55	2014-06-21T00:08:59:386Z
0/8			01.67+		0057+	15+27+24-8+28-		0069-				2012-10-18T00:44:34:594Z

fly above @		76.53 A		1719.P	666.387.42.9.37		0158	1123			2014-06-21T00:12:06:787Z
11/12			01.73-		0039-

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