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LB log - 20120713

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18620313 10:57:03

Cliff Tompkins spent the morning recording notes about the lager barrels which were stored in the basement of the shack. There was only so much which he could visibly see while holding the lantern light next to his face when he peered inside the casks. It would have been too much work to bring them closer to an area with visible light and he didn't want to remove the barriers which had shielded the beer from sunlight all of these months. Because of this, the notes he made were as terse as they were vague. Barrel #1 was "OK", Barrel #2 had "lots of specks left", and so on. He was making a note that Barrel #6 "smelled bad" when he heard footsteps coming down the stairway behind him. The weight and pace of the steps informed him that it wasn't his wife coming down to see him and that there was company. It was Cook, and he had arrived on business.
"Oh, Jesse! I didn't expect to see you at this hour. What's the occasion?"
"Let me tell you." Jesse came over to Cliff and greeted with a brisk handshake while daring his eyes around the dark basement. There wasn't enough light to see any corner of the room, which is what he wanted regardless. "Let's go over to the corner, we need to talk directly." The emphasis on the last word informed Cliff of the severity. When Cliff spoke, it was barely above a whisper.
"So what is it then?"
"We've uh, we've had a business deal made to us. We got a proposition, and I wanted to give you the first chance to act, since I like your business and beer. Thing is though...", when Jesse said this, he hunched over to be closer to Cliff and speak in a sharp whisper, "... it's from the Jeffs." Cliff felt his brow pinch above his nose.
"The - the Confedrits? You sure? They comin to us, now?"
"You've had to hear about it by now. They're in a bind. Spirits are being banned by the companies and the states. Papers are crying and getting them shut down. They're in a knot, and they're comin to us because there's soldiers there by the hundreds who want nothing more than a hard drink. Don't surprise me, really."
"And you want me to exchange my goods - give them the fruits of my labor - because we got the chance? I say we let those assholes starve, Jesse. Fuck em and let em claw at us with withered hands."
"But it's not that simple, Cliff. They're offering coin. Real gold coin. I wouldn't ask you to do this for their shitpaper notes. Shit, someone can probably make their own tender, look better than theirs."
"And what in the hell am I supposed to do with Federate coin? Who here will take it? How can I hold that in my hand with pride?"
"Cliff, look." Daron took the lantern out of Cliff's hand and placed it on the top of one of the beer barrels, then took a step back. Cliff could only see the edge of his face and his eyes in the darkness. "You know we can melt that down to our own, and you know that even their shit money is good money when we clean it. It's not about pride, Cliff. Besides, you can't feed yourself with pride. It don't work like that. And if you don't take this up, all I'm gonna do is find someone else who will. Now they have more money than you, now they can expand faster than you. You with your pride and they with more product and more customers. I'm giving you the chance to make the right choice here, Cliff."

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
space time @		49.76 C		1682.F	596.490.364.60.343	0156				2012-07-14T00:13:10:491Z
					0176-				0066-

feedback @		59.95 B		1313.F	478.357.189.15.96	0141				2012-07-14T00:16:07:547Z
					0067-				0007-

tricks @		28.50 E		1429.F	458.513.760.300.1016	0065				2012-07-14T00:20:03:491Z
					0115-				0008-

hurt scenery ground @	56.80 B		2646.F	900.846.400.53.287	0153				2012-07-14T00:24:20:179Z
					0047-				0054-

moon @			69.56 A		2009.F	793.423.153.17.125	0143	1444	1048	037.78	2012-07-14T00:30:14:279Z
			03.12+		0090+	66+42-21-4-0+		0010-				2012-05-04T01:18:57:680Z

桜 @			64.04 B		1418.F	552.314.167.15.113	0132	1104	1047	005.44	2012-07-14T00:34:12:788Z
			02.45+		0058+	42+26-12+0+9-		0057-				2012-06-17T00:44:18:319Z

liquid crystal girl @	56.46 B		2097.F	787.523.322.62.280	0070	1857	1202	054.49	2012-07-14T00:38:13:698Z
			00.06+		0002+	20+38-13+14-13+		0091-				2012-04-26T03:56:05:377Z

quantum teleportation @	46.29 C		1851.F	680.491.466.133.529	0246	1999	1999	0	2012-07-14T00:41:44:077Z
			03.57+		0143+	79+15-66-9+63+		0040+				2012-06-08T02:45:24:973Z

saber wing @		29.53 E		1401.F	461.479.694.229.903	0050				2012-07-14T00:46:20:819Z
					0061-				0013+

gothic system chs nrg @	27.19 E		2170.F	706.758.1181.543.1701	0043	3990	1332	201.18	2012-07-14T00:50:30:124Z
			00.32+		0025+	4+17+0+72-28+		0037-				2012-05-16T00:01:41:504Z

majesty @		42.92 D		2179.F	781.617.481.256.857	0125	2538	1582	060.42	2012-07-14T00:55:59:001Z
			00.71+		0036+	18+0+65-26+104+		0001-				2012-06-02T00:23:19:565Z

華蝶風雪 @		56.31 B		1936.F	688.560.310.29.245	0094				2012-07-14T01:00:02:483Z
					0196-				0130-

クルクル☆ラブ @		62.54 B		1875.F	702.471.203.47.202	0258				2012-07-14T01:09:47:714Z
					0022-				0044+

smooooch @		52.86 C		1755.F	632.491.282.77.451	0129				2012-07-14T01:12:33:046Z
					0126-				0032-
The play that I find most remarkable out of this session is Quantum Teleportation. After seeing so many horrific EX charts, I finally can look at this song and see ways into playing it which I didn't before. Well, at least the first half of it. The end climax before the trailing easy part is still basically just mash city, but the point is that more of the chart became legible to me. This shows that constant practice like this does in fact make a difference. Majesty is really nasty on random and I'm not used to the EX chart of it here. I really didn't want to play Liquid Crystal Girl again but I noticed that the initial set of measures were favorable with the roll so I stuck with it, and it paid off, such as the marginal increase is.

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