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LR2 log - 20111106

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Sunday already? Where does the time go, my stars and garters.


A prior course had Dr. Genesis and Jumbo, and I was missing a lot of scratches and having a shitty go, so I got pissed and flushed that.

9318; 3343 2632 1044 409 935 Combo 7906 A -1223

moon, supernova, this is the severe internet, dominion, please don't give up

Not that having to play Severe Internet is much better. At least in that case I was able to get more hold notes than usual. Went into Dominion at 51% C and finished at 56% B, so I'm pretty happy with that. The transition was thrown from that to the end song, though, and I'm not quite sure why, since neither song has any BPM shifts. Weird. Moon came up in the course I just flushed prior, and I think I played it just a hair better.

Well, I'm going to want to play Sirius on Extra Mode at some point so I shall treat these plays of the standard charts as I did for my run of BOF11, which is just as well since I haven't heard most of these songs, much less played them. I did start my way through the roster but stopped roughly halfway through. Not sure why.

Song title - difficulty/note count - EX score; (five judgments), Letter Grade, Pass/Fail:

D - 11/1256 - 1857; 703 451 72 7 35 AA -96 Pass: Well, this was all over the place. I can't imagine playing this without regul speed. BPM gimmicks are always retarded. I guess I don't hate this but it's difficult to explain what exactly that was.

Evans - 12/1438 - 2085; 779 527 92 19 73 AA -151 Fail: Probably shouldn't be a 12. I'm pretty sure I can pass that with just a few more plays of the normal chart. Was in the red for most of the song.

Exusia - 12/1980 - 2432; 829 774 230 55 168 A -208 Fail: Still doesn't feel like a LED song to me.

G59 - 12/2000 - 2612; 947 718 213 62 185 A -94 Fail: Nicer to play without random, yeah.

hydrogen blueback - 10/1165 - 1796; 678 440 337 3 12 AA -16 Pass: Uh. Huh. That was a song, yeah. So was that yet another LED song with those samples? The song probably could have been better without so much of it.

Keep it-秋葉工房mix- - 11/1204 - 1753; 655 443 75 10 38 AA -113 Pass: Just got it in, with the fear of those jacks which were a main part of the melody phrase here. Took a while to start up. Good Eurobeat song and chart.

Last Burning - 9/1059 - 1679; 648 383 23 0 10 AAA -203 Pass: Pretty decent song. very deep and resonant bass line. Good transitions from one theme to another.

London Affairs Beckoned With Money Loved By Yellow Papers. - 8/873 - 1459; 594 271 8 0 4 AAA -93 Full Combo: Hm. I think I remember some people saying that this song was good. Not hearing it. Sounds like DesROW kind of percussion and odd warbling. Throughout most of the song it just felt like it was about to get into something deeper and it never got there.

miru key way - 8/909 - 1641; 734 173 2 0 2 MAX -177 Full Combo: Yikes. The first part is some autotuned singing which makes me wonder if they were trying to rip Hastune Miku with it. Then the autotune goes away, but the singing doesn't, and a key change hits it at the end. Glad I fundamentally don't have to play this song ever again.

mosaic - 11/1348 - 2062; 791 480 82 14 42 AA -34 Pass: Mirror fun ahoy. Hm. Light and upbeat song, but doesn't stray very far from the main melody theme. Not offensive, I guess.

mysterious time - 11/1188 - 1762; 674 414 68 13 42 AA -86 Fail: Argh. Ended at 76% after some awkward rolls that kept coming around. song needed more of the middle part utilized throughout the song rather than the a-typical y&co eurobeat open and close.

NEW SENSATION-もう、あなたしか見えない- - 11/1524 - 2290; 868 554 71 8 53 AA -80 Pass: Clung to a border clear after getting fudged by some holds. Interesting chart but god damn it, the kawaii nesan singer needs a bullet through her throat. Jesus christ what garbage vocals.

non fiction story! - 9/1007 - 1663; 684 295 22 4 6 AAA -127 Pass: See, there's a fine line in Japanese vocals between what makes my blood boil and what I find at least tolerable. Maybe the excessive autotuning helped but I didn't want to pull my ears out with this song, in comparison to the one played just prior. High chip tune influence here. Then, the song just suddenly ends. OK then.

one of a kind - 9/973 - 1655; 698 259 13 1 5 AAA -74 Pass: Reminds me of a mid 80's type of light pop song. Decent song and chart, but nothing extraordinary.

programmed sun - 10/1124 - 1812; 727 358 28 4 17 AAA -186 Pass: Pretty nice. A bit busy for a 10* I think but I guess most of it wasn't too terrible in terms of difficulty. Kors K doesn't stray from his trance formula here but with results like this it's not particularly a bad thing.

Raison d'Ítre~交差する宿命~ - 12/1836 - 2333; 855 623 210 53 171 A -115 Fail: Oh, so that's how some of those scale runs are supposed to go. Others don't seem particularly different on a normal chart.

roots of my way! - 9/1025 - 1708; 714 280 19 4 14 AAA -114 Pass: Not terrible. Acceptable singing (I think because it's not in the soprano octave is a big help), decent guitar backup, busy chart for a 9.

session 1 genesis - 11/1114 - 1443; 515 413 107 20 88 A -42 Fail: Never got to red throughout. I guess I have problems with that rudimentary phrase of the drum roll on 5 and 7 while stuff happens elsewhere. Buh. I see a trend of a song having a 40% opening of hold notes, leading up to a remainder of something entirely different.

she is my wife - 10/1020 - 1628; 662 304 41 7 9 AAA -185 Pass: Mitsuru songs have good charts. He needs to shut up on this, though - particularly at the end. Barf.

All right, that's enough for now. More tomorrow.

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