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LB log - 20120714

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18981017 11:12:44

The letter was read aloud by Jay to the other three people seated at the table before him:
"To my dearest sons Brandon and Jason - I have written my final will with the intent to sever any ties to my business which you may have supposed or expected to remain. I have indeed, and in lucid judgment, decreed for the brewery to be liquidated and all assets obtained in doing so to be donated to the Third Baptist Church. My basis in doing so is simply because the entirety of the business should not have remained since the States' War, and it only was my tainted morals and lack of courage that kept it alive. In 1861, I was effectively coerced into producing and selling my product for Confederate soldiers. Though no specific forms of retribution were stated, the implication was clear that my compliance was mandatory and not to be questioned. Turning my hobby into a fruitful business was one of the greatest pleasures I had in life, besides raising you both, and I wanted to ensure that I could raise you both comfortably and not have to endure hardship. However, I must now truthfully confess that the knowledge of how our household's security was kept filled me with a despair and rage which was as frightful as much as it needed to be obscured. I became a man beside myself in knowing where the money used to buy our food came from. I would not wish this kind of burden on any enemy which I would ever have, much less my own sons, so that is why I have set for its liquidation in my final will. Please know that it is my dying wish for both of you to not have to endure this kind of suffering. With my eternal love and affection, your father, Clifford Tompkins."
Jay continued to stand and stare at the paper, as if there was potential for an additional post script to appear. Brandon and their two wives sat in shocked silence.
"I refuse." Upon saying this, Jay placed the paper upon the table and his hands on the backs of two seats which were near him. "This is an unfair thing to ask of us and I refuse to let everything that he built up over all that time just fade away."
"But, it's a will." Brandon said unusually demure in saying this. "You can't just say no to a will. That's Dad's dying wish."
"But the wish is asking us to liquidate our livelihoods too! How is that fair to us? How can he, through all those years, let us help him, teach us how to run the place, get us involved in his work, and then tell us to give that all up on top of everything else? We make good drink, we have loyal customers throughout the city, we have put years of our childhood into keeping the business alive. We're supposed to quit on his word?"
"I don't see why not, Jay, we're well off. We can walk away."
"What if I don't care about his wish! What about my wish? What if I care about the business and that I like keeping it going? So, granted, he got support early on from some lynchin ghosts. Fine. But I can see why he did it, coercion or not. He had a business and a house to keep. Letting that money go probably would have made him, made us, lose it all right then."
"So that's, so you're just gonna ignore Dad's will then? Really?"
"In a word, yes." Jay nodded several times, repeating the terminal word. "Yes, I will. Yes. Now I just-", is all he said, and if he continued to speak out loud, would have stated that he "just needs to figure out how to change the will". In thinking about it, Jay considered it easier to obey a falsified will than ignore an actual one. This meant his next question to answer is how to get that will officially altered. He knew someone he might ask to get that to happen.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
virtual mind @		50.83 C		1154.F	394.366.252.31.183	0143				2012-07-14T23:58:15:097Z
					0179-				0208-

シンデレラケージ @		55.56 B		1658.F	610.438.271.49.223	0126				2012-07-15T00:01:46:054Z
					0022-				0002-

gold rush @		41.79 D		1553.F	560.433.382.183.729	0036				2012-07-15T00:04:23:215Z
					0027-				0063-

op 31 @			57.95 B		0976.F	351.	0134				2012-07-15T00:07:58:023Z
					0058-				0020-

heavenly sun @		45.74 C		1580.F	538.504.450.87.318	0099				2012-07-15T00:13:27:043Z
					0201-				0000-

one or eight @		29.71 E		1194.F	395.404.587.239.923	0066				2012-07-15T00:21:27:898Z
					0074-				0007+

let snow paint remix @	53.82 C		1350.F	501.348.263.44.181	0162				2012-07-15T00:24:55:066Z
					0102-				0016+

たからもの @		45.47 C		2059.F	694.671.529.101.613	0074				2012-07-15T00:29:09:306Z
					0401-				0013-

F @			28.07 E		1378.F	466.512.767.290.1015	0036				2012-07-15T00:34:40:200Z
					0168-				0001+

answer @		54.73 C		1883.F	700.483.288.78.370	0100				2012-07-15T00:38:09:347Z
					0084-				0031-

agnus dei @		50.03 C		1467.F	536.395.322.69.313	0073				2012-07-15T00:41:15:548Z
					0132-				0009+

listen up @		50.13 C		1541.F	544.453.303.77.280	0093				2012-07-15T00:46:09:984Z
					0091-				0009-

catch me @		44.20 D		1282.F	452.378.352.90.349	0045				2012-07-15T00:53:15:432Z
					0233-				0052-	

maybe @			45.13 C		1290.F	451.388.341.108.320	0099				2012-07-15T00:56:08:576Z
					0105-				0120-
A trend which I've seen before and seems to continue today is that many of the plays I have feature combo increases, albeit usually minor, despite a worse EX score. This again leads me to believe that I'm getting more attuned to handling how to mash my way through bad patches, seeing as how I encounter so much of it now. Interesting to have three Happy Sky songs in a row there.

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