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LB log - 20120616

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Another new hire in today, which means that I won't have a chance to actually work with him until next week. He works weekends though! Also today featured another new person sent out to assist, and it was yet another young man who couldn't get his dipshit face out of his fucking cellphone the entire day.


19180607 15:03:12

The only noise which Tom paid any attention to was the fan which rattled a few inches away from his face. Despite being seated in the shade and having the air flow directly at him, he still sweltered in the late afternoon's head and strained to keep his vision concentrated on the fabric as drops of sweat crept down his forehead and into the corners of his eyes. Each loop through the seam of the seat cover required him to reposition the needle a few times before pulling it through and letting the string follow the guide. He felt himself going slower now. He strove to listen only to the fan, and not any of the other noise which seemed to be come more prominent in his surroundings. The sonorous pierce of heavy metal striking heated metal that once came from the nearby blacksmith is now replaced by the tinny rattle of coins being dropped into and out of machines. The hushed conversations and measured footsteps of fashionable ladies as they arrived and departed from the corner tailor had now given way to younger adults calling for teenagers from the entrances as they dashed down the street. To think that he would actually long for the time when he could hear the elder men spending their idle time in boisterious chatter as they lounged in the barber shop on the other side of the wall. To think that it was all going away for these venues for cheap and frivolous entertainment. Why couldn't these kind of places be build anew on the other side of the river, or further South? Tom remembers what he was told, how the justification mutated with each passing week. The old stores don't make the same money as before. Business would be better if they moved out to where it's less dense so that they could take advantage of bigger spaces. The money being offered to take the stores over was nearly double than what most of the places there bring in now. Tradition didn't pay bills, Tom remembered being told.
He pulled the needle down and then let the pin slip from his fingers, and studied the metal dangle from the thread in the covering. He pinched the side of the seat and the cordring at the edge - everything felt proper and neatly made. Even if it was taking longer to do it today, the work he put in still had good quality. Business was still consistent for him, and he was very thankful that people still at least had some respect for the property which they purchased and maintained for their own home. He was thankful that tradition was still honored in some places. Tom wondered how long something as simple as that could even last.
Rantoul entered the store and held the door open when he noticed Tom sitting in the chair while transfixed by the chair before him.
"Heya Tom, you OK?"
Tom took in a sharp breath of surprise and jerked his head to see him, then nodded with a smirk before looking back at the chair.
"Yeah, Joe, yeah I'm fine. I'm fine. How bout yourself? You gonna sit for a minute?"
"Well actually, I wasn't intending to, in light of last week-"
"Yeah, about that. I've thought about it. Thinking about it now. And I think you'll owe me."
"I owe you?"
"Yeah. Well, you will, that is. I've decided to move out. I'm taking your offer."
Rantoul smiled warmly, then asked to confirm.
"You sure about this now?"
"Yeah - I mean, look around Joe. Look around here and outside. I can look over there and still see Dad pulling out old stuffing from a couch seat and telling me how to look out for the staples in the frame. I can see it like it was yesterday. But that's all it is - a vision. A memory. I can't ... I can't be the only one here from those times, Joe. What's the point. I can sit here and hold out and be mad about how all this shit going up around me is garbage that I don't want to see or know. I could do that. But it's punching a wall. It ain't about to happen; it did happen. So what am I gonna do?"
"All right. Well, I'm glad you come around finally. I was just tryin to help you out in it, you know. You deserve that much."
"So how long you think you gonna need to close up?"
"Oh I haven't looked that far ahead yet. I just thought of this. It'll be a bit yet."
"Well, OK. I'll let them know." Rantoul offered his hand to Tom for him to shake and end the sentence there. The decision was concluded there. Rantoul was happy to have it come this way and kept the hundred bucks intended for Tom in his suit jacket. The pot didn't need to be sweetened after all.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
dc fish @		49.85 C		1748.F	614.520.329.84.394	0096				2012-06-17T00:04:43:102Z
					0159-				0063-

CaptivAte~裁き~ mix @	55.40 C		1835.F	657.521.304.59.235	0115				2012-06-17T00:08:30:558Z
					0135-				0003-

radius @		46.57 C		1658.F	577.504.400.108.390	0239	1780	0986	080.52	2012-06-17T00:11:25:663Z
			03.32+		0118+	43+32+15-29-92-		0136+				2012-04-15T01:38:11:577Z

blame @			57.09 B		1642.F	600.442.263.42.228	0069	1438	1105	030.15	2012-06-17T00:16:02:560Z
			02.43+		0047+	35+23-32-2-29+		0064-				2012-03-27T23:35:45:926Z

albida @		40.39 D		1640.F	581.478.471.173.758	0069				2012-06-17T00:22:58:086Z
					0061-				0016-

london affairs @	52.06 C		1693.F	605.483.319.70.283	0159				2012-06-17T00:30:46:766Z
					0002-				0048-

feeling of love @	60.21 B		1527.F	570.387.212.20.131	0118				2012-06-17T00:33:50:704Z
					0063-				0007-

levitation @		68.11 A		1226.F	462.302.96.9.39		0265				2012-06-17T00:37:11:334Z
					0010-				0035+

buffalo @		51.12 C		1414.F	520.374.303.32.235	0087				2012-06-17T00:40:00:375Z
					0207-				0023-

桜 @			61.59 B		1360.F	510.340.155.15.122	0063	1104	1047	005.44	2012-06-17T00:44:18:319Z
			05.12+		0086+	88+90-47-4+34+		0126-				2012-04-09T00:22:59:758Z

lucky days @		55.68 B		1754.F	639.476.312.43.199	0077				2012-06-17T00:50:54:822Z
					0171-				0097-

water cube @		53.29 C		1571.F	562.447.326.27.181	0161				2012-06-17T00:53:56:695Z
					0059-				0024+

dm star @		32.53 E		1625.F	520.585.766.233.817	0030				2012-06-17T00:57:58:584Z
					0181-				0011-

beautiful angel @	40.96 D		1805.F	615.575.510.167.711	0076				2012-06-17T01:01:29:799Z
					0424-				0014+

beautiful angel 	43.69 D		1925.F	658.609.500.164.603	0067				2012-06-17T01:04:50:880Z
					0304-				0009-

brightocean @		70.05 A		1366.F	529.308.84.12.73	0107	0975	0624	056.25	2012-06-17T01:12:04:494Z
			02.67+		0052+	30+8-37-1+30+		0004-				2012-05-04T00:26:41:072Z
Logic Board was the only flush of today. My improvement for Radius was rather unexpected, as it is a dense chart. I probably would have done even better with Blame, as it felt like it started without my being prepared for it. I'm rather disappointed with how I played Beautiful Angel today. Overall though, I'm quite relieved to come home after a day of retail work and not perform generally poorly, at least in comparison to this time last week.

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