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Where to next?

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Long story short, I am waiting to hear back about a job at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. Notification about acceptance to said job is supposed to be by November 26, and I have yet to be contacted about an interview, so i am starting to fear I may not have gotten the job. Though I may be a little premature in my doubt and fear, I am beginning to feel the stress of trying to figure out exactly what am I going to do with my life next.

Ok, so not so much long story short, but I had the opportunity of meeting a legend of photography, Kurt Markus, while I was at the workshop in October. He has done amazing black and white landscapes and portraiture for the last few decades and is renowned world wide. I had the honor of having him review one of my portfolios, and simply put, he was amazed by my work and told me I needed to get out there. So, if I sadly do not get the job at the workshop, I am planning on packing up the essentials and driving out to Yellowstone for roughly 3 to 6 months in hope of getting some amazing photos. Essentials include backpacking and camping gear, photo gear, basic computer gear, and my car.

So why am I telling you all this? I guess I am a bit nervous and excited and just feel like getting it out there and sharing it with someone. I feel there are enough people here that would be interested in hearing about if I actually went through and spent part of the year living in Yellowstone. I figure, I have the skills and knowledge, I just have to go out there and take a risk. I'm not going to get anywhere living in Nashville and working at Gamestop. So the goal is to spend just about all my time in the park, finding amazing photos, sharing my experiences via facebook and blogging when I can, and building myself an amazing portfolio that can get me into galleries and possible jobs in the photography industry.

So expect to hear more of this in the near future. I should know if I get the job or not in Santa Fe withing the next week or two, and then that will really determine if I do end up heading out to Yellowstone.

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  1. Cowutopia's Avatar
    You should go to Yellowstone anyway. Fuck the job. Do it.
  2. Cowutopia's Avatar
    You'll be much more interesting as some schmuck who spent 3-6 months taking photos in Yellowstone living out of a backpack than as some schmuck with a job.
  3. Razor Ramon's Avatar
    Mike, did you take today off to drop truthbombs all over TNL?
  4. Cowutopia's Avatar
    Lol pretty much, cept I went to work and then I got tired and stoned.
  5. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Just do it.
  6. ElCapichan's Avatar
    I just might!

    No more NHL though...


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