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LR2 log - 20120318

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Get ready to leave to work today and I pull the bike out from the garage to discover the rear tire is flat. Pumping some air in it confirmed the leak. One of the ropes I tied to a door at work to help us with our job was totally ripped from the handle and thrown out. Within a few minutes from the start of my shift, a person approaches and asks if we have a car service center - the store I work at doesn't, so I respond in naming two cities which do. The first three words she says in response to me saying those two cities: "In English, please." And I've just found out that the hours which I was told I could work tomorrow now needed to be another, later shift. Incredible. I at least managed to get the bike tire repaired and conduct other business for a change.

Let's get going with some songs already.

Oh, I'll keep Random on this time too.

First run sunk in first song by Rebirth Castle. Second by QQQ after scraping through the climax, thinking I could just hold on for that ending - but that course had Zenithalize in it too so I can live with that being gone. Third course I'm downed by Quell at #4. Fourth course I'm KOed by Artelia Method at #4, thanks to lovely syncopated scratch phrases and long scratches; the course started with Mirage Residence H14 though so I wasn't very impressed. What a boring chart. And now!


6652; 2689 1274 234 50 141 Combo 283 A 76%

tell me more, i can fly ive got reason, strong woman, タマシイノキオク H14, wargame

Hooray I cleared a course! Hooray it was totally easy! Oh and Wargame shown up again. Tamashii no Kioku knocked me out of AA rank for the set and I couldn't get it back through Wargame. Wah. Though, at least this time, I was able to hit Wargame closer to what I should be able to do. Strong Woman came out very sloppy with the Random I had with it.


OK so can I get something passable but not coma inducing?

Nope, not with Usual Days Remix in it. Nor with Red End Dream leading off. Almost through DXY! H14, just hit the measure of the ending easy shit and got flunked.

So this is what's so stupid - I've played the game for at least an hour, and what do I have to show for it? One passed course? Even if I wrote the score layouts for the courses that I failed out of, it would be incomplete and not very meaningful since there's nothing which says how many notes I played at least. This sucks.

God I hope I can use LB soon.

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