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LB log - 20120707

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XL-N-2400 Room 308

19430705 07:01:16

Throop heard the snoring from the other side of the door as he turned the key in the handle to open it. That's another ten minutes wasted just for him to get himself awake and functional. It was bad enough to have to drive all the way out here and have no other business in the vicinity. The bed in the room was still made and empty, and Halsted slept in the couch nearby, with his legs dangling over one of the arm rests. The snores echoed in the silent room. Throop walked to his side, then lightly tapped his cheek with the back of his hand. Halsted's face formed a scowl when he was roused.
Halsted muttered some syllables through a yawn in protest, then asked, with his eyes still closed, "What time is it?"
"Like Seven."
"Seven? Jeezsus stoo fuggin early for this shit already, fuck. Didn't you do anything last night?"
"Why would I? Fourth is just a Sunday for us."
"No shit, but I figured maybe you went out with some friends on account of it being a weekend. Anyway, siddown already, hold on a minute."
Throop sat on the edge of the bed and watched Halsted haphazardly walk over to the bathroom. He didn't close the door before urinating, and let out a loud groan when he did so, as if he was obligated to indicate what he was doing.
"I got a few records found, it's in the envelope over there. He had a few jobs back on far N North Side, when he was a pup. That's probably his stomping ground now, I'd bet." Halsted paused before asking, "Did they ask about me?"
"Nobody asked about you. And they probably won't until I tell them you have your issue with the nutcase resolved."
"Christ. You ever try finding a bum? Anyone realize how that doesn't work? Especially one who's fucking mute? What do I do, ask other bum groups? 'Hey guys, nice oil can you got lit there, have you seen a silent psychopath laying around anywhere here?' It don't work like that."
"Right. None of us have seen nothin either, so I don't know."
"Yeah, yeah. Until then I'm cooped up in here most of my time. Like a damn jail. Hell, I might be better off in jail."
"Yeah, right, heh."
This is when Halsted had the inspiration.
"Hey - maybe. Maybe that's an actual out, out of this." He quickly returned to the couch to sit across from Throop.
"What's that?"
"Maybe I should go to jail. Voluntarily."
Throop sat silently for a moment in contemplation, then said, "Well, it would certainly keep you out of trouble and contact with the thing, that's for sure."

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
baby blue blanket @	48.54 C		2029.F	713.603.461.110.364	0105				2012-07-08T00:39:11:371Z
					0135-				0059-

harmony and lovely @	49.84 C		1599.F	556.487.372.49.239	0133				2012-07-08T00:41:50:044Z
					0279-				0008-

ting ting @		33.95 D		1613.F	543.527.642.240.860	0041				2012-07-08T00:44:50:604Z
					0059-				0024-

session 9 chronicles @	42.24 D		1710.F	574.562.484.128.561	0062				2012-07-08T00:47:49:339Z
					0156-				0147-

red full metal jacket @	50.79 C		1990.F	729.532.275.91.583	0169				2012-07-08T00:51:18:645Z
					0005-				0104-

lovely storm @		33.44 D		1695.F	580.535.663.279.971	0051	2534	1418	078.70	2012-07-08T00:55:05:118Z
			03.57+		0181+	68+45+32-94-104-	0001+				2012-04-14T04:34:17:832Z

fire fire @		50.28 C		1400.F	492.416.287.42.248	0096				2012-07-08T00:59:23:843Z
					0061-				0039-

カゴノトリ~弐式~ @	41.79 D		1508.F	540.428.378.146.498	0115	1804	1586	013.74	2012-07-08T01:06:49:721Z
			00.61+		0022+	34+46-107-35+8+		0049-				2012-04-10T00:53:21:813Z

V2 @			57.64 B		2163.F	779.605.300.50.276	0114	1876	1686	011.26	2012-07-08T01:14:09:072Z
			02.21+		0083+	73+63-56-15+54+		0044-				2012-04-18T00:43:05:926Z

our song @		59.09 B		1839.F	705.429.207.60.282	0208				2012-07-08T01:17:45:276Z
					0125-				0122-

the dirty of loudness @	36.09 D		1365.F	447.471.484.170.681	0072				2012-07-08T01:20:22:111Z
					0049-				0008-

infinite prayer @	61.35 B		1189.F	442.305.154.17.81	0126				2012-07-08T01:28:15:886Z
					0025-				0008+

cosmic raise @		69.45 A		1203.F	466.	0187				2012-07-08T01:31:13:278Z
					0024-				0050-

logic board @		46.28 C		1670.F	591.488.331.140.457	0049				2012-07-08T01:33:59:813Z
					0164-				0065-
Came to 78% at Cosmic Raise after being sunk by a few bad chords right before the end. I cannot wait to play that lovely song again in the future. I didn't want to end the session with that, and didn't feel like continuing to press my luck after Logic Board came up afterward. Not a bad session today. I played Naughty Girl @ Queen's in warmup, so I was surprised to see Red FMJ turn up and I think I managed it well, relatively speaking. I was also surprised by the amount of increase for Lovely Storm. It's a very dense chart but I still didn't feel like I played it significantly better. Good to have a day like this after yesterday.

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