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LR2 log - 20120317

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Today's Episode of Total Failure: Wife and I were out for the day, and on the way back home I stop by a CompUSA to see if I can get some sort of PS/2 adapter card to put into the old machine so that I can at least use it again while suffering on the new-old machine. Find one, take it home, and it turns out that the motherboard has no slot to fit the card. Awesome! After consulting a bit more research online, I come to discover that cards like that are merely PS/2-USB adapter wiring build into a card, which means that since they're not actual PS/2 ports, it wouldn't solve my problem even if I had a place to put the expansion card. Outstanding. At least that only cost me a few dollars.

LR2 on this machine also doesn't like to load all of the songs properly once the folder locations are added to the Jukebox. Seems I have to add them and reload them a few times.

And this just in! After playing some songs in Extra Mode for warmup, I have come to discover that the latest version of LR2 which I use totally omits all scratch notes for Extra Mode charts! Therefore, the entries I have made in the last few days are basically totally worthless. Fan-tastic.

I want to put something down, at least, so here's what I shall do.

Expert Courses. Minimum difficulty 9*, Maximum Difficulty 12*, favorite difficulty 11*, BPM variance of 5BPM. I think the songs blend better when there is a BPM range enforced.

Let's see how this goes.


7075; 2779 1517 183 35 74 Combo 415 A 77%

platonic xxx, being torn the sky, really love, war game, 5.1.1.

Neat course! Lots of scratching, for which I was due. I was not able to get my bearings straight for the chord melody of Wargame to save my life. I don't know why. I also still have some sloppy bouts with the ending of 511 A14, which is shameful because it's not that tricky to be honest.


7867; 2839 2189 719 141 160 Combo 519 B 65%

quickening, cruciform gate, watch out part 2, so fabulous, zenithalize H14

The chart for Cruciform Gate is similar to The Earth Light in that it has a lot of asymmetric syncopated jack action on both hands. Came in at 10% or less for Watch Out Part 2 and flirted with 2% a few times, but managed to pull through. Recovery was so thorough in fact that I was back up to 100% within So Fabulous. I'm not sure if I've ever played Zenithalize before, and it's an OK song. Fairly busy and lots of altered scale runs over both hands, at least in the first part.


7969; 2813 2343 641 136 234 Combo 294 B 65%

deadly drive, still in my heart, nebula grasper, blust of wind, giudecca

I don't think I've played Deadly Drive before, either. New scratch patterns which I don't think are similar to much of anything else I've played. Still In My Heart is not friendly for Expert Course playing, but surviving the first half is all that matters, as the rest is a cinch. I found myself using my right thumb much more frequently in Nebula Grapser this play than times before, given that it's been some time since I've played that chart. Blust of Wind is a great song and helped me recover to A rank, but Giuedecca took that from me midway. Many songs here I haven't played in some time.


8213; 3090 2033 312 53 172 Combo 378 A 73%

tripping contact H14, eraser engine distorted H14, raise your hands, gentle action, rainbow rainbow A14

And now the part of this type of playing which I don't like has come where I get easier charts just because I don't force it to give me 12*s at minimum. The H14 of Eraser Engine is quite easy in comparison to the A14. Gentle Action gave me the most trouble with its hold note garbage, and it was that and Rainbow Rainbow which really only gave me any reason to have missed notes.

While I don't like playing easier charts just for the sake of finishing off courses, I did enjoy playing this much at least, both for the wide variety of songs which show up and for the concentrated amount of playing to come in a single choice.

If my sessions like this, I think I'll survive. It won't be the ritual suicide of 4000 note charts as it was before, but it's better than the PS2 games still.

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