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LB log - 20120628

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I've reached the end of IRS form development for the Form 1120 series as listed in IRS Publication 4162 - while significant, I'm still in the thick of the process, because I have yet to do all of the free form attachments, much less compile and successfully create the actual test returns. Regardless, it is a milestone which I have reached.



This parking lot is the former location of the Greater Baptist Church, the second of which was a lingering presence in the community for several years despite being abandoned. In 1879, a gleaming white temple standing three stories in height and a bell spire reaching an elevation of 200 feet marked the church as one of the more spectacular religious structures in the area, despite its relatively small land area for the site. Unfortunately, the site was chosen as a hiding ground for ministers who were internally known to have sexual proclivities. The theory was that with Daron being relatively cut off from the rest of the country around it, this church would be a place where those priests could be essentially "swept under the rug". An outreach program was initiated in 1881, in which boys from the First Juvenile Center were sent to the church to do community service. Through the years, rumors began to spread that some boys sent to the church in this capacity were molested by some of the ministers there. These rumors, on top of their insistence to not pay any kind of dues to the general city or to the Runners, is what spurred Carbondale to lean heavily upon the ministers. Their refusal gave way to ministers making public sermons which railed against a "secret crime family" within the city on a regular basis. Carbondale felt his hand was forced and decided to have the members dealt with collectively, and did so on January 15, 1884. The day was exceptionally cold within the city and the church had all of its doors and windows securely shut to stay warm. With this situation in place, Exeter was instructed to redirect a stream of noxious gas into their furnace's intake vents, as well as ensure that all points of possible ventilation were secured. Before the gas was piped in, all windows were iced shut from the outside, and the doors were chained shut and put on guarded watch by some of Exeter's men. All six ministers residing in the church died in the early morning, which was reported by the newspaper as an unfortunate furnace exhaust accident. Church members immediately held vigils outside of the church and soon formed a petition to have the church reinstated with new ministers and remain open. The Baptist Church community outside of Daron took this as a sign that their intents might have been compromised and postponed restaffing the church through a series of supposed "interviews" which never actually occurred. After several months without progress in this regard, a movement was made to commemorate the church as a memorial to the ministers who tragically died. While the Daron City Council held public hearings to negotiate the issue, permission was given to allow the Runners to incinerate the church. However, three separate attempts were inexplicably thwarted and the church remained. The faithful congregate took this as a sign that the church must remain on the grounds and memorialized. An official recognition as a memorial or a historically significant structure was never made for the church, but it remained in place and relatively unscathed through several decades. A simple fence was installed around the church, but no elaborate means to secure the building were otherwise made. Despite this, the church never shown signs of decay and remained basically intact over eighty years. Reports began to circulate of the church itself being haunted or otherwise "protected". Public fervor to preserve the church dwindled over time, but there was no pressing demand to remove the church until it was finally razed in a public event which was staged August 8, 1962.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
karma @			38.23 D		1436.F	474.488.477.153.569	0079	1878	1267	048.22	2012-06-29T00:05:24:481Z
			01.51+		0044+	20-84+22-56-62-		0008-				2012-03-30T03:28:17:868Z

general relativity @	58.73 B		1646.F	614.418.229.37.179	0076	1401	0940	049.04	2012-06-29T00:09:10:400Z
			02.92+		0082+	40+2+3+25-51-		0006+				2012-05-13T23:48:03:512Z

quicksilver @		49.18 C		1813.F	644.525.400.98.465	0072				2012-06-29T00:13:35:824Z
					0177-				0009-

buffalo @		57.59 B		1593.F	572.449.216.38.218	0105				2012-06-29T00:16:28:391Z
					0028-				0005-

氷梅香 @			61.16 B		1474.F	527.420.162.31.122	0145	1205	0500	141.00	2012-06-29T00:19:38:617Z
			01.54+		0037+	9-55+44-6-12-		0005+				2012-06-15T01:15:04:672Z

back into light cs @	47.50 C		2129.F	736.657.531.84.401	0186				2012-06-29T00:24:27:769Z
					0044-				0105-

love magic @		71.57 A		1430.P	550.330.90.6.54		0162	0999	0895	011.62	2012-06-29T00:35:26:372Z
			09.21+		0159+	96+33-67-1+4-		0067+				2012-04-05T01:45:07:054Z

new castle legions @	44.91 C		1915.F	657.601.510.116.482	0119	2132	1567	036.05	2012-06-29T00:42:21:440Z
			06.17+		0263+	123+17+107-46-88-	0006+				2012-04-23T01:45:38:517Z

photongenic @		50.38 C		1821.F	653.515.361.89.415	0163				2012-06-29T00:46:28:171Z
					0246-				0043-

真夏の花・真夏の夢 @	52.83 C		1511.F	548.415.261.72.288	0083	1430	0771	085.47	2012-06-29T00:49:33:527Z
			05.29+		0138+	70+2-47-14+16-		0018+				2012-03-31T01:34:15:051Z

non fiction story @	53.72 C		1833.F	673.487.265.104.407	0064				2012-06-29T00:53:43:275Z
					0017-				0045-

airman stage @		59.28 B		1417.F	512.393.195.23.143	0064				2012-06-29T01:10:07:335Z
					0135-				0050-

太陽~T・A・I・Y・O~ @	66.85 A		1186.F	456.	0080				2012-06-29T01:14:55:876Z
					0016-				0049-

アタックNO.3 @		41.03 D		1520.F	505.510.448.150.529	0140				2012-06-29T01:18:38:114Z
					0078-				0100-
Good session today. New clear is alone makes for a feeling of progress, not to mention a pair of increases right off the bat. I probably had one of the best Randoms I'll ever get with Buffalo there, and I didn't do so badly with Photongenic's roll either. Long break in the action near the end there with a program crash that didn't get resolved for several minutes, and I couldn't get back into groove once I was able to resume play. Already had the clear and five increases by that point regardless, so I'm not regretful over it.

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