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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Part 4: Shadow the Hedgehog Part 1

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The continuing tragedy continues, since part 1, 2, and 3 just weren't enough.

I was hoping to finish Shadow's episode within a day and just compile a single entry, just like I had with Silver. Unfortunately for Shadow, he's not Silver. No, our spunky black hedgehog is still hanging onto his "be like Sonic, but with bruting instead of attitude!" dynamic like it's 2001 and, well, I think I may be getting ahead of myself...

Since Twitter seemed to have lost some of my tweets while I was playing as Silver, here are my notes from my iPod Touch.

Last character to go! Starting Shadow's episode.
One of Shadow's moves is A-A then A-A-A-A? It's like he's a DoA fighter!
Hey there Rogue; I see you now have Tails' shitty "throw static
object" attack from this game. We wouldn't want you being original
now, would we?
6 minutes in and I already am in a dune buggy, in the snow.
I wonder if any of the Sonic games explain how Eggman can afford to
build multiple multimillion dollar giant robots. Where is his funding
coming from?
It's almost artistic in a way. Almost.
Could Shadow be giving Sonic a run for worse character in this game?
One level in and I already need a break.
This game has taken it's story seriously and then decides to break it with, "I have my magazines read for my 200+ year wait?" Really? That's how you break it?
My new enemy? Thy name is motorcycle.
Needless to say, I'm not liking Shadow a whole lot. He's not as bad as Sonic, but still has the wacky camera and unreliable homing attack that plagued the blue blur. None of the vehicles have been enjoyable to use either.
He is a better 3D Sonic then Sonic, though. Like Blaze, he actually has a variety of attacks that make sense in this game and can actually be kind of fun to use when the cosmos align and the camera works like it should.

I'm pretty sure Shadow's save read 70% done when I finally got frustrated enough with the motorcycle stage to throw in the towel. Hopefully the last 30% is mainly cut scenes and running from point A to B without Shadow deciding his life really does have no meaning and ring-dashing into lava, not the platform where they lead to, is the best way to end it all.


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  1. Drewbacca's Avatar
    I can't wait for part 5.
  2. Geen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca
    I can't wait for part 5.
    I'm slowly working my way through the rest of Shadow's game. Sweet lord, though, it's really punishing me every chance it gets.


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