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LR2 log - 20120315

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Back in business. New-old machine has been cleaned up and all content has been moved to place. Unfortunately, the version of LR2 which I have to use now doesn't allow to play Expert Courses at Fixed 100%, which means that I should just warm up with a set or two of whatever comes within the BPM range and then roll from there. I'll use a minimum of 9* charts in the settings. In this case I'll only bother to put up scores for courses I manage to pass. Hopefully, when LunarBeat is ready to go with my rig, I'll be able to resume normal warmup courses with that.


7534; 2707 2120 250 30 173 Combo 320

power of love, bad routine, astral voyage, harmony and lovely, the safari (134)

Among other things this version of LR2 does differently is that the video clips are actually shown in Expert Courses, and I don't seem to see any sort of letter grade rank at the end to tell me how far I am from the next level up. That's a bummer. Maybe, though, the issue is that with this new video out, my TV is cutting that information off and it's located somewhere new. Well, regardless, I don't have that now. Silly me, I forgot to turn Constant off of the speed modifier too. Anyway, after being stymied by some 12*s that came up (among which was a course that started with Mendes B14), this came around was a pretty enjoyable course. I was surprised that Astral Voyage gave me the most trouble after Safari, which was quite annoying to stay afloat with because of the bad scratch chords with Random. Sometimes it seems like I have this timing and speed setting fine and others I can't land JGs to save me. Oh well.

Now resuming BOF 2010 in Extra Mode.

Oh yeah, looks like this is all organized differently so I'll just march down as it comes up in alphabets without trying to find the next letter specificaly. English before Japanese.

			ex	pgr	gr	go	b	p	p/f	nc	onc	%+ 	date
please dont give up	2564	0862	0840	0407	0231	0705	F	2772	1542	079.76	2012-03-16T00:20:45:884Z
C 46%

shouta mayflower	1747	0624	0499	0460	0143	0399	F	1982	1334	048.57	2012-03-16T00:23:47:394Z
D 44%

und speedrun		1398	0480	0438	0385	0129	0271	F	1571	0854	083.95	2012-03-16T00:26:25:906Z
C 44%

synth stream		2393	0831	0731	0754	0459	1012	F	3282	1114	194.61	2012-03-16T00:33:47:758Z
D 36%

people in twilight	1612	0570	0472	0286	0091	0303	F	1589	0739	115.02	2012-03-16T00:43:44:636Z
C 50%

split chord		1706	0619	0468	0249	0099	0244	F	1563	0835	087.18	2012-03-16T00:51:15:867Z
C 54%

say goodbye		2583	0972	0639	0096	0024	0145	F	1809	0823	119.80	2012-03-16T00:55:29:235Z
A 71%

snow falls in night	1975	0704	0567	0219	0125	0384	F	1841	1187	055.09	2012-03-16T00:58:43:908Z
C 53%

the party		1653	0578	0497	0642	0481	1007	F	2885	1204	139.61	2012-03-16T01:01:33:603Z
E 28%

the lost dedicated	2425	0752	0921	0586	0459	1377	F	3826	1837	108.27	2012-03-16T01:04:59:276Z
E 31%

red end dream		1886	0627	0632	0856	0655	1339	F	3786	1723	119.73	2012-03-16T01:10:38:907Z
E 24%

sml 10			1709	0652	0405	0054	0016	0094	F	1172	1051	011.51	2012-03-16T01:13:47:298Z
A 72%
Finding a course to complete takes too long. I find it rather interesting that on my old setup I had a general timing adjust value of -6, yet here so far I'm staying at the even +0 and it doesn't seem like anything feels terrifically different at all. My high speed setting is lower because I have a very distinct part of the screen cropped around all sides (as if it's zoomed in too much) and is now at 290 where I was at 330 before. I think I'll keep things this way as long as I can. I'm really disappointed that there are no next rank scores shown now, and that the songs are organized as far as how the folders they're in are named within the subdirectory. It will make replaying things different. I guess it's a good thing I wasn't saving those next rank grades all this time.

Hurry up with the next release of LunarBeat, please!

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