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LB log - 20120615

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So after a few days of being a fence riding pussy, I decided to indulge and try some Johnnie Walker Black Label. I'm quite pleased with the drink, but I don't intend or desire to make it a regular recurring purchase. I'm not in a station of life where I can justify getting $30 bottles of booze for my own regular consumption. That's not a habit I need to foster at this time.



Depsite being pinned to the table, backwards, with the edge sticking into the small of his back, Allange kept his gaze forward upon Daron's face, rather than keeping watch on his right fist as it pulsed in the air.
"Do it. Do it quickly." Allange's command was given in a staccato and bristling cough of air.
"You want me to strike you?" Daron was genuinely confused by the statement, but strove to show no signs of indetermination on his face. His torso heaved while his sharp breaths hissed through clenched teeth.
"I... I want res-", he muttered before needed to swallow and focus on speaking, then finished to say, "resolution. I want... it over."
Daron narrowed his eyes to a gleaming sliver before thrusting his hands away to release his grip, which pushed Allange to the table with enough force to make it slide a foot away. He remained tense and stood in the same pose and with the same intent to punch his face.
"Why? Why you sayin so? I thought yous here helpin me just now."
Allange managed to laugh softly before coughing and regaining his composure.
"I am helping you." He looked to his eyes when he said that, then glanced down at the quill which he took between his hands and idly twirled in his fingertips. "I am. You want control. You want real ownership of this house, this farm, this land. I told you - you can't do that with a signature which any child can duplicate. This is important. You need to know how to make a proper signature of your name. It is your only means of making unique distinction here. It is your only way to get control."
"Yeah but that don't mean you gotta touch-"
"It does." Allange said quickly and with more resolution. "It does. I cannot simply tell you how to do it. I have to guide your hand with mine."
Daron shook his head in disgust, but Allange quickly interjected further.
"That. That is why I asked you to do it." He said this by looking at him and pointing a finger towards him, in desire to make him understand. "It goes against you. It riles you. I uh... I don't profess to know a minute of the years which you have endured. But I gather that you don't want to feel another man's hands upon your body, and I believe I don't need to conduct any lengthy interrogation or introspection to deduce why. So I ask for you to do it. If that is how you will react - if doing that will calm the blood and tension raging within your body which I felt before you grappled me, then let it be done so that it is over and we can resume instruction."
"You talkin like I'm some damned wild animal - like I'm a demon of Hell."
"Those are your words, Daron. Not mine. And if that's how you think of yourself, you have the capacity - as a human and Christian brother - to change it." Allange waited for a moment's pause before appending with saying "If you want to change it. That's your choice."
Daron sighed sharply, then pulled the chair back to sit at the table again.
"You tell this to nobody." His words and gaze hung sharply in the air. "Folks hear you held my hand to teach me to write, they think they can run me out and slit my throat. And they come for me, I come for you, even in Hell."
In response, he smiled and nodded, then stood up to face the table and hunched over the paper with the quill in his hand.
"Now, first, just watch me do it again. Just focus on one letter at a time. The D will look like this."
The name "D Hoobler" was written on the newspaper margin repeatedly as the sun set. After several repetitions, the crude lettering from Daron's hand did eventually become inscribed at a quicker pace. Eventually, he did understand what Allange meant - that the cursive lettering meant you let the ink glide along the page. It meant that you put the pen down and didn't stop until it was over. It meant that you gave shape to the words with the flow of ink as it came from the pen in your hand. By dusk, Daron felt like he had gained some control.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
pandora @		65.69 B		1440.F	551.338.149.13.79	0137				2012-06-15T23:41:29:376Z
					0054-				0084-

scripted connection H @	37.03 D		1509.F	515.479.569.156.639	0126				2012-06-15T23:45:17:160Z
					0027-				0053+

iris @			56.84 B		1968.F	722.524.279.62.234	0104				2012-06-15T23:48:30:968Z
					0021-				0039-

secrets @		29.13 E		1551.F	492.567.790.274.1043	0035				2012-06-15T23:52:53:928Z
					0298-				0027-

never alone @		67.15 A		2678.F	1007.664.215.36.146	0255	1994	1581	026.12	2012-06-15T23:57:22:782Z
			00.63+		0025+	32+39-31-13+52+		0021-				2012-05-21T00:17:33:329Z

mermaid girl @		61.69 B		2041.F	806.429.216.77.269	0125	1654	1310	026.25	2012-06-16T00:01:24:288Z
			02.26+		0075+	70+65-36-14-38-		0116-				2012-04-23T01:38:24:381Z

icarus @		38.64 D		1723.F	608.507.550.167.796	0101	2229	1336	066.84	2012-06-16T00:06:18:590Z
			03.11+		0139+	66+7+1+68-50-		0021-				2012-04-14T04:08:17:593Z

boom boom disco night @	37.57 D		1693.F	566.561.644.188.692	0047				2012-06-16T00:12:08:678Z
					0094-				0007+

R5 @			66.70 A		1178.F	460.	0169	0883	0870	001.49	2012-06-16T00:15:45:199Z
			02.74+		0024+	33+42-10+2-21-		0019+				2012-03-20T04:47:39:742Z

rock da house @		53.25 C		1552.F	543.466.311.40.226	0068				2012-06-16T00:21:01:399Z
					0298-				0144-

two days of love @	64.53 B		1878.F	716.446.185.19.143	0125				2012-06-16T00:24:05:454Z
					0076-				0010-

remote control @	37.95 D		2363.F	797.769.823.213.909	0077				2012-06-16T00:28:03:183Z
					0012-				0025-

blust of wind @		40.37 D		1811.F	655.501.542.208.712	0025				2012-06-16T00:35:09:487Z
					0073-				0015-

サヨナラ・ヘヴン @		59.47 B		1576.F	569.438.214.28.127	0122	1325	0957	038.45	2012-06-16T00:38:31:760Z
			09.29+		0246+	128+10-127-4+1-		0023+				2012-05-03T03:55:55:757Z

高高度降下低高度開傘 @	56.16 B		1730.F	641.448.284.43.211	0073	1540	1204	027.90	2012-06-16T00:42:46:224Z
			00.91+		0028+	39+50-10+15-32-		0018-				2012-04-16T01:54:18:376Z

bleeding luv @		53.55 C		1717.F	596.525.303.27.260	0112				2012-06-16T00:47:36:558Z
					0157-				0031-
Flush List: Concertino In Blue (yesterday). Nemesis (would have played H14 in warmup today, but played it in warmup a few days ago. Also too soon for this chart despite 11 days' gap). Now that I've made a note of this and the amount of time since last played, I'll have no excuse to not play it when it comes up next time. Pretty good day overall with a surprising increase for Sayonara Heaven. I felt like I had a good roll with R5 squandered by the last few measures, because much of the song's difficult chord runs right before it gave me easy pinches to hit and I did so accurately enough to stay in red until the end. Not surprised by the sharp decrease for Secrets, but I didn't think I'd do so bad at Rock Da House.

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