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LB log - 20120619

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Last night was the night at the end of the work week for me, so I had some Black Label and played Diablo 3. I played for 90 minutes or so and had a few shots of the stuff, and only had a big mug of water to drink otherwise. I didn't feel any kind of unusual inebriation from the intake, but when I woke up this morning and all through the course of the day I've had a mild headache. Logic dictates that it would be related to the booze but I find it difficult to believe that I would have that strong of a reaction to what I thought wasn't a large quantity of the scotch. Perhaps I'll need to conduct a second test tonight, while seeing if the 103 patch really ruins the game or not.



18620216 15:06:22

"The other good news I wanted to share with you is that the scientists - they've made something totally new. I never would have dreamed what they had come up with, or at least wouldn't ever think something like that would be possible. But I seen it before me."
"Oh have they now?" Daron asked with a touch of indignation. "What's it this time? A mechcanical fly swatter?" Though his question was laden in sarcasm, he did at least appreciate that the department had managed to come up with a few minor inventions and refinements, most of which helped farm related tasks. But as of yet, there was nothing from them which he would consider miraculous or the like.
"It's a new kind of metal. And what makes it new is that it can change shape at will. In a moment, it's molten and liquid, but not hot to the touch, and it can shift from one shape to another."
"So wait - you sayin that this stuff can go from like a uh, like a ... harness, or something, and then it can change into uh... a sledgehammer? Like that?"
"Basically yes." Cook said this with pride, then nodded while stopping to take a sip from the beer mug. "Though not quite so wildly in use. Right now, the metal is set so that the holder can switch it between a sword and a length of chain links. They'll probably make it more different over time. I hope they do, at least."
"Well, that may prove useful, actually." Daron's eyes shifted in thought of the application of such material. "Yes, it would be a shock to anyone for something which appears to be a chain suddenly being used as a blade. I like it. But ... what about guns?"
"Hah! That was the first thing I asked them when they shown me this stuff in the room." Cook said before laughing. "The very first thing. That's the bad part about it now - seems like they won't be able to do that for some time."
"Well they shouldn't cast doubt and be defeated before even trying!"
"Right, right, but think about it. A gun is more than just metal parts. Guns need oil to work good. This stuff won't be made in a way that if you made a gun out of it, that it would work right. Even for one shot. And after you get that right, you still gotta load the gun somehow. And after you figure out how to get the gun to work right and the bullets in it, the metal still might react to the gunshot and get too hot to hold. So yeah, it'll be a while before they can do a gun with this."
Daron's face soured in initial response. "I don't know if that can work, then.", he said after contemplation. "Havin a secret sword is good and all, real good, but that won't do shit against a gun."
"Yeah, I thought about that." Cook took another pause to drink before continuing. "What if we banned guns? From the city?"
"Jesse, ain't most nobody here gonna give up their guns, least because we said so."
"But you can't put it like that. You gotta make it sound right to them. You gotta say somethin about it bein 'for the safety of our citizens and our children' or somethin like that. And think of it this way - if nobody here has guns and we got the swords, we know anyone here bringin a gun ain't one of us."
"Well, that much is true, yeah. I can see that bein good."
"Besides, Daron, if there's any time you can push something like that through, it's now. Most folks around here aren't too fond of guns lately, right?"
"Heh, yeah, you right about that. Right. Hm." Daron rubbed his hands together and drummed his fingers in the air, piecing the process together in his mind. "Well, maybe we can do that. Maybe."

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
im in love again mix @	43.84 D		1575.F	580.415.426.132.492	0117	1796	0894	100.89	2012-06-20T00:10:45:698Z
			00.19+		0007+	11+15-27-22+18+		0003+				2012-05-08T00:57:21:196Z

the hope of tomorrow @	60.36 B		1846.F	708.430.248.39.187	0211	1529	0989	054.60	2012-06-20T00:14:57:109Z
			04.72+		0121+	110+99-46-6+12+		0088+				2012-04-04T01:32:48:110Z

the deep striker @	45.71 C		1664.F	544.576.464.37.345	0122				2012-06-20T00:19:19:253Z
					0179-				0002-

gymnopedie 009 @	65.91 B		1512.F	562.388.136.16.77	0158				2012-06-20T00:22:24:653Z
					0045-				0059-

蛇神 @			39.63 D		1759.F	588.583.549.141.634	0038	2219	1473	050.64	2012-06-20T00:28:12:742Z
			03.06+		0136+	56+24+51-59-112-	0001+				2012-04-27T02:24:30:068Z

ウサギの為に鐘は鳴る @	47.99 C		0885.F	307.	0080	0922	0335	175.22	2012-06-20T00:39:13:046Z
			01.90+		0035+	5+25+26-18-8-		0021+				2012-05-29T01:18:31:581Z

programmed life @	51.02 C		1694.F	622.450.324.83.335	0061				2012-06-20T00:43:01:086Z
					0019-				0049-

bloomin feeling @	36.66 D		1449.F	472.505.490.162.661	0080				2012-06-20T00:46:00:246Z
					0388-				0017+

trip machine phoenix @	70.11 A		1300.F	507.		0206	0927	0888	004.39	2012-06-20T00:49:26:476Z
			03.61+		0067+	65+63-3-5-25-		0008+				2012-04-15T02:41:53:408Z

genesis @		45.56 C		2016.F	732.552.428.111.577	0068				2012-06-20T00:55:12:414Z
					0173-				0030-

wanna tell that word @	56.75 B		1436.F	525.386.210.29.158	0087				2012-06-20T01:00:08:141Z
					0120-				0048-

eternal tears @		71.89 A		1169.P	458.		0146	0813	0691	017.65	2012-06-20T01:07:55:263Z
			04.55-		0074-	42-10+29+1+6-		0109-				2012-04-22T01:38:11:844Z
Flushed 5AM Eternal. I think the game is subliminally telling me to get high. On pot. I guess. Flushed Sakura as well. Perditus Paradisus and 闘気に満ちた草原 glitched out on me because of the hold note error. I was not expecting anything good from today's session in light of the not-hangover, but results like these can't really be argued with at all. Bloomin' Feeling suffers from the typical Ryu* EX Chart syndrome, and is a terrible song besides, so I didn't even contemplate replaying it in light of the bad dip. I know I've played Genesis recently, but I still like the song, so I let it roll. Finishing with a new clear is a good time for me to end the day.

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