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LB log - 20120614

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It appears that the tab stops are not preserved when I write them out in the text file and subsequently post it here. I suppose I could solve that by putting the drafts into a separate code box, but then I'd probably have to put in artificial line breaks, lest the code box have a horizontal scroll bar which would require effort to move from one end to the other. That doesn't seem worth it to me.

I trust that if any of you have a problem with what I'm writing or how I'm presenting it, you will know to tell me about it in a comment here or otherwise.



The only records which have survived through time give this location as the closest current address where the first farmhouse and barn stood when Daron acquired them in 1837. The barn structure which is currently present at this address is the third barn built here, as the first was burned by the Baltimore Summer Invasion, and the second being the victim of an accidental fire in 1915. Throughout that time, the location served as a central meeting place for everyone of the city, both for it being the oldest location and for the food served to those who frequented the farm house. The tendency for the house to become a common meeting place is what prompted Daron to move out of it in 1853, with the intent for it to evolve into a restaurant (though, considering the amount of alcohol served, perhaps it would be more apt to consider it a pub). After the accidental fire, the decision was made to rebuild the barn in a different orientation as to more conform to the layout of the street grid.
Carbondale immediately believe the fire to be arson and wanted to have the reputation and use of The Old Big Barn to change thereafter. Despite the historical significance of the location and the good quality of food provided, the restaurant was not generally regarded as an establishment to which parents brought their children for a night of fine dining. Though there was no policy which excluded anyone in general, nor was there any sort of exclusive reservation list being maintained, it was generally understood that the restaurant was patronized by the city elite - meaning the judges, politicians, and the Runners. It was this reputation that Carbondale had in mind when he made an official suggestion for the family and friends to congegate elsewhere. Besides doing that, he severed ties officially by signing the rights of the building and property to Nicholas Dranning (later to be known as Hines) in exchange for the greater of $15 per month or 10% of gross proceeds. With the ownership changed, Hines fired most of the staff employed at the time and took two weeks to redesign the restaurant's interior decor. The Barn reopened with a new menu, staff, and accomodations to make the restaurant appear bright, warm, and inviting. A dress code was put in place, but there was no effort made to enforce it until the late 1920's; until then, the restaurant was marketed and perceived as a fashionable place for high quality dining, so many of the customers came in their best attire. For this reason, Sunday afternoons were frequently the busiest days of the week, as a tradition for many families was to dine there after attending church service.
It is because of this shift away from the place imposed by Carbondale that Dequindre decided to treat the restaurant as his public meeting headquarters throughout the late 1950s.


Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
氷梅香 @			59.62 B		1437.F	536.365.206.37.134	0140	1205	0500	141.00	2012-06-15T01:15:04:672Z
			02.39+		0058+	76+94-17+4+12-		0035+				2012-05-16T01:04:06:838Z

brazilian fire @	48.88 C		1623.F	581.461.352.76.322	0051				2012-06-15T01:19:31:391Z
					0211-				0036-

tripping contact mix @	55.40 C		1588.F	552.484.294.26.164	0137				2012-06-15T01:24:29:455Z
					0201-				0062-

past glow @		37.93 D		2263.F	739.785.723.217.990	0150	2983	1805	065.26	2012-06-15T01:28:32:188Z
			00.56+		0033+	14-61+62-12-117+	0043+				2012-06-01T01:25:48:347Z

happy wedding @		65.99 B		1473.F	567.339.157.14.76	0208				2012-06-15T01:34:16:639Z
					0029-				0063+

dazzlin darlin @	71.96 A		1969.F	791.387.74.46.165	0111	1368	1052	030.03	2012-06-15T01:37:16:152Z
			00.36+		0010+	12+14-12-4-32+		0114-				2012-04-14T03:40:42:928Z

concertino in blue @	38.88 D		1403.F	485.433.458.137.580	0100				2012-06-15T01:40:45:535Z
					0170-				0005-

sayonara super star @	44.77 C		1353.F	487.379.324.133.464	0082				2012-06-15T01:43:49:143Z
					0043-				0003-

反逆のパルスィ @		37.09 D		2287.F	764.759.789.243.1015	0109				2012-06-15T01:48:01:127Z
					0062-				0078-

i fight me @		55.97 B		1978.F	682.614.280.43.296	0182				2012-06-15T01:51:05:287Z
					0409-				0008+

cold stream @		44.36 D		1710.F	636.438.424.159.582	0098	1927	1025	088.00	2012-06-15T01:53:52:025Z
			05.29+		0204+	115+26-83-28-58-	0001-				2012-05-30T02:08:56:331Z

photongenic @		44.68 C		1615.F	546.523.412.101.478	0127				2012-06-15T01:58:11:809Z
					0452-				0068-

photongenic		51.38 C		1857.F	672.513.350.111.461	0206				2012-06-15T02:01:35:864Z
					0210-				0011+

子午線の祀り @		33.60 D		1806.F	586.634.764.264.821	0039	2687	0791	239.69	2012-06-15T02:13:20:337Z
			00.13+		0007+	1-9+25-18-16+		0028-				2012-05-26T00:59:13:324Z

heaven above @		53.38 C		1421.F	516.389.239.59.220	0109				2012-06-15T02:17:26:225Z
					0046-				0002-
Had some bad drops today, but they were with charts which get busted bad with Random, so I didn't get to distraught over it. Brazilian Fire gives hold notes which don't mix well if they're not in their exact intended spot. I Fight Me has many two note chords throughout the song which become very difficult to maintain when each chord to the next requires a fundamental new hand position. Photongenic is trouble but I wanted to replay it to be sure that I wasn't becoming too lazy about the song. No complaints otherwise, and happy to start the day off with an increase.

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