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LB log - 20120627

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I think I'd rather shoot myself in the groin and sit on a salt lick instead of trying to talk one of my relatives through working with a computer over the phone ever again. So awful.



19490207 07:16:12

"Just fucking lock the doors and go. Fucking run. Now!"
"But what abou-"
"What, money? Take it! Get it and get the mother of fuck out!" After saying this, Riopelle slammed his fist onto the register keys until the drawer sprang open with a light chime of the bell. He thrust his hand into the drawer and balled a handful of bills into a clenched fist. "If you don't take it I will! Now! Now now now fucking go! Go! Jesus!" He then dashed over to the door and ran up the stairs to the second floor, leaving Anthony to stand there in a daze.
Riopelle sprinted to the locked office door and began to slam the entire weight of his body against the frame, screaming for it to be opened with panic tearing his voice.
"Hold the fucking phone." Dequindre's voice was still collected and his pace unhurried as he walked to the door. When he opened it, he had to quickly dodge out of the way of the entrance.
"It's up. It's all done. It's done. We gotta round up and run and hide now. Now. Prolly best to burn this fucking place to the ground. The papers, the fucking records, they'll take it all."
"Ho, jus, hold on man, hold on. Hold on and breathe. I'm here, I'm still here, we're still here." Dequindre put his hands forcefully on Riopelle's shoulders to stabilize him and to be able to get some immediate answers.
"Now," he said with a pause, then asked, "What is done? What's this about?"
"Everything. Fucking everything. I went to to chambers to pick up orders, and I was locked out. I was told there'd be no more orders and that our family was now locked out. Some cops - fucking cops! - started to approach me with the look like they were gonna cuff me, but I just turned and split. They called after me to get people to lock the front doors but nobody knew why and watched me sprint out. They comin for us now. It's all gone."
Dequindre's lips pursed and blood rushed from his stiffening face. He then walked over to his desk, deliberately, and calmly lifted the phone.
"Daron City Court, how may I help you?" He thought he recognized the voice but didn't instantly recall the name. Irrelevant now.
"Judge Farro's office, please. Tell him it's concerning Case Number 3."
"Yes, please wait."
The wait wasn't long. The answer came with a voice which was dry and robotic with contempt.
"Hello, this is Judge F-"
"What the fuck is this about?"
A long sigh came before a response.
"Listen ... Dequindre."
A second wave of shock washed over his body. That was enough to know. It was true.
"We've made a decision, based on how your family has handled-"
He hung up. The point was clear.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
sidechained threats @	29.27 E		1386.F	452.482.711.247.846	0025				2012-06-28T00:58:17:962Z
					0263-				0000+

vermillion @		42.84 D		1359.F	490.439.383.146.419	0109				2012-06-28T01:01:01:409Z
					0252-				0021-

ting ting @		32.92 E		1564.F	511.452.642.280.882	0047				2012-06-28T01:05:55:838Z
					0108-				0018-

spica @			47.83 C		1370.F	482.406.318.68.336	0077				2012-06-28T01:08:46:319Z
					0154-				0015+

100% minimoo g @	58.72 B		1763.F	637.489.271.27.180	0107	1501	1414	006.15	2012-06-28T01:15:32:699Z
			04.81+		0126+	86+46-48-8+7-		0032-				2012-04-05T00:23:07:130Z

reflection into eden @	52.40 C		1697.F	615.467.365.54.231	0078				2012-06-28T01:20:49:619Z
					0077-				0076-

burn'ing @		32.50 E		1421.F	473.475.528.224.847	0094				2012-06-28T01:25:55:294Z
					0173-				0020+

back into light vocal @	35.34 D		1746.F	576.602.676.237.786	0035				2012-06-28T01:29:33:130Z
					0346-				0016-

feeling of love @	60.48 B		1534.F	577.380.180.36.169	0081				2012-06-28T01:32:05:960Z
					0056-				0044-

hurt scenery ground @	57.81 B		2693.F	954.785.401.49.298	0207	2329	1392	067.31	2012-06-28T01:37:45:282Z
			04.40+		0205+	116+27-64-3+9-		0116+				2012-05-26T00:43:09:237Z

second heaven @		64.03 B		1734.F	683.368.139.55.210	0255	1354	1069	026.66	2012-06-28T01:41:48:195Z
			09.05+		0245+	191+137-77-0-15-	0024-				2012-04-12T01:14:53:490Z

our song @		63.11 B		1964.F	769.426.195.61.224	0174	1556	1141	036.37	2012-06-28T01:46:36:734Z
			15.30+		0476+	265+54-187-7-48-	0156-				2012-04-17T04:40:16:728Z

飛翔転生 inst ver @	35.03 D		1997.F	682.633.750.287.958	0043	2580	1093	160.75	2012-06-28T01:56:59:142Z
			03.32+		0189+	79+31+66-81-38-		0000+				2012-05-29T02:04:30:389Z

eraser engine dd @	34.54 D		1321.F	443.435.515.143.725	0040				2012-06-28T02:01:01:408Z
					0230-				0003-
What an interesting day here. Was I even conscious when I first played Our Song, or at least when I set the record for it? Somehow I'm doubting I'll ever see a 15% EX increase ever again. I know that I had played Reflection Into Eden recently, but it started off well and I'm not sick of playing the song so I stayed with it. Turns out it was one of the few plays which weren't exceedingly good or exceedingly bad, in terms of triple digit differences.

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