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LR2 log - 20110910

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All songs are Double play charts, using Random key modifier, and have a rating of at least 12. Songs in the courses are selected at random. For most songs which have multiple 12 ratings, I modify it so that the highest type of chart (Black or Another) is the only 12; that way I play the hardest version of the song and ensure I don't play it twice in the same course.

Scores are given as: EX; J Great, Great, Good, Bad, Poor, Max Combo, Letter Rating
Fingernails are freshly cut. Let's go.

6:46 PM 9/10/2011

7599; 2592 2415 1735 693 1889 Combo 210 B -1839

karma, colors (radio edit), gravitronic, mendes B14, sakura storm

Edged into a C right towards the end. I think Karma is the only A14 chart I have with 222 BPM so I pretty much know what I'm going to get when that leads a set. Still only managed a high C out of it, which is bad. Didn't do very good with Colors but kept it around the same range. Gravitronic has a second half of all mirrored scale runs which usually get me jazzed on random. Mendes took me to a D. Fuck that chart. Sakura Storm this time wasn't particularly good either, I missed a lot of the holds. Shitty start.

7:05 PM 9/10/2011

First song is Inori.

Played yesterday. Next.

7:05 PM 9/10/2011

11129; 3985 3159 1037 347 1299 Combo 160 A -1203

AA, quell, ピアノ協奏曲第1番"蠍火"(なんでも吸い込むピンク色のための), Concertino In Blue, Rizing You Up

Guys, I swear I have more songs in the roster than this. Program: quit making it look like I play the same 10 songs over and over. At least for a week. AA didn't go so badly. I guess if I were to sit down and drill the non-random chart of it for a long time it would sink in. This play was pretty good, at least by the end of it. Didn't have any friendly rolls for the drums on quell. From there my percentage had a steady incline through the last three songs. Concertino went better this time, and Rizing You Up usually doesn't give me that much trouble and helps to beef up my score. Body temperature is increased, let's keep it up.

7:20 PM 9/10/2011

9808; 3514 2780 995 358 869 Combo 206 A -906

hype the core, calls, comic magic, stoic, ghost rider

So about me mentioning Hype the Core a few days ago? Yeah, leading off with that is a joy. Honestly I'm not sure if LR2 is really that much more friendly about it than PS2 10th is but at least I can get out of that song with a mid C instead of some borderline E trash. Calls is part of a three-song suite from BOF'10 which combines to be titled "calls it quits"; there's also a chart which has all three pre-combined, but it never comes up. I thought it was marked as a 12. Calls has good build up and a lot of notes to work out so I don't tire of playing it, which seems to be often. Comic Magic is case #17 of why the Japanese should never have been introduced to slide whistles. Is there any song in all of humanity which uses a slide whistle and doesn't totally suck? I don't know why most TaQ songs have bad transitions, and it happened here - I had to wait about thirty seconds before stoic started. Didn't do so bad on the first part. Ghost Rider reminds me of Icarus but is perhaps meaner sounding.

7:35 PM 9/10/2011

8670; 3127 2416 1047 351 931 Combo 133 A -1207

garden, inazuma, G59, hypocrite, 地獄の桜"火"

Cool, haven't played Garden in a while; but, of course, the right hand scratch chords are S8, so I get killed on the ending. It went right into inazuma pretty easily. I still think taka could have kept the song something different before tarnishing Thunder with it. Speaking of taka, here's G59, and I didn't get terribly bad chords with the melody refain, but bad enough to break me each time. hypocrite is good for scratch play training but not much else. Keeping with the hell theme is the last song - "jigoku no sakura "hi" " or "Cherry Tree of Hell "Fire" ". It's pretty easy, probably not deserving of the 12* rating, and I should probably remove it once I get tougher charts.

8:01 PM 9/10/2011

8830; 3231 2368 838 222 587 Combo 198 A -460

murmur twins, exusia, minimalian, red by full metal jacket, marine snow

There we go. I think I might be overspeeding myself on murmur twins now. I seem to get broken on it more than months ago. Probably one of the most difficult things to do in the game is reel your speed in after fighting so long to acquire it. Exusia is supposed to be a bitch of a chart on SP, but I guess the DP isn't so bad. Most of the plays I have of it don't seem abnormally difficult. I still don't believe LED made the song. Speaking of abnormally difficult - hi, minimalian. I got more of the ending than I used to. And then Red FMJ hits - fuck yeah. I probably look like the stupidest son of a bitch on Earth when I play that song, particularly the middle break, but fuck if I don't believe that's one of the best charts ever made, much less a reminder of why I even play this. Marine Snow right after was sort of a downer but that's ok, I managed to play it pretty well, dumb scratch chords and all. I like the miss count here, considering the course list.

Last call, earned.

8:17 PM 9/10/2011

10258; 3929 2400 869 225 699 Combo 250 A -98

Extinction and Reproduction #2, 月童 - Awaking!!神奈, Shock Waltz, 凛として咲く花の如く, symptom

Ahhhh I would have shat a brick to get an A out of this. Close! Extinction and Reproduction was mine to lose, but had a lot of 23 chords on both hands - I couldn't even get an A out of it. That probably made difference enough there. Got through the next three with little issue (and after looking it up I'm not entirely sure how the second song's title is pronounced; getsudo awaking!![sic] kana is my guess), and I still have mostly good runs with rin toshite. Symptom was a good way to close and I flailed wildly at the end to stretch for the ace, but no dice. Rats. Still, close to an A as it is with 10K EX is ok enough.

Well, that starting set with Mendes B14 didn't bode well but I definitely ended up better today than yesterday.

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