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Dragon's Logma - Volume 6

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The cockatrice is a serious pain. This is mainly because they specialize in petrification-breath. It's pretty easy to tell when they're about to blow because they swell up like the basilisks in Dark Souls. The pawns are usually good about getting out of the way but when they're not I end up lacking some help. Pawns have the ability to learn. Yes the main pawn can gain experience and improve their skills but this knowledge goes beyond that. The terrain, how to defeat monsters, and how to solve quests will become known to the pawns as they adventure with you. It's not unexpected to summon another player's pawn and they tell you what to do for your next quest. It's a very good system and one of the better implementations of AI I've seen in a game. Although I wish pawns would be just a little more careful around steep drops. I've lost a couple due to getting knocked off of cliffs or bridges and that's something I wish they'd work harder to avoid.

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Assassins are built for killing. They work best alone and under the cover of night. That hasn't quite gelled with me yet because I'm still rolling with a full party. Still even when conditions aren't optimal these guys are still a lot of fun to use. The move in this screenshot is a counter. By parrying at the right moment the Assassin will flip onto the opponent's shoulders and slit their throat. There's also a skill that allows for a huge boost of damage when an enemy is attacked while they are unaware. I figure that makes sense for the class. The HP growth when they level is terrible though.

I want to move to Magick Knight soon but their heavy armor is killing my stamina and mobility. I've just reached a point in the game where there are far more available armor options so I can probably go lighter without it costing me too much defense. Besides, this class looks like one that should be taking hits.

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So I was wrong about the female thieves leaving me alone. The quest where I befriended their leader and gained a shiny trinket was only good for completing another quest. At least it was worth quite a bit of cash. Still that didn't stop me from being annoyed enough to roll around in a corpse.

Next time I do this log you're going to see some major spoilers so be wary.

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