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LB log - 20120715

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Today is my Mom's birthday, so I felt compelled to pay a visit. My sister and my cousin were there, and lounging outside in conversation with my Dad. My Mom is working on employee reviews for a place to which she's submitted resignation papers. I guess this is what it felt like all those times when I was dragged to social events and made a point to avoid people rather than fraternize and pretend to care. Oh well.

Quick Draft.


19090903 12:06:41

With each new day, Thomas Naragansett increasingly loathed going to Cecil Thompson Grammar School, and the only reason why he felt this way is because he was white. The problem wasn't being picked on for being white; he had no classmates which he would consider best friends nor mortal enemies. He felt he got along just OK with everyone in the class, and that was fine with him. The actual problem is that he was one of three boy students in his class who were white, and the other two had the first name of Kevin. The issue is that, as a result of this, everyone called him Kevin too - and this forgetfulness on their part, on everyone else's part, to remember his own name boiled his blood in rage.
At heart of the anger is because between himself and the two Kevins, the three boys couldn't be more distinct. One Kevin was several pounds overweight, always appeared unkempt, and had some kind of mental disability which slowed his actions and speech. This Kevin was amicable, yes, but his limited means of speaking was as isolating as it was distinctive. The Other Kevin was a wiry, nervous boy, who seemed to be wholly incapable of making any decision for hismelf and had to have any instruction, no matter how rudimentary, stated and confirmed several times before he would commit to any action. If the class came to a room with open seating, he would always make a point to find a teacher to ask where he should specifically sit, then immediately ask for confirmation of the instruction after receiving it.


Extra Mode. The Usual. Late start.

			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
flash back 90s @	52.65 C		1668.F	600.468.347.44.235	0189				2012-07-16T02:02:28:907Z
					0230-				0059+

twelfth style @		37.33 D		1439.F	494.451.463.232.775	0126				2012-07-16T02:05:24:612Z
					0241-				0045-

new generation @	33.33 D		1426.F	480.466.635.170.737	0060				2012-07-16T02:08:21:929Z
					0144-				0010-

around the galaxy @	30.66 E		1782.F	581.620.869.315.1050	0058				2012-07-16T02:11:39:237Z
					0284-				0006-

QQQ @			48.00 C		1543.F	536.471.320.75.337	0085				2012-07-16T02:14:32:918Z
					0250-				0006-

鋼の雫 @			53.57 C		1755.F	647.461.319.64.267	0092				2012-07-16T02:19:47:036Z
					0142-				0075-

implantation @		31.00 E		1081.F	352.377.513.185.660	0072				2012-07-16T02:22:12:810Z
					0165-				0020-

こっちを向いてよ	 @	52.81 C		1312.F	463.386.269.23.174	0081				2012-07-16T02:26:00:578Z
					0111-				0009+
Warmup didn't feel very good and the trend looks to continue here. I have other things to do today and I need to prioritize doing them over continuing to play poorly here. I probably would have been willing to struggle with it more if I had the time. That's what tomorrow is for.

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