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LB log - 20140725

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This has been a grueling week.

I slept more yesterday yet was more tired today in doing the route than yesterday morning. I had to stop no less than three separate times after getting gas this morning in order to stimulate myself enough to not start blanking out on the road. At the third stop I managed to park at a location which had the zero calorie Monster drink in a vending machine, and having that was enough to help prop me up for the remainder of the return. That and a quad shot of espresso a few hours prior is what it takes for me to have enough stamina to make the return trip.

The tractor that I'm using has a shattered face plate over the display gauges and has a clutch pedal which rattles with horrific volume when in anything under tenth gear. The machine also hops like a mechanical bull in the first cycles of going in reverse. It has no internal dome light, so it's a good thing I have my flash light. The dash radio is a CD unit, which is far better than nothing (and I already experienced that), but I'm not going to carry a CD with on the route so that leaves me to use radio on it otherwise. My first solution of getting a cheap ipod docking base proved ineffective with it being unable to play at a volume high enough for me to hear it over the road noise (as well as not having any good location to place it). My second solution was to use some PC speakers to position by my chair, and they fell out of place on the way down so I ended up driving the first half of the route with the speakers on my lap. On the way back I procured a bungie cord to bind them around the head rest, and even then there's still some content which isn't loud enough to be heard well, even with the ipod and speakers maxed out. I left the speakers inside the truck today, as I'm assuming I'll have this machine for use again tonight. I'm pretty sure nobody else would want to voluntarily use it.

One more day. If that's what I have to do to make it through one more day, then that's fine. I can deal with that. Otherwise, we are going to need to negotiate some immediate pay raises if the bottom falls out and they want me to take this over. I doubt it will happen, but I wouldn't have predicted this as my first week on the job after the training period. They wouldn't have either.

With the weekend coming, I'm shifting the routine around a bit so that I could play some songs today. I sat to the table feeling completely strung out and drained but I actually managed to get my wits together enough to play a few songs in Extra. New record off the bat too. I'm glad I took the time to play, even if it was only for a little bit.

Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).

			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
beautiful days @	78.01 AA	1164.P	474.		0382	0746	0697	007.03	2014-07-25T15:10:23:211Z
7/7			02.56+		0008+	18+28-15-2-7+		0066+				2012-03-24T00:41:37:641Z

get the drive @		50.21 C		2089.F	752.585.457.122.394	0129	2080			2014-07-25T15:13:52:757Z
0/8			01.44-		0060-

love & justice @	25.10 E		1587.F	488.611.952.418.1443	0040	3160	1977	059.83	2014-07-25T15:19:44:398Z

tonight @		74.57 A		1226.P	481.		0132	0822			2014-07-25T15:22:51:221Z
9/9			02.37-		0039-
back into light vocal @	39.71 D		1962.F	657.648.678.195.675	0043	2470			2014-07-25T15:30:41:589Z
0/13			02.63-		0130-

neps paradox @		39.54 D		1569.F	544.481.491.163.677	0048	1984	1637	021.19	2014-07-25T15:34:43:981Z
0/2			01.87+		0074+	67+60-11+14+35-		0007+				2014-05-01T01:24:08:115Z

wizard requiem @	39.98 D		1717.F	591.535.536.195.762	0046	2147	1529	040.41	2014-07-25T15:39:52:430Z

真夏の花・真夏の夢 @	50.62 C		1448F	526.396.315.81.268	0078	1430			2014-07-25T15:45:24:247Z
0/7			02.20-		0063-

中華急行 @		44.32 D		1670.F	594.482.399.184.653	0073	1884			2014-07-25T15:49:26:267Z
0/5			01.85-		0070-

blank moon @		37.82 D		1143.F	386.371.403.128.490	0068	1511			2014-07-25T15:54:00:213Z
0/9			04.73-		0143-

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