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LR2 log - 20110909

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All songs are Double play charts, using Random key modifier, and have a rating of at least 12. Songs in the courses are selected at random. For most songs which have multiple 12 ratings, I modify it so that the highest type of chart (Black or Another) is the only 12; that way I play the hardest version of the song and ensure I don't play it twice in the same course.

Scores are given as: EX; J Great, Great, Good, Bad, Poor, Max Combo, Letter Rating
6:17 PM 9/9/2011

7761; 2591 2579 1145 383 1345 Combo 119 B -539
Concertino in Blue, Almagest, Cheer Train, Paradise Lost, 子供の落書き帳 ["babbybook"]

Looks like it still wants to pick songs from yesterday. Had a negative ratio of JG:G going into Cheer Train, so I had like a 48% C by the time that started. I was lucky to pull up from that ditch. Cheer Train didn't go as well as yesterday. Glad that Almagest and Paradise Lost didn't come back to back. I didn't even try holding the notes on Almagest if my fingers flew off. I didn't get many misses with Concertino but my timing was bad. Sloppy overall.

6:31 PM 9/9/2011

10015; 3518 2979 1567 466 1350 Combo 154 B -295
adolescent person, ワルツ第17番 ト短調"大犬のワルツ" ["dog waltz"], Pentagram, たまゆら [tamayura], 瑠璃色小箱 [ruriiro kobako, "lapis lazuli small box"]

I broke ten thousand with that? Yikes. Well, with tamayura played, all I need is Mirage Resonance and Least 100 Seconds to round out that guy today. Forget his name. Adolescent Person has a weird bridge and doesn't quite go as you would expect it. I seem to get some good runs with dog waltz sometimes, but again, playing it in this format is not ideal. Still difficult regardless. I was just flailing around with the mirrored chords on Pentagram. The last song is some Touhou garbage with bad singing and charge notes. Bleah.

6:55 PM 9/9/2011

9668; 3581 2506 1211 446 1231 Combo 279 A -1436

symptom, reunion, ubertreffen, altostratus, jelly kiss midihead's smack mix

I swear I'm going to ace symptom one of these days soon. I feel like I'm doing that a lot better than when I last played it on PS2. I wish reunion was an anime olol - eh, Tatsh did good there. Good song and tough throughout unlike Sphere. Ubertreffen wasn't so good. Not as bad chords with altostratus as yesterday. Jelly Kiss is still for a loop; man, that and Hype the Core was a big wake up from 10th.

7:09 PM 9/9/2011

First song was almagest.

No thanks. Next.

7:10 PM 9/9/2011

9929; 3535 2859 1094 323 1022 Combo 192 A -1221

aliceblue (radio edit), jesus, inori, vox up, bad maniacs

Hooray, I made it to the break of aliceblue without sinking to a C grade. Didn't have too many bad chords at the end - I've done worse with it many other times. Jesus is not much except for the stupid ending. inori still gives me more trouble than I really should have with it. Not a good vox up roll, though it's still mash friendly and by the end I think I still had less than 900 total misses. Came into bad maniacs with a 60% and ended with a 59% - could be worse, and I think I had one of the better mashing sessions I had with the song at the end. Usually I just have no answer for that. I doubt many people would use Random on Sirius's DP Kaiden course (I think that's where it is) with that song in there, even if it is relatively easy for a Kaiden DP chart.

Last call.

7:28 PM 9/9/2011

First song was symptom.

Done that. Next.

7:29 PM 9/9/2011

9533; 3393 2747 847 302 921 Combo 180 A -939

tricks, dxy!, battle train, sphere, vox up

Lots of pinch chords in most of this whole run. dxy! had a lot of 67 on the left hand, but I don't think I did very messy overall. battle train I recently upped to a 12 - it's marked as an 11 on PS2 Troopers but according to some analysis thing run by someone on another board, it could be realistically be rated as a 13. I'm not quite sure it's that difficult (my most recent play of the song itself had me mostly in red until the last few measures), but it is many notes and will wear you down. Speaking of sphere, there it is. I lurched for the start button when vox up started again but it was the last song so I said to hell with it. Did a little better but not much.

I'm not having as much variety as I'd like these last two days. Hopefully almagest doesn't show up for another week. I only slept a few hours this morning so I think that might be the reason behind some of my lethargy here. Lots of >9500 but only one 10K for EX Scores doesn't make me very pleased with today. Hope tomorrow is better.

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