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LB log - 20120710

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I put a new cheap piece-o-crap $20 grill together today. The previous grill of a same kind had rusted to the point that the entire bottom was eliminated and left a gigantic gaping hole in the center. It was almost three years old and served its time well. The new grill manages to be even smaller in dimension compared to the old grill. I guess that's what $20 gets now.



"I must tell you something, Mister Frederic."
"What is it?" He knew Daron to not give his thoughts much pretense, so he now turned his body to directly face him.
"The crime is running this whole place over. I mean, it feels like I can't handle it. Seems like another month or two more of this and I lose it all. I don't know what I'll do with myself if these demons amongst us take this all away."
"Very well. What kind of constabulary have you formed here?"
"Er.. watchmen. Guards. Who is keeping the law here. A sheriff, if you like."
"Besides me? I asked a few people who have been here the longest and I know are good - like Aaron, you met Aaron, big guy - I asked them to help watch over things but they don't care about it like I do. I ain't no mammoth but I've struck a few people who needed it. I do that."
"I see. Perhaps you need to confront them about this directly."
"Well see the thing is that there's so much more of those nasty folks than there are us good guys. I don't know of more good guys to ask to help."
"And there's no way for the so-called 'nasty folks' to see to your reason?"
"I guess not!" In saying this, Daron threw his hands to the air in a deliberate show of sardonic nonchalance. "I get this place, we build it up, they come here because they got no where else to go, and they still pissin in the well they drinkin from. Bastards."
"I should say so." Frederic marked the response with a puff of smoke from his cigar.
"So I got no more good guys. I got bad guys. How do I make some of them be good guys."
"I don't think that's possible, Daron."
Daron instantly reflected on the words which he just spoke. He stared out into the distance of the field past the porch balcony, turning his head slowly to study the gentle breeze sweeping across the tall grass. He said the words again, out loud. "Make the bad guys... good guys. Heh. What if, Frederic. What if that's all there is to it."
"Daron, in my travels and from what I've read, there's many leaders of great nations who are trying to find new ways to control their people. What you are suggesting is something that the most powerful of men in the world are trying to attempt. I fear that you face disaster if you try to change human nature so simply."
"But, Frederic. Frederic. What else can I do?"

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
革命 @			43.89 D		1230.F	421.388.377.51.259	0070	1401	1401	0	2012-07-11T00:04:42:765Z
			05.70+		0159+	75+9+47-13-45-		0014+				2012-03-27T01:27:27:477Z

crossover chain mix @	56.92 B		2219.F	826.567.306.70.299	0090	1949	1254	055.42	2012-07-11T00:09:58:279Z
			00.31+		0012+	30+48-11-13-14-		0040-				2012-05-22T01:14:14:333Z

play back hate you @	44.42 C		1648.F	576.496.464.125.404	0080				2012-07-11T00:13:23:898Z
					0132-				0005+

聖人の塔 @		33.46 D		1769.F	601.567.783.259.985	0207				2012-07-11T00:16:33:006Z
					0064-				0026+

programmed world @	58.49 B		1473.F	541.391.215.41.148	0113				2012-07-11T00:25:22:275Z
					0028-				0204-

adamantite @		41.07 D		1832.F	628.576.535.160.665	0079				2012-07-11T00:28:47:989Z
					0075-				0013+

bridal festival @	64.63 B		2014.F	754.506.199.25.138	0117	1558	0970	060.61	2012-07-11T00:31:53:284Z
			02.38+		0074+	36+2+44-0+10-		0007+				2012-04-16T02:46:55:263Z

dolls wish @		40.43 D		1335.F	448.439.367.142.486	0115	1651	0693	138.29	2012-07-11T00:35:32:983Z
			00.67+		0022+	13+4-51-15+44+		0053-				2012-05-15T23:57:41:248Z

4bidden area @		34.52 D		1392.F	472.448.506.194.744	0088				2012-07-11T00:39:09:329Z
					0081-				0035-

avant guerre @		66.82 A		1438.F	543.352.136.14.57	0222				2012-07-11T00:42:59:898Z
					0006-				0004+

sunrise sky wave @	33.74 D		1767.F	602.536.642.261.1028	0031				2012-07-11T00:49:33:019Z
					0053-				0029-

電人、暁に斃れる @		40.09 D		1721.F	592.537.561.108.607	0050				2012-07-11T00:53:53:448Z
					0129-				0039-

ユミル @			34.13 D		1599.F	549.501.593.246.925	0079				2012-07-11T00:58:18:094Z
					0007-				0000-
I had a few songs that I played and didn't save because of long note errors. Play felt much better today compared to yesterday. Adamantite is a neat song but impossible to play with any sort of decency in EX.

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