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LR2 log - 20120316

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Next release of LunarBeat did in fact come just a bit ago, but it is still unusuable for my needs. I seem to not be having great luck with LR2 songs today either.

I only loaded the BOF10 folder to play some Extra in LR2. From the looks of things, LB's EX Mode handles things differently and all of my note counts here will not be the same if/when I fully migrate to that program. Bummer.

			ex	pgr	gr	go	b	p	p/f	nc	onc	%+ 	date
ネガイカナウヒカリ		1803	0600	0603	1100	1008	1416	F	4202	1067	293.81	2012-03-17T02:49:36:833Z
F 21%

風仁雷仁 #		1682	0607	0468	0121	0062	0328	F	1481	0918	061.32	2012-03-17T02:53:27:042Z
B 56%

エンバディメント		1713	0612	0489	0520	0417	1041	F	2826	1223	131.07	2012-03-17T03:01:46:062Z
E 30%
To save myself some time to hunt them down, I copied over all of the song names with Japanese characters from the BOF10 webpage. Of the 38 which I hunted down, it turns out that only three had DP charts of some sort. I wonder how many songs I have which I've never even seen in the song wheel because I don't play normal 7keys. In other news, the rig still is rather jumpy with LR2, and I find myself unable to play well and thrown by what I guess are timing issues based on what kind of note results I'm getting from standard charts. This and the LB crashing has completely sapped my will to play today. I've spent too much time on this bullshit today. Bitch whine moan.

In other news, that Kaze ni rai ni song is pretty neat.

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