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LB log - 20120709

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Today was a reprieve in the weather but this weekend affected me as much as most anyone else. Doing the job in the triple digit degree heat and sun for eight hours is not something to be classified as "fun", no matter how liberal your definition of it is. Three new hires have come in; two today and another had his third day today, after being indoctrinated to the job in the aforementioned blaze. As far as I know, they haven't quit yet, so that's at least one positive.

I slept all of three hours today. I can't say I feel particularly inspired right now.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
CaptivAte~裁き~ mix @	51.17 C		1695.F	597.501.346.76.293	0076				2012-07-10T00:03:38:372Z
					0275-				0042-

タシカナモノ @		60.63 B		1682.F	615.452.224.14.146	0093				2012-07-10T00:10:13:347Z
					0272-				0036-

scripted connection H @	33.72 D		1374.F	458.458.357.190.693	0111				2012-07-10T00:13:05:466Z
					0162-				0015-

durandal @		39.87 D		1512.F	517.478.457.149.569	0069				2012-07-10T00:17:57:756Z
					0073-				0000-

im in love again rmx @	40.89 D		1469.F	518.433.432.167.598	0101				2012-07-10T00:21:11:933Z
					0106-				0016-

feedback @		60.68 B		1329.F	480.369.175.14.98	0077				2012-07-10T00:24:14:032Z
					0051-				0071-

blame @			55.49 C		1596.F	581.434.270.54.250	0087				2012-07-10T00:27:12:642Z
					0046-				0046-

liquid crystal girl @	51.26 C		1904.F	669.566.347.74.331	0161				2012-07-10T00:31:49:323Z
					0191-				0044+
It wasn't until Blame that I finally felt like I caught up to normal playing ability, and that sensation quickly faded. I started another song after Girl and the entire process boggled me and I couldn't recover. This is about what I expected to come out of today's session. Tomorrow should be better.

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