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LR2 log - 20120313 :: no entry

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Beware of Tuesday the Thirteenth.

Go to boot up machine, notice the screen isn't up after I walk away to let it boot up. Figure that the PC was doing like it has a handful of times before where it turns on but doesn't complete the boot. OK. Press power button, see the Shut Down screen but it's all scrambled. Huh. Reboot. PC is working fine but the image is still scrambled. What's this about? Boot up PS2 and it shows up fine. So it's the HDMI that's bad. Hook up another PC to the HDMI - same problem. Hook up the 360 through HDMI - same problem. Figure the TV might be dead. Make a call to have TV removed tomorrow. Start removing cords from the TV, notice that the power cord is loose from the wall. Push it all the way in. Boot machine. Image is fine. Great. Now, though, neither the keyboard or the mouse is being properly installed and therefore recognized on the PC (usually any time I wanted to hook up an external HD or USB storage item, it would reinstall the drivers every time). Reboot several times to no avail. Hook up new machine. Copy LR2 to it. LR2 will not run on the new machine in either full screen or windowed mode.

So that concludes my struggles with this today. I'm not going to try to rush to install the newer sim program and copy some files over so that I might possibly have something to play and enter today. I'll fuck with it tomorrow and resume entries when I actually have something down.

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