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Hello! This is my blog.

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Hi TNL! What's new?

I guess I should talk about video games here. I like Lost Planet 2! It's good. I also like Mamono Sweeper. You should play it. You can do it here:
You should do that.

I'm kind of hungry so I'm going to stop doing this now.

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Video Games


  1. Finch's Avatar
    i like gravé. Did you go get Chipotlé burritos?
    Also, i'll be in Boston later this summer, will you be there? I sure wish Yellerdahg was there too.
  2. Grave's Avatar
    I will be here for the vast majority of the summer! Do you know when? I'm going to PA to visit my folks sometime after the 4th of July but will be here for the rest of it.
  3. Finch's Avatar
    I'll be there August 21st-23rd for my brother's graduation!
  4. NeoZeedeater's Avatar
    I will check out Mamono Sweeper because I support Grave's "Stop saying shmup" campaign.
  5. K3V's Avatar
    I will not because his avatar is going to give me a seizure.
  6. Grave's Avatar
    I'm just trying to make you stronger, K3V. And thanks NZe! I appreciate your support and I hope you like the game! Normal mode is pretty easy but it's still fun to play every now and then. Huge mode is very time-consuming but it's really enjoyable too, though sometimes hard to start.
  7. Finch's Avatar
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