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Giga Wing Generations 1CC -1095京1526兆5527億73932520 (over 10.95 quintillion)

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Here's a 1CC full run of Giga Wing Generations (Taito TypeX arcade version) using Hawk.

Final score: 1095京1526兆5527億73932520 (over 10.95 quintillion)
Final multiplier: 367690168
1 CC/1 Miss at stage 5 boss.

NOTE: There is a bit of object flicker in a few parts of the video, but this is not the game's fault. I didn't see it during the game play. Something happened in the recording.

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Updated 14 Nov 2015 at 12:05 AM by gameoverDude

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  1. YellerDog's Avatar
    You make that dumb game look easy!
  2. Pineapple's Avatar
    Wow this game looks intense, I barely understand what's going on through most of that. Very entertaining to watch though, I enjoy watching people plow through this kind of thing because it lets me see the way the game should/can be played. Thumbs up to you goD!
  3. gameoverDude's Avatar
    Thanks, YellerDog & Pineapple.
    Giga Wing 1's final boss is actually tougher than this one's. Thinking back, I probably should have spent those 2 bombs remaining at the last boss to take it down sooner for more time bonus.

    GWG is an underrated game- the TypeX version beats the PS2 one definitely.

    A Japanese record score I know of is 3781京 (37 Quintillion+) and it probably stands as the world record ATM. Looks like I've got more work to do on this one.


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