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LR2 Log - 20110908

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All songs are Double play charts, using Random key modifier, and have a rating of at least 12. For most songs which have multiple 12 ratings, I modify so that the highest type of chart (Black or Another) is the only 12 so that I play the hardest version of the song and ensure I don't play it twice in the same course.

Scores are given as: EX; J Great, Great, Good, Bad, Poor, Max Combo, Letter Rating
6:20 PM 9/8/2011

8366; 2899 2568 1316 418 1121 Combo 272 B -328
Lunasa the Stormcauser, Eraserengine Distorted, Dreaming in Library, Baby Blue Blanket, Cheer Train

The first two put me into D territory right off the bat. There's not too many good rolls with Eraserengine. Dreaming in Library is mostly ok but for the stupid chord jacks at the end - barring the singing. I managed to combo off the last few scratches of Cheer Train and didn't have any S7 bullshit. Not a terrible start I guess.

6:33 PM 9/8/2011

8236; 2976 2284 1203 269 605 Combo 165 A -1221
桜 [sakura], Ghost Rider, Beer, Lunasa the Stormchaser, dimension block

Sweat's starting. So already the RND has given me Lunasa twice. Fucking computers. I also get dimension block right away so I think I won't wait for a second time on that one. I still don't quite get what all the song is trying to do. That the nonstop courses have Regulspeed on sort of defeats the purpose of playing songs like sakura but it's still good to have in there to get used to how it sounds, overall. I didn't keep an A rating by the end of it, though.

6:46 PM 9/8/2011

11130; 3957 3216 1106 435 1194 Combo 117 A -1802
ピアノ協奏曲第1番"蠍火"(なんでも吸い込むピンク色のための, Kaiden Aura, Kamaitachi, Cutexecute, Thanatos

That's not a particularly easy way to start a course. That song (which is like a weirdass hybrid of Scorpion Fire and Murmur Twins) is at least 3 minutes. Having Kaiden Aura right afterward made me groan because I knew it would jack up the scroll of the rest of the songs, and it didn't help to have Kamaitachi come right afterward (particularly because it sounds like Lunasa when it's just the drums at the start). I haven't had to endure Cutexecute for some time - that's probably where at least 500 of my misses came from. Thanatos is a neat song - lots of variance.

7:03 PM 9/8/2011

9875; 3634 2607 1494 464 1186 Combo 229 B -50
Altostratus, Milly Baril, Majesty, 十十日月, Almagest

Couldn't hold onto the B thanks to that end pair of bullshit there. Still have major problems with Milly Baril too. Seriously, can I please find whoever made the default skin for LR2 and slice his throat for making white charge notes display with a seafoam green tint? The black hold notes are a greenish blue. I never can tell that shit apart. Thanks for giving me the fucking juju song right before Almagest.

Last call.

7:27 PM 9/8/2011

9385; 3369 2647 932 390 1021 Combo 234 A -1139
Together (Radio Mix), Pentagram, 153200112, 革命 (A14), Quasar

Together just has too many ways to have bad chords. I don't think there's any good random to get out of it. I probably should downgrade 153200112. It's a creampuff for a 12 that probably has some BPM changes at the end that I'm not aware of. Bad roll with it this time though - all of my left hand scratch chords were S7. The last few times I've played kakumei I've had good luck. This time my right scratch chords were R56, which is managable, and I have much more stamina now than years before for it. At least I was able to combo the post-break easy melody in Quasar, which I haven't done in a while. Only lost two points (61 to 59) after it, so I guess I could have done worse.

No particularly good or bad transitions this time.

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