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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Part 6: Done.

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The warrior struggled hard, but through his hardship he finally reached the top of the mountain. He had obtained the victory that he fought so hard to earn, yet all he could do was sit and shed a tear for the journey was now over.
I don't know where that quote comes from. I heard it from my cousin years ago and it's something that has always stuck with me. Sometimes the excitement in life is the anticipation of an event, not the event itself.

Not so with Sonic the Hedgehog 2006! Piece of shit is done! All three character episodes and final chapter are finished! Fuck the side quests, and definitely fuck "S" ranking everything in this game! Hell, even obtaining an achievement for buying all of Sonic's powers can go fuck off as I have zero interest in grinding for cash.

Final chapter was an exercise in patience. Final boss was a joke. It was a Super Sonic/Shadow/Silver fight that I think required more luck than skill. Thankfully you're all Super and switching between characters restores rings automatically for the others, so the only way to really lose is to stop paying attention to your rings or by being over confident.

Here are some final thoughts on this game before I end this series of posts:
  • Although I ranted and raved on this blog, I did enjoy this game to some extent. Yeah, it's one of the worse Sonic games I've ever played (Although I think I'd still rank Sonic 2 on Game Gear, Sonic Triple Trouble, and Sonic Advance 3 as possibly being the absolute worse.), but for all it's faults I still enjoyed running around. I must have, I put enough time into it over this last week.
  • The story makes little to no sense. It would be one thing if the game just had the story as fluff, but, and maybe I'm just naive (very possible), if it's taking it's story seriously then so am I. That said, it's filled with time traveling at will, plot points that are barely introduced and then abandoned, characters being involved with no motive to be so, and awkward reactions. Again, "Sonic story, lol," but still. As bad as a story as Sonic Adventure told, at least it made sense... more or less. This is just a complete hot mess.
  • To a certain extent, I feel bad for the development team of this. No one wants to put out a terrible project, especially one in a franchise that so many cherish, but here we are. I'd love to hear some developer stories behind this because I'm pretty sure they must be horrific.
  • I like the creepy realistic Eggman.
  • The human chick Elise being in love with Sonic is really creepy.
  • Although I do like the realistic look to a certain extent, I don't think it belongs in a Sonic game. Seeing realistic characters interact with these cartoon animals is just weird looking.
  • Blaze the Cat - what the fuck were you doing here? She wasn't even the same character from the Rush series. They could have put in a new character and kept all of her dialog and the dialog to her the same and it wouldn't have made a difference. OMG Spoiler, but at the end of Silver's episode she is sucked into another dimension. If, in Sonic Rush, Sonic had said, "Oh, shit! It's Blaze! You were with Silver!" it would be okay, but he didn't know her in Rush and they both were aware of each other in Sonic2K6. Argh. Whatever.

Now to find a toxic waste handling bag to put this in until I hand it off to Mzo during his Christmas vacation.

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Updated 17 Dec 2010 at 01:57 AM by Geen

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  1. Chux's Avatar
    Are you done whining on twitter and TNL about this game now?
  2. burgundy's Avatar
    i think the TNL blog experiment is now officially a failure
  3. MechDeus's Avatar
    I can't wait for Mzo to post blogs about this game.
  4. Finch's Avatar
    I enjoyed this thoroughly. This should be the next game for TNL Game Club.
  5. Opaque's Avatar
    I enjoyed these. For the same reason I enjoyed Saw.

    If someone picks this for game club I'm just going to kick them from it.
  6. Joust Williams's Avatar
  7. Mzo's Avatar
  8. Geen's Avatar
    I never saw these comments until now. o_o;

    So, to answer some questions -
    @Chux - About this game? Yes. ... Maybe!
    @burgundy - I think so too, actually. A rant isn't as entertaining when it's over so many posts. Was fun to write, though.
    @MechDus - I hope he does! At least his one ranty-review post he usually does.
    @Finch & @Opaque - Thanks!
    @Joust -
    @Mzo - I still need to find a toxic waste baggie to hand this over to you in...


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