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Korlys Korner

Fathers Day cards are never accurate

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Have you ev er tried shopping for a Fathers Day card? They all say shit like "when I was little, you were always there for me, and supportive, and I love you so much!". It was pointed out to me today that most people want a card that says something like "Well, thanks for not having me aborted" or "That child support that you sometimes paid my mother was somewhat helpful!" or whatever. Very few people I know had a fantastic father, and even if their father was nice enough, he wasn't "SUPERDAD". Maybe I should start a greeting card company.

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Updated 21 Jun 2010 at 07:07 PM by Nick

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  1. stormy's Avatar
    I got a card for my dad with a donkey on the front that says Happy Father's Day from your smartass kid.
  2. Cowutopia's Avatar
    Just get a blank card, idiot.
  3. Some Stupid Japanese Name's Avatar
    I go through around twenty cards for whatever occasion before I find one that isn't a complete lie. Father's day is especially hard.
    "Thanks for spending all night after work on the couch watching tv, and all weekend in the garage wrenching on cars until I was twelve and then forgetting you had a son for a couple of years after you divorced mom. Then thanks for cutting me out of your life until your grandson was born.
    We really appreciate the hour we get to spend with you when you roll into town for the annual car show in Syracuse, and how you always seem to forget that your grandson's birthday is in January, not July."
    But hey, for the most part he kept food on the table and clothes on our backs. That's more than some people get.
  4. Josh's Avatar
    I had a fantastic childhood, and a great set of parents. Shopping for cards takes me roughly 30 seconds.
  5. kingoffighters's Avatar
    Skip the card.
  6. Chux's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Josh
    I had a fantastic childhood, and a great set of parents. Shopping for cards takes me roughly 30 seconds.
    This. I walked in, saw one with a beer that had googly eyes and said, lets party.
  7. Fe 26's Avatar
    who the hell buys cards? You aren't a grandmother. Do something for your Dad that he will give a shit about.

    Fucking Nancyes
  8. Chux's Avatar
    You wonder why your father gives you shit, and guilt trips you into working shit whenever you said you didn't want to?

    Because you didn't buy him a card.
  9. GohanX's Avatar
    I got him a card that said "FREE BEER" and put a gift card on the inside that I wrote "BEER MONEY" on. Seriously.
  10. Fe 26's Avatar
    Chux that doesn't even make sense.
  11. Joust Williams's Avatar
    eat shit
  12. Drewbacca's Avatar
    I get my dad a steak dinner for 2 at the local steak house and I leave the card shopping for my sisters.


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