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LB log - 20120621

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Indecision got the best of me. There was a small meeting at a nearby restaurant today which held a presentation about Social Security income and other retirement income issues in respect to taxation. I had a notification of it sent to me and I didn't know if I would be available for today to go to it. Upon reviewing the document yesterday with the intent to go, I noticed the RSVP date set to earlier this month. Of course. Attending events like that is something which I'll need to make much more of an effort to attend in the near future. I need to associate more with those kind of professionals.



This has been the location of the First Juvenile Facility since 1898, whose structure is currently in the fourth major incarnation. The first center built here was a simple single story brick structure which was designed to house 200 inmates and not built to the same rigorous specifications as the "Bridewell" built closer inland. In comparison, the walls for this center were a foot thinner, and the iron bars which were used in the windows were built with a lesser grade of metal and in a thinner casing. More effort was put into the perimeter of the property, which was properly secured with a chain link fence and barbed wire enclosure that was basically the same as the aforementioned adult prison. The prison was built in response to the growing number of child street gangs which were forming and becoming a general public annoyance; these came about more frequently in the late 1800's due to the increasing family size and because the manufacturing companies demanded more workers and longer work shifts while not proportionately increasing pay rates. The most common response to this circumstance was for both immediate parents to take on new jobs, which left the children in the care of the elderly or other older siblings. The location was chosen for its remoteness and had no neighboring houses or other buildings for several years. The first center was built to only house males, and received a two story expansion which was completed by 1918. This was razed and cleared to make way for a matching pair of seven story towers which were designed to separately detain male and female inmates. It was completed in 1955. Though not designed with effusive aesthetics or architectural features, the new pair of buildings were built on sound design and more to adult prison specifications. The brickwork and external features were given some detail work as to make the detention center have an appearance which complemented the encroaching houses and commercial buildings. With little fanfare or public notice, the 1955 towers were leveled to make way for a new modern detention facility in 1997, constructed with glass and steel framework.

Halsted and Chene are among the notable former inmates of First Juvenile. Halsted's initial sentence of four months was prolonged after he was the primary instigator in several fights.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
恋愛レボリューション21 @	61.41 B		2012.F	773.466.217.59.272	0128				2012-06-22T00:12:28:797Z
					0055-				0013+

innocent infant @	50.54 C		2395.F	895.605.414.153.543	0085				2012-06-22T00:16:06:395Z
					0106-				0017-

湘南族-cannibal coast- @	70.75 A		2086.F	839.408.113.42.144	0180	1474	0835	076.52	2012-06-22T00:19:14:951Z
			03.56+		0105+	65+25-19-6-14-		0084+				2012-05-11T01:12:40:102Z

rislim remix @		61.47 B		1425.F	524.377.161.9.138	0133	1159	1151	0	2012-06-22T00:23:36:347Z
			01.84+		0020+	12+4-53-6-15+		0018+				2012-03-31T00:26:33:987Z

like a wind @		28.48 E		1429.F	463.503.802.269.941	0026				2012-06-22T00:27:58:764Z
					0039-				0005+

vermillion @		50.78 C		1611.F	599.413.317.112.359	0071	1586	1091	045.37	2012-06-22T00:30:38:084Z
			01.98+		0063+	42+21-9+18-62-		0059-				2012-04-24T02:06:10:992Z

tales of a sprite @	47.65 C		1690.F	586.518.398.94.391	0085	1773	1012	075.19	2012-06-22T00:38:37:476Z
			01.94+		0069+	28+13+42-11-10+		0027-				2012-05-19T00:29:12:007Z

ubertreffen @		31.72 E		1342.F	444.454.611.246.852	0056	2115	1583	033.60	2012-06-22T00:45:00:139Z
			01.23+		0052+	21+10+24-6-53+		0001+				2012-06-03T04:14:06:429Z

electrified @		39.31 D		1347.F	471.405.465.116.470	0082				2012-06-22T00:48:36:468Z
					0149-				0003-

anagrams i to y @	51.32 C		2216.F	783.650.424.94.429	0064				2012-06-22T00:52:36:916Z
					0171-				0099-

concertino in blue @	39.46 D		1424.F	494.436.459.126.565	0097				2012-06-22T00:55:08:509Z
					0149-				0008-

be quiet @		44.19 D		1645.F	607.431.400.141.566	0089	1861	1055	076.39	2012-06-22T00:58:23:524Z
			02.77+		0084+	93+102-53-5+33+		0016-				2012-04-03T00:31:19:640Z

black by x crossfade @	33.82 D		1772.F	619.534.473.282.1314	0042	2619	1761	048.72	2012-06-22T01:03:19:604Z
			03.68+		0193+	171+149-100-41+125+	0054-				2012-04-25T01:54:08:345Z

holic @			46.00 C		1291.F	483.325.325.101.343	0082	1403	1136	023.50	2012-06-22T01:08:25:164Z
			00.42+		0012+	34+56-19+17+3+		0015+				2012-05-13T00:10:25:829Z

deep roar @		51.80 C		1921.F	686.549.351.96.411	0063				2012-06-22T01:12:48:060Z
					0154-				0008-

rainy beauty @		36.32 D		1857.F	635.587.627.175.889	0046				2012-06-22T01:15:59:916Z
					0194-				0046-
The entry for Tales of a Sprite got me to realize that the initial entires I had for that song and the others played that day were never properly transferred to the individual save file which I maintain for the records. Slightly disappointed but not surprised that with the latest adjustment for the program that Rislim Remix is essentially unaltered in EX. I'd have to play the regular and EX chart back to back if there truly are just that fraction of additional notes, otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell. Playing Holic immediately after Black X Crossfade was an interesting study in contrasts and evolution for the game. Pretty good session with not too much warmup.

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