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So...It was my birthday...

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Nov 14 i turned a ripe 31.. decent birthday. Had the day off from work. Got to sleep in. But it wasnt as nice as i would have liked it. For one i was broke as fuck. So the steak dinner i was looking forward too didn't happen. I had glorious subway...Watched a mediocre comedy in Due Date. Wasnt bad but wasnt the shit either. The dog had a better time on my birthday than me, she got to run around a park like she didn't give a fuck. I came back home, didn't dinner even though i was willing to cook and do the dishes. Laid down and played wow while my fiancée went to sleep. That was it. In its entirety. Didn't even get a birthday blow job. Only bright point in my day was i enjoyed 2 bottles of Sam Adams Double Bock. That was the highlight. oh well. Hopefully ill be truck driving next year and ill mad ass cash to do some. good shit with.

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  1. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Who the fuck are you?
  2. Changeling's Avatar
    I got steak, a BJ and Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk for my Bday! LOLCAKES !
  3. Doc Holliday's Avatar
    A big man. A big truck drivin' man.
  4. Tones's Avatar
    Lot Lizards will do anything for you on your birthday as long as you have that trucker cash.
  5. Josh's Avatar
    Your fiancée sounds like she needs to get her ass kicked.
  6. sixteen-bit's Avatar
    So you were conceived on Valentines day?
  7. Rated E's Avatar
    Wtf was your fiancée doing that whole time?
  8. StriderKyo's Avatar
    You've inspired me to go out and get steak & eggs for breakfast, so thanks for that.
  9. StriderKyo's Avatar
    The guy overcooked the steak, it kinda sucked.


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