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LB log - 2016 Week 28

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300AM Wednesday morning. I'm leaving from my third stop and I see the wind starting to pick up and a few drops of rain hit the windshield. It's been dry and hot for the past few days. Within a few moments the rain becomes stronger and reaches a steady rate, but I still take a while to even start using the windshield wipers as they tend to leave streaks and could cause fogging if the temperature imbalance is great enough. I maintain a 60 MPH speed. It's windy, but I've driven in windier. It's rainy, but I've driven in rainier. I pass an exit and continue driving. There's no traffic around me. The road starts to have a gentle curve ahead. I'm ready to start to take it. One blink, I'm on the road. Next blink, my entire truck has shifted to the right. I'm now driving down into a large ditch at 60 miles per hour. The tractor has jacked to the passenger's side at full force. I eventually slide to a stop. Steam rises from the cracked hood. A fissure starts to form and spread on the driver's window pane. Radio off. Breath and heartrate elevated but otherwise the body seems fine. Right arm feel stiff after gripping the wheel so strongly during the descent. I make calls. I sit inside the tractor as the rain continues. Eventually I hear a voice call out asking if I'm OK. I climb out and step into a layer of water. I yell back that I'm not injured towards the direction of the voice as I stumble through weeds and grasses which are taller than my head. I see the man now. Older, long hair, glasses. He asks if I'm OK again and I affirm as such. There's another car waiting behind his, and there's three teen men inside it. The older man leaves and the teens offer to let me sit while I wait for the police to arrive. A State officer arrives within two minutes after I sit down. I thank the men and they leave. The trooper takes me to a gas station away from the scene. He fills out most of a report, takes a picture of all papers I took with so he could complete the rest elsewhere, and states that he won't issue me a ticket. I thank him. We ride back after seeing the tow trucks ride past us a few minutes prior. We arrive back to the scene. My truck is so far down into the ditch that only the top three feet of the trailer is visible from the road. The officer says if he didn't see the teens' car, he wouldn't have seen my truck. The towers make their hook up and instruct me to climb back into the tractor to help steer it as they pull it up. It comes up. The tractor is fully unusable, but the trailer seems mostly OK. They take it back to their towing facility to make some air leak repairs and switch tow truck units. I'm taken back to the hub. That was my Wednesday.

I'm now on driving probation through the company due to this incident. It's Thursday. A new hire is set to be my escort to the route for the rest of the week. He's a well experienced driver. The trailer now has two days' worth of freight on it. The tractor shows the Check Engine light for exhaust contamination. We reach the first stop and he sees oil leaking from the tractor's rear axle. Repair service arrives and fixes it in an hour, but not without ripping one of the eight rivets off of the axle plate. While the repair is done, we force a regen of the exhaust. The engine lights go away, so I turn the tractor off. We leave and the engine goes into derate temporarily but doesn't remain there. Heaves of white smoke now come from the exhaust area. It continues while we make the second and third stop. We leave from there and hit the main road to accelerate to 30MPH. A massive cloud of white smoke follows in our wake. The machine is a road hazard. We pull over near the first stop and call maintenance. We determine the turbo unitl is blown, which is causing uncompressed diesel to burn and leave the smoke trail. We are stuck. A replacement unit is called in to be towed to us. Other nearby stops come to us and acquire their shipment. 7AM comes and everyone else calls me at once. Two hours later, the replacement arrives. We only have enough time left in the day to go to the next scheduled stop. All other customers send out drivers to pick their freight up there. We return with an hour remaining on his fourteen hour daily service limit. That was Thursday.

Friday was fine. People are happy to see and hear that I'm alive and uninjured, particularly since, by coincidence, there was another truck accident that same morning which occurred in their area and was a known fatality to the driver. Today is Saturday and it was mostly OK too, except we somehow managed to rip some power lines out of a dealership building after making a delivery, despite driving through that exact same area the day before and as I have done nearly all other days in the previous year.

My old unit still sits in the hub area where the trailers rest. The damage is severe. It might be beyond repair. At this moment I have no certain knowledge of if I am to resume work as normal next week or if I still even have a job with them. I'm also working on an Anki deck to study the Hazardous Material CDL test. I can only assume I'm on borrowed time at the company if I'm even still employed with them at all.

I'm on borrowed time regardless. If I hit anything like a guard rail or a tree or a road sign or a fence as I slid into that ditch, I would have had no way to even brace for the impact. I could have been severely injured and clinging to life, only to live with life impairing handicaps. I could be four days dead.

Instead, here I am, alive and well.


Lunar Beat. Extra Mode. Double play. "@" denotes Random chart modifier. All songs are of highest difficulty type unless specified.
First line, by column; song title, EX score percentage and letter grade rank, EX score value and pass/fail, judgment readout (just great, great, good, bad poor), highest combo reached, note count of chart under Extra Mode, original note count of chart, percentage increase of Extra Mode notes over original note count, timestamp.
Second line, by column; pass count / play count, EX score percentage difference from record, EX score value difference from record, judgment readout difference from record (if current play is new record), highest combo reached difference from record (if current play is new record), timestamp of old record (if current play is new record).

			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+nc 	date
夜桜 			36.73 D		1780.F	580.620.764.195.661	0051	2423			2016-07-05T17:45:44:133Z
0/4			05.28-		0256-

nightshade		36.95 D		1589.F	546.497.607.275.783	0043	2150			2016-07-05T17:48:43:293Z
0/4			07.58-		0326-

cyber space carnival	29.12 E		1757.F	566.625.968.377.1270	0057	3016			2016-07-05T17:52:03:210Z
0/5			07.49-		0452-

はるいろこみち		47.47 C		1708.F	600.508.290.119.464	0090	1799			2016-07-05T17:55:15:605Z
0/3			06.94-		0250-

sitosoym lyra		33.26 E		1703.F	561.581.767.360.1129	0070	2560	1415	080.91	2016-07-05T17:58:19:885Z
0/2			01.02+		0052+	16+20+56+70+137+	0022+				2015-10-20T19:10:57:659Z

effloresce		63.98 B		1057.P	394.	0108	0826			2016-07-05T18:01:20:046Z
4/4			09.86-		0163-

地獄の桜 火		49.67 C		1843.F	676.491.343.191.573	0057	1855			2016-07-05T18:04:27:149Z
0/3			06.92-		0257-

地平線のその向こう側 	67.34 A		1557.P	578.401.136.19.67	0104	1156			2016-07-05T18:07:43:042Z
5/8			03.46-		0080-

why so serious		42.52 D		2414.F	849.716.749.305.888	0087	2838			2016-07-05T18:13:29:237Z
0/8			04.01-		0228-

飛翔転生 inst ver 	35.63 D		2031.F	683.665.835.392.1181	0047	2850			2016-07-05T18:19:17:093Z
0/11			01.57-		0090-

abstract		51.39 C		1509.F	513.483.325.49.226	0068	1468			2016-07-07T20:18:22:860Z
0/14			08.51-		0250-

broken			38.16 D		1771.F	605.561.677.253.865	0174	2320			2016-07-07T20:21:28:320Z
0/9			04.63-		0215-

虹色の花 		46.81 C		1763.F	620.523.435.138.553	0131	1883			2016-07-07T20:24:30:599Z
0/5			01.46-		0055-

jeux deux		42.72 D		1568.F	565.438.441.224.672	0071	1835	1314	039.64	2016-07-07T20:27:27:000Z
0/3			01.58+		0058+	22+14+41+21+47+		0010-				2014-08-28T20:00:56:857Z

four leaf		66.23 B		1163.P	448.	0219	0878			2016-07-08T20:39:58:417Z
10/11			04.49-		0079-

into the sunset		58.22 B		1402.F	501.400.162.3.191	0107	1204			2016-07-08T20:43:24:625Z
0/5			00.99-		0024-

lets talk it over	72.96 A		0680.P		0262	0466			2016-07-08T20:45:33:658Z
11/11			02.89-		0027-

madrugada		71.16 A		1335.P	497.341.93.4.14		0350	0938			2016-07-08T20:48:18:915Z
10/13			00.21-		0004-

泰東ノ翠霞 		56.03 B		1542.F	534.474.266.18.177	0122	1376			2016-07-08T20:51:43:242Z
0/14			01.81-		0050-

guilt & love		31.66 E		1487.F	477.533.694.344.973	0029	2348			2016-07-08T20:55:12:098Z
0/12			03.85-		0181-

どんなときも。		72.47 A		1448.P	558.332.88.3.36		0142	0999			2016-07-08T20:58:12:929Z
9/9			02.45-		0049-

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