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Dragon's Logma - Volume 7

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First off I've just beaten this game. Final time was about 57 hours and I know I skipped out on a bunch of quests. There's a New Game+ so I've already started on that but it'll be awhile before I can write the review. Doing the math I spent close to ten hours a day playing this game. Seriously, isn't that crazy? I can't remember if I've ever done that with a game before(or maybe I've just pushed it out of my memory). In short I really enjoyed the game. It's one of those games with a number of aspects that could be considered faults depending on how you look at them. Despite the rather large world, methods of fast-travel are few and far between. This means a lot of time is going to be spent trudging to the next destination and it could get redundant having to walk to the same locations and possibly getting into the same encounters. I didn't mind all that much since it felt like I had more opportunities to test whatever weapons/skills/pawns I've acquired. Otherwise this game has a lot of "not for everyone" elements, again it's something I always approve of.

The real problems I noticed are the lack of enemy variety and a difficulty curve that relies more on the player to keep things challenging. After a certain point it almost feels like you're expected to look for ways to keep the game difficult. This can mean using weaker armor, not having as many pawns in your party, and so on. It goes both ways so you're free to jump into almost every encounter with hundreds of health potions and pause the game at any time to quaff a few. More ways to up the difficulty would have been really nice. A sequel would be incredible, although I'd prefer to see it on next-gen consoles and the PC. Frame-rate and pop-in are the biggest offenders.

Still as I've said in the forum this game is like a 3D version of Capcom's D&D beatemups. This is seen not just in the monsters but also in the general mindset. There are epic battles but if you know weaknesses you can quick-kill even the biggest foes in a very short time. It's like in Shadow of Mystara where if you're in the right spot with the right items/tricks you can take out The Red Dragon in seconds.

I'll have more to talk about in the full review hopefully but I'm behind on some other titles so those get priority.

Oh and watch out for massive spoilers.
....ready? OK.

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Dig the sweet ride! Actually no I'm just picking a fight with the jerk that stole my heart. This is seriously the only part of the game that has QTEs.

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He definitely looks imposing but since this is a story-battle and I've been doing quite a few side-quests I'm a bit overpowered for this fight. Still it's a strong way to end the game.

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Aside from the all-important fire-breathing, this Dragon can also cast spells. Also like the pawns he almost never shuts up about destiny, the will of man, and a bunch of other nonsense. By this point if you haven't already realized that following the story for this game was a terrible mistake then I don't know what to tell you.

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Upon defeating the Dragon Jennique is treated to a short credits sequence and then she returns to her hometown a hero. Also she and Madeline fell in love. If you don't know who she is just jump back to the first Dragon's Logma update I did and look for the blonde-haired woman with the dress. I guess helping her out with enough quests has its benefits. If this were a Bioware game I imagine one of their writers would be trumpeting an interracial lesbian romance for months but not Capcom, "well, there it is." about sums it up. Also she starts selling sexy lingerie. I'm not making this up. Oh and I guess it's also sorta interesting to note that this game pulls a Drakengard and the world goes to hell after the big bad is killed.

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This is what is known as the post-game. There are new and more dangerous monsters as well as a bunch of new quests to take on. It's hard to tell but there's a Wyvern in this screen. He spits lightning but is a real chump thanks to the fact that he spends too much time hovering in the air, giving my arrows ample time to bring him back down to earth.

I forgot to screen-cap the end-game so don't expect to see pictures of the finale. Go look it up on youtube or something. Next update I'll show off a few of the Post-game monsters and just whatever I find to be interesting in my New Game + adventure.

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