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LB log - 20120716

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(continued from yesterday)


19090903 12:06:41

With each new day, Thomas Naragansett increasingly loathed going to Cecil Thompson Grammar School, and the only reason why he felt this way is because he was white. The problem wasn't being picked on for being white; he had no classmates which he would consider best friends nor mortal enemies. He felt he got along just OK with everyone in the class, and that was fine with him. The actual problem is that he was one of three boy students in his class who were white, and the other two had the first name of Kevin. The issue is that, as a result of this, everyone called him Kevin too - and this forgetfulness on their part, on everyone else's part, to remember his own name boiled his blood in rage.
At heart of the anger is because between himself and the two Kevins, the three boys couldn't be more distinct. One Kevin was several pounds overweight, always appeared unkempt, and had some kind of mental disability which slowed his actions and speech. This Kevin was amicable, yes, but his limited means of speaking was as isolating as it was distinctive. The Other Kevin was a wiry, nervous boy, who seemed to be wholly incapable of making any decision for himself and had to have any instruction, no matter how rudimentary, stated and confirmed several times before he would commit to any action. If the class came to a room with open seating, he would always make a point to find a teacher to ask where he should specifically sit, then immediately ask for confirmation of the instruction after receiving it.
Despite all this, whenever someone called out to him, the name "Kevin" was used. When the time came to choose teams in gym class, he was chosen as Kevin. When he was in line at the cafeteria on lunch and someone wanted him to pass over a carton of milk, they would ask Kevin to do it. His teachers, rather than correct the other students whenever the misnomer was used, would commit the same error; Mrs. Hargrove, his own homeroom teacher, instructed one of the other boys to give a pile of papers to Kevin for him to pass out to the class. Each incidence was a stab to his gut, each time someone breathed the name to him, he seethed in silent contempt and anguish. He felt his teeth gnash and hands clench into white knuckled fists every time they said that name.
It happened with this basis of hatred.
Jenny Mayer is a polite girl who liked to make drawings of flowers on her school papers and had a carefree, sunny disposition. She had a close circle of classmate friends and seemed to always carry a smile. She needed a few moments longer to find her jacket in the class closet before going outside for recess, and came out to the yard last. She was looking for one of her friends, and saw Thomas idly throwing a baseball into the air so that he could catch it.
"Kevin, have you seen Mary?"
Thomas glared over to Jenny and paid no attention to the baseball, which fell lifelessly to the concrete. He stood silently and stared at her. Jenny's smile widened and she blinked twice - she was about to ask again when he spoke.
"My name is Thomas." His tone and pacing was loud and exaggeratedly deliberate.
"I know, I know, sorry, ha ha. I should know better, I really know who you are. So have y-"
"No, you don't. My name is Thomas. Say it."
Jenny nervously darted her eyes to the ground. The smile on her face vanished. "I said I'm sorry, OK?" She said this to her chest, in a voice which was barely audible. Thomas quickly stepped over to her and grasped her shoulder, to force her eyes to meet his.
"Say my name." Each word he said carried a growl behind it, like his voice was boiling over from his throat.
"Thomas. You, you're Thomas."
"Good." He released his grasp and stepped back. "Good. No, I didn't see Mary. Sorry."

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
burning heat @		62.51 B		1114.F	431.	0100				2012-07-16T23:16:41:226Z
					0030-				0039-

empty sky @		39.31 D		2053.F	739.575.639.183.865	0177				2012-07-16T23:20:26:744Z
					0228-				0018+

winter gals @		34.80 D		1620.F	557.506.591.258.870	0114				2012-07-16T23:23:14:037Z
					0096-				0023+

full of tears @		54.87 C		1577.F	552.473.270.49.165	0071				2012-07-16T23:25:43:773Z
					0113-				0026-

thunder house nation @	42.15 D		1688.F	581.526.552.130.497	0156	2002	1296	054.47	2012-07-16T23:31:52:065Z
			01.37+		0055+	43+31-24+13+21+		0006-				2012-05-10T01:30:56:675Z

lovely storm @		29.69 E		1505.F	488.529.775.283.999	0049				2012-07-16T23:36:13:305Z
					0190-				0002-

session 9 chronicles @	41.42 D		1677.F	552.573.467.143.591	0065				2012-07-16T23:39:14:719Z
					0189-				0144-

thank you for playing @	37.08 D		1352.F	464.424.490.172.610	0107				2012-07-16T23:41:52:249Z
					0151-				0025+

かげぬい Ver.BENIBOTAN	44.65 C		1779.F	628.523.453.123.566	0115				2012-07-16T23:47:50:557Z
					0009-				0017+

stars retuned by hal @	67.93 A		1674.F	662.350.127.32.114	0120				2012-07-16T23:50:51:190Z
					0002-				0005-					

黒髪乱れし修羅となりて @	33.26 E		1622.F	549.524.675.213.942	0027				2012-07-16T23:55:53:776Z
					0099-				0011-

sun field @		32.70 E		1401.F	467.467.585.251.840	0035				2012-07-17T00:03:13:335Z
					0348-				0004+

マチ子の唄 @		46.57 C		1577.F	580.417.315.168.492	0067				2012-07-17T00:14:03:266Z
					0240-				0059-

red zone @		53.41 C		1597.F	576.445.303.46.246	0061				2012-07-17T00:16:46:970Z
					0204-				0030-
I don't know what happened, but my score that I had in my record for Thunder House Nation wasn't the same as what was shown in the game (the game record was substantially less). Maybe it was a session where the program crashed later on and the score wasn't saved somehow? Seems odd to me for that to be the case, if so, but other explanations are even less logical. I guess maybe I simply put the wrong line in the file somehow. Regardless, it was an increase over what was recorded in the game and offline, so there the new and correct record stands. Also had to play Kagenui without Random, because it did hang up otherwise, as usual.

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