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LB log - 20120622

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Just to bring up news from the retail front. Last week, I was introduced to the newest hire for the cartmen staff. The next time he and I would be scheduled together was last Monday, but because he has to do the standardized training, I wouldn't have been able to work with him until today. As it turns out, that didn't happen, because he reported to the store today to announce that he has quit the job. From what someone else told me, he worked all of two days and seemed uncomfortable in the job. He cited asthma complications for the reason to quit. Tomorrow, there are four people scheduled to work. One is me. Second is the new-hire-newer-quit. Third is the person who hasn't appeared as scheduled for the last three weeks. Fourth is a person who called off yesterday and today. Good money says that tomorrow I'll be alone for the third Saturday in a row. I can't wait.



19430618 10:08:11

"So this is $1600 from the tables and $400 from the wheel. Mack told me he got the vig ready today so I'm going to see to that first before checking down the list." After saying this, Halsted pulled his hand away from the envelope which he placed ont he desk and turned to walk away. "If I go to a game tonight, I'll call to let you know, if you need something."
Ashland looked away from the form between his hands before speaking.
"Actually, you should sit."
Halsted stopped and turned to look back.
"Yeah, yeah, sit."
"What's the matter?"
Halsted obeyed and sat, bracing for whatever was about to be discussed. The persistence in the command and vagueness for the sudden request led him to foresee a problem. Ashland gently folded the racing form down.
"I know that you have arranged Sangamon to be on the lookout for you, and I know he's doing his duty. He's given me his assurances, and I believe him. But as long as there continues to be a ... recurring problem with that lunatic, I've decided that you need to do certain things differently until that gets resolved."
"Well, what else can I do? I don't stay at the same place for more than a few days, and I switch up cars."
"I can't have you come around our usual places as long as that nutcase is alive and stalking you."
Halsted's face lost color.
"What? Like, even here?"
"Here, the game, your tables and wheels - you need to keep yourself separate from all of the rest of us until that gets settled, or else that bullshit could wind up getting us sucked into it. And then what are we supposed to do."
"Then how the fuck am I supposed to give you yours on all that shit?"
"I've spoke with Throop and he will be on-call waiting for you so that you can tell him where to collect. Other than that, make calls from remote locations, or just let him and us run things a bit until you're free of this problem. Do what you gotta do."
"But how am I even going to buy food for myself then?"
"Make arrangements to have things dropped off and picked up separately. Quit making me spell it out for you. Bunker mentality."
"This..." Halsted writhed and curled his lips under his teeth before standing up and stammering over more words. "This is bull. Shit. Bullshit. I'm being tossed off for this bullshit?"
"No, you know what bullshit is? You wanna know?" Ashland pointed at Halsted with the pencil in his hand. "Bullshit is cleaning up your bullshit. Bullshit is me having to pull strings with both the God damned police and the press to mop up the fucking mess you made last week when you got jumped unaware. And last month. And however many other fucking times that I can't even count now."
"The kid is a fucking freak! I'm not holding anything back when he comes at me like that! I know what I gotta do!"
"Then fucking focus and do it. Fucking do it. Away from here. You need to get this settled somewhere that's not here. Or wherever we are. We've done enough for you on this. Time for you to man up."
Halsted huffed large breaths of air through his nose, then turned and walked off in a hurried pace.
"And don't punch any of my fucking walls." Ashland issued this last command just as Halsted left the room, then took a moment to pause and sigh before returning to his racing form.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
go bezerk @		37.60 D		1483.F	488.507.594.95.569	0129				2012-06-23T00:43:22:932Z
					0050-				0048-

back to dance floor @	64.88 B		1369.F	522.325.155.15.67	0099				2012-06-23T00:46:27:399Z
					0041-				0065-

reunion @		41.26 D		1823.F	645.533.487.114.739	0040				2012-06-23T00:49:30:602Z
					0116-				0022-

queens tragedy @	61.20 B		1622.F	605.412.210.37.133	0094				2012-06-23T00:54:44:074Z
					0061-				0069-

dremain sun @		64.22 B		1747.F	674.399.218.20.92	0126	1360	1230	010.56	2012-06-23T00:58:26:273Z
			02.68+		0052+	63+74-14-0-16-		0011+				2012-03-30T02:52:45:459Z

rush hour @		41.05 D		2313.F	777.759.635.188.932	0056				2012-06-23T01:04:52:653Z
					0325-				0003+

jive into the night @	55.13 C		1428.F	516.396.236.14.198	0084	1295	1295	0	2012-06-23T01:14:44:443Z
					0062+				0020-

rock me now @		59.73 B		1663.F	603.457.227.21.177	0114				2012-06-23T01:17:44:700Z
					0037-				0006-

buffalo @		52.20 C		1444.F	505.434.272.29.217	0088				2012-06-23T01:21:47:169Z
					0177-				0022-

vanessa @		28.74 E		1094.F	341.412.583.178.784	0043				2012-06-23T01:26:48:819Z
					0065-				0001-

i fight me @		54.81 C		1937.F	674.589.295.63.318	0107				2012-06-23T01:33:41:703Z
					0450-				0075-

i fight me		58.40 B		2064.F	759.546.302.52.311	0115				2012-06-23T01:37:05:891Z
					0323-				0067-

raise your hands @	50.45 C		1562.F	550.462.301.54.326	0110				2012-06-23T01:41:52:864Z
					0211-				0084-

liquid crystal girl @	53.15 C		1974.F	727.520.371.63.284	0117				2012-06-23T01:45:29:460Z
					0121-				0046+
Felt very lethargic in playing today, and starting the session out with Go Bezerk tends to make things feel downhill from there. I'm not sure why I had no entry in my log records for Jive in the Night. I couldn't handle I Fight Me at all today, and if I recall correctly I had no good luck with it the last time it came up. Replay provided no redemption. It wasn't long after that when I just felt completely detatched and summarily decided to close shop. Not necessarily the worst day, and the increases helped, but I'm not impressed by my play today.

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