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Old PSMs, Game Informer....from 1997!

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I love going to thrift stores, which takes up a lot of my weekends. I love shopping in general, but shopping at thrift stores always yields the strangest finds. This last weekend, I found a huge lot of old video game magazines. That's not too rare in itself, usually you can find a few GamePros and things like that sitting around. This lot was strange though, the PSM magazines went back to issue #1, from 1997. I sat in the thrift store for about 45 minutes, looking through all these old issues, old memories. In 1997, I was in about 7th or 8th grade, and that's when my passion for games really took off. Like a lot of kids my age, Final Fantasy 7 was the game the really cemented my love of J-RPGs and general weeabooness. It's hilarious looking back at these magazine from 10+ years ago, all the crazy incorrect translations of names, weird speculation, and rampant fanboy writings. Gaming journalism has changed in a lot of ways, but in some ways it's still just as ridiculous. I took a bunch of pictures, sorry they are all cell-phone quality. enjoy!

Game Informer Sept 1997

Old Funcoland coupon


PSM #1

Mischief Makers write up

Sears ad...does anyone still have this shirt?

to be continued...

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  1. Satsuki's Avatar
    Second half!

    PSM #2

    Resident Evil sticker

    Fanboy speculation

    SF EX plus preview
  2. Satsuki's Avatar
    and last!

    Castlevania SOTN Maps

    More awkward fanart

    And as an added bonus...they had an issue of Play from 2008, with a Persona 3 writeup from...

  3. Opaque's Avatar
    Way to ruin our streak of no blogs since last year.

    Those magazines are rad though.
  4. Fe 26's Avatar
  5. kingoffighters's Avatar
    I remember that Resident Evil 1 sticker.
  6. gamevet's Avatar
    I still have those PSM issues stored away somewhere. I have a playstation Memory card that has an Ogre Battle sticker that came with an issue of PSM. Those stickers were pretty cool!
  7. Satsuki's Avatar
    yeah, i think it would benefit magazines a lot if they still gave away dumb throaway things like that. I will buy magazines just if I like the freebies.
  8. Super-Eggroll's Avatar
    LOL! I've been clearing out some stuff and throwing things onto eBay and I came across a box of old magazines I thought I had thrown in the trash 5 years ago (I must've dug them back out in my sleep). Very funny to read all the wild speculation on the "Ultra 64" and items of interest back then. I'm sure it'll be just as hilarious to read about the Nintendo 3DS 10 years from now when we have holodecks.
  9. Fe 26's Avatar
    "pfft, touching games. What were we thinking"
  10. Changeling's Avatar
    Ultra 64 hype was fucking nuts back then. Everyone was convinced it was a miracle machine. Then those Gamefan shots of Mario 64 blew minds!
  11. YellerDog's Avatar
    I used the PSM stickers. They were fun! Playstation still had one on when I sold it.
  12. Satsuki's Avatar
    Yeah, I remember that the time when PSM started, it was basically a Square fanzine. Sometimes it's crazy to think back on how much FF7 impacted these rags, and how much space was devoted to outright speculation. And giving ridiculously high scores to games just because they were from Square.

    There was one little blurb I didn't get a picture of, about how "the SNES was officially not making cartridges anymore." And I was like .....damn, I'm old.
  13. YellerDog's Avatar
    People wanted to read about FF7! It was truly the pregnant celebrity couple of the videogames world.
  14. Satsuki's Avatar
    It's crazy how rampant the fandom got, really. Not that I wasn't a part of it, I was - but there really hasn't been anything quite like it since.
  15. Super-Eggroll's Avatar
    I remember hating FFVII initially because it wasn't the sprite-based sword-and-sorcery style RPG I had grown accustomed to.

    In fact, I still dislike it based on those traits - but even with it's cruddy polygon graphics, it's still more of a traditional Final Fantasy game than XIII is.
  16. Cowutopia's Avatar
    Videogames are over.
  17. Changeling's Avatar
    ...until new hardware comes out.
  18. Fe 26's Avatar
    I think it will be a while before anything hits the US like FF7 did. It was the Video game equivalent of how countries react when they finally get American rock music. We went like what, 10-15 years without jrpgs being treated like A-list titles? And then that game hits and EVERYONE has to have it.

    I can't think of anything awesome we aren't getting now.
  19. Timber's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26
    I can't think of anything awesome we aren't getting now.
    Loli rape/murder sims?
  20. Fe 26's Avatar
    I could be down with some lolli murder sims
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