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LB log - 20120618

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I've developed some sort of sore on the right side of my neck. The sensation makes it feel like bad sunburn but upon closer inspection, the skin has a more concentrated and limited area of inflammation compared to a normal sunburn. I've felt it irritate me for the last few days but only took the time to inspect it further today.



A row of six structures similar to this dual zone unit were built 1882, and all commerce and residential units comprised of the buildings were prepaid for occupancy before they were completed in construction. This building was adjacent to a corner grocery store and held the accounting office of Keith Nassun. After having a lead time of two weeks to establish his business at this new location, Bowen introduced a way for the office to support a policy wheel. Clients would be able to meet Mr. Nassun here for appointments as usual, but he was required to take on someone of Bowen's choosing to act as a front and secretary for keeping records of played numbers and the prior night's pull. Runners would accumulate bets through the day and submit them here, where the fake employee would make entries of the numbers on an adding machine and print them out. The printouts would be initialed by the runner and returned to the players on demand. Many players of the wheel never bothered to ask for their receipts. One of the initial tenants was a widowed elderly female known as Elaine Hepros. Once the personnel system was conceived for the accounting office below, Mrs. Hepros was approached and offered $5000 by Bowen to immediately move out and relocate. No measures were taken to force the offer and she consented to it after a single day of contemplation. Once she was moved out, the newly formed Ba Ha Ma policy wheel was founded in the apartment. Draws were of three numbers between 1 through 70 and occurred on Tuesday evenings. Immediately after the draw, the workers of the wheel would print scores of copies of the winning numbers so that they be issued to Carbondale for record keeping, as well as given to any winners. Jackpots were allowed to progress to $1000 and had a legitimate hit on average of once every three weeks. When Mr. Nassun retired in 1923, the client records which he had accumulated through his years of service were retained on site, as to maintain an appearance of legitimacy. No accounting service was conducted at the location after the retirement.

All buildings in this block were razed in 1955 to make way for the twenty story Chesepeake Apartment Complex, which has remained there since.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
blust of wind @		41.55 D		1864.F	659.546.560.185.647	0027				2012-06-18T23:54:06:227Z
					0020-				0013-

in the blackest den @	49.64 C		1811.F	651.509.370.76.448	0083				2012-06-18T23:56:55:999Z
					0093-				0010-

scripted connection N @	51.28 C		1597.F	562.473.314.96.333	0119	1557	1179	033.58	2012-06-18T23:59:56:203Z
			03.38+		0088+	50+12-69-18+53+		0009+				2012-04-06T01:02:00:671Z

matador @		48.52 C		2265.F	787.691.497.64.540	0086				2012-06-19T00:04:19:497Z
					0035-				0008+

non fiction story @	54.13 C		1847.F	657.533.272.69.351	0107				2012-06-19T00:09:59:264Z
					0003-				0002-

5am eternal @		50.51 C		1172.F	415.342.229.28.215	0032				2012-06-19T00:14:45:199Z
					0168-				0089-

watch out pt 2 @	29.25 E		1341.F	449.443.524.248.1095	0041				2012-06-19T00:17:27:295Z
					0022-				0010-

the azure box @		41.84 D		2072.F	716.640.578.159.664	0069	2476	1267	095.42	2012-06-19T00:22:50:886Z
			02.63+		0130+	51+28+46-100-86-	0035-				2012-05-17T23:54:27:271Z

troposphere @		48.21 C		1729.F	620.489.358.108.430	0066				2012-06-19T00:26:56:701Z
					0087-				0090-

stoic @			51.53 C		1675.F	593.489.359.36.227	0071	1625	1497	008.55	2012-06-19T00:30:06:604Z
			01.75+		0037+	21+5-42-26-24-		0121-				2012-03-27T01:06:31:743Z

the least 100 sec @	34.77 D		1414.F	584.444.555.169.671	0055				2012-06-19T00:34:20:126Z
					0154-				0003+

wiinter dream @		53.94 C		1628.F	612.404.195.102.315	0058	1509	0943	060.02	2012-06-19T00:37:15:485Z
			10.51+		0317+	178+39-203-6-35+	0027-				2012-05-29T01:11:08:134Z

mermaid girl mix @	55.15 C		2193.F	849.495.330.132.432	0065	1988	1029	093.19	2012-06-19T00:41:52:525Z
			02.06+		0082+	62+42-30-23-39+		0028-				2012-04-26T04:07:28:201Z

albida @		38.91 D		1580.F	556.468.465.199.798	0054				2012-06-19T00:50:31:910Z
					0121-				0031-

anisakis @		38.68 D		1785.F	649.487.519.214.955	0081	2307	1956	017.94	2012-06-19T00:54:53:006Z
			00.06+		0003+	1-5+71-16-171+		0035-				2012-06-03T03:49:44:350Z

cross the mind @	31.02 E		1687.F	566.555.747.305.1153	0073				2012-06-19T00:59:53:830Z
					0065-				0086-
The more days I continue to have like this, the more I begin to wonder what kind of funk I was in last week where I couldn't pull an increase of any kind for more than twenty songs and over the course of days. To have the worst dip of the day come at the hands of 5AM Eternal is reason enough to be happy with today's session. Likewise, when Least 100 Sec rolled in, I didn't hold my breath for anything spectacular, and had that expectation met. The one-two punch of Albida and Anisakis wasn't very appreciated, but only because of the density of both charts back to back. I'm not righteously offended by either song.

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