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Dragon's Logma - Volume 5

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Warriors have high power but mostly they're good for incapacitating enemies. Sending this clown into the air makes him good target practice for the archers and mages I'm teamed up with. The heavier attacks that ignore defense are always a plus as well.

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Sorcerers with maxed-out skill-levels are very dangerous. This ice spell takes a very long time to charge but it wrecks Drakes. Unfortunately it doesn't do much of anything to this Golem. These foes are weak to physical attacks on their various weak-points. You'll likely have to climb all over them as if they were some sort of Colossus. It seems that I'd rather hop around like an idiot.

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This meteor spell takes forever to charge but it is certainly impressive. The advanced version of this spells drops a handful all over the immediate area. I actually thought about doing a collage of me walking away from explosions in slow-motion but I figured it'd get old really quickly. If the heal spell wasn't so important I'd start taking a second Sorcerer with me.

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Assaulting people in the capital is a great way to get tossed into jail. The options for getting out involve bribery or using skeleton keys. A few quests actually require breaking out and when you escape all of your equipment is magically returned to you. I guess the guards feel that it's no use keeping your weapons since you can still make people miserable by picking them up and tossing them off roof-tops. Unfortunately when a guard catches you there's no option for fighting. I'm quite sure Jennique and her party would have no trouble with the entirety of the Duke's forces.

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Other times it's important to use certain vocations because the skills they offer can be transferred to others. Fighters get a handful of abilities that improve their chances of survival. I haven't ran into many situations that require me to be on the defensive though. I guess if I really wanted to I could throw my pawns off a cliff and go solo but eh...I don't know. With some battles the difference-maker is being able to do as much damage as possible in a short time. Still even with the leveling system it's good to know there are always ways in which the player can challenge themselves.

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There's a person in the land of Gransys who sells unique items in exchange for rift-crystals. You're awarded rift-crystals through completing quests, finding them, and whenever your main pawn is summoned by another player. This shopkeeper offers numerous customization items such as a scroll of metamorphosis in case you truly hate the way your main character looks or blue hair when you want them to look completely out of place. I went with a pair of glasses. Yes they cost me a substantially in terms of defense but the style bonus is off the charts. Unfortunately the rest of my attire is sorely lacking. There needs to be an option to dye clothing. Also notice the helm one of my mages is wearing. It looks like the crown Bavmorda wears from the movie Willow. Guess which company made a couple games based off that movie?

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