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LB log - 20120720

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19220519 15:08:33

The conclusion of another school week was one of the favorite times for Lilian Manheim, but not because the week long stretch of dreary classwork had come to a close - in fact, this is the specific point in the week when she did the most work. The main entrance to Mainfield School had a short vestibule, the immediate left to which was the Principal's Office, a short hallway to the right led to the gymnasium, and the rest of the school was connected from that center focal point. The majority of students and faculty left through this exit. Each Friday, Lilian would walk down the west hall to collect her brother, then proceed to the main entrance and lean against the corner of the hallway. From this vantage point, she could observe anyone who passed, and people who wanted to seek her out learned to find her there. Cradled in her left arm was the notebook which bore a shade of red only slightly darker than her hair, and this book contained months of intricate records and notes, to which more content was added on days like this. With her little brother standing immediately beside her and rarely looking up from the ground, few felt compelled to form a queue while she addressed one person to the next. Most of the prospective clients gave an appearance as if they were waiting in line to use the neighboring bathroom, or cast glances over shoulders while they idly stood by lockers which lined the hall.
There were never any official rules stated about how she conducted her business. This all simply fell into place over time. Lilian liked it best like that - things worked out for her without her even asking for it. Of course, her detractors would say that she got it all handed to her on a platter because of her father's financial and social clout, and it was because of this that any teacher would speak to her at this time; but her own meticulous work ethic is what enabled her to maintain this service and be successful at doing it.
First in line was Brian Metzo, a seventh grade student who was as pudgy as he was dull witted. He asked if there was someone willing to do the geography project which is due the upcoming 22nd. The task entailed a three page written report with at least three separate references. He was assigned Chile, and offered a quarter for the job. He gave the money over immediately. Lilian flipped to one of the first pages in her book, ran a finger over a list of ten names, and decided upon Alex Silverston to be arranged for the task. She hasn't had a need to ask Alex for extra work in over a week, and his performance was enough to usually warrant a high C or low B grade. She would have assigned Brian Petrach to the job if he had offered a half buck. In the last page of her book, she wrote the line "HW: Metzo, 7th. Geography. Silverston. Paid. 5/19." and promptly snapped the book shut with a pinch of her fingers, while smiling and saying "Thank you." Brian shuffled off in a hurry.
With Brian out of the way, Peter Novak quickly stepped over from the boy's bathroom door entrance. He was a thin, short sixth grader with small black curly hair that rolled out under his hat. "A pack?" Lilian asked as he approached, and he nodded twice to confirm. She knelt to her side to reach into Henry's backpack and pulled out a box of playing cards which were emptied and had ten hand rolled cigarettes inside. The packs were a dime each, and cost a few pennies of tobacco to make. The card boxes came from her father's casino operation, and the teachers never inspected her brother's bag. Her right hand took the dime from Peter while the left passed the cigarettes to Peter. He continued in stride after the exchange and quickly left the school. She opened her book to one of the front pages and marked another notch next to Peter's name to indicate another pack sold. He had purchased twenty this year, which was the fourth most of any of her customers.
Lilian glanced over the bathroom entrance and noted at least six other boys who seemed to be waiting to speak with her. This Friday would take a while for her to clear out, but she didn't mind.
Late last year in her world history class, Mr. Druff made mention of the adage when talking about the era, telling the class that "all roads led to Rome." After the class ended, one of her classmate friends said that the phrase could be altered now to say "All roads lead to Lilian". On Fridays like this, it certainly seemed true.

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
たまゆら @		35.24 E		1232.F	389.454.512.139.563	0102	1748	1441	021.30	2012-07-20T23:43:00:444Z
			02.81+		0098+	43+12+74-7-14+		0000-				2012-05-03T03:52:00:094Z

dazzlin darlin @	72.66 A		1988.F	810.368.70.61.156	0218	1368	1052	030.03	2012-07-20T23:46:55:863Z
			00.70+		0019+	19+19-4-15+9-		0007-				2012-06-15T01:37:16:152Z

exe @			58.64 B		1757.F	663431.266.56.224	0118				2012-07-20T23:50:32:218Z
					0013-				0027+

scripted connection H @	40.67 D		1657.F	591.475.511.168.652	0112	2037	1366	049.92	2012-07-20T23:53:19:632Z
			03.17+		0121+	63+5-47-12-22+		0014-				2012-04-06T01:05:03:360Z

shoot em all @		48.76 C		1819.F	644.531.409.99.424	0126				2012-07-20T23:57:08:728Z
					0045-				0019-

artelia method @	39.66 D		1362.F	478.406.357.134.646	0148				2012-07-20T23:59:48:257Z
					0141-				0005+

murmur twins 460 mix @	35.92 D		2012.F	667.678.760.288.940	0095				2012-07-21T00:03:04:839Z
					0072-				0024-

ghost house @		55.38 C		2590.F	991.608.316.157.490	0176				2012-07-21T00:06:29:047Z
					0200-				0026-

電光チョップ!! @		39.39 D		1656.F	556.544.503.161.712	0045	2102	1621	029.67	2012-07-21T00:11:54:912Z
			06.31+		0265+	93+79+158-7-31+		0013-				2012-05-03T03:33:19:654Z

blank moon @		41.29 D		1248.F	451.346.380.114.474	0070				2012-07-21T00:15:30:273Z
					0038-				0004-

mint @			46.89 C		1316.F	461.394.315.52.318	0095	1403	0906	054.85	2012-07-21T00:17:54:727Z
			01.78+		0050+	16+18+41-25-9+		0001+				2012-04-08T03:18:32:474Z

衰色小町メランコリア @	53.30 C		1985.F	726.533.314.103.382	0069	1862	1163	060.10	2012-07-21T00:21:45:197Z
			07.92+		0295+	147+1+102-39-62-	0034+				2012-04-27T02:27:22:828Z

in the name of love @	39.87 D		1539.F	529.481.451.183.635	0030				2012-07-21T00:25:43:117Z
					0051-				0021-

usual days remix @	39.31 D		1482.F	506.470.494.148.563	0131	1885	1474	027.88	2012-07-21T00:34:33:279Z
			05.26+		0236+	94+48+121-11+21+	0010+				2012-05-03T02:37:12:806Z

space time @		51.71 C		1748.F	634.480.335.66.334	0171				2012-07-21T00:38:34:091Z
					0110-				0051-

恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! @	29.13 E		1659.F	523.613.717.377.1276	0042				2012-07-21T00:41:36:376Z
					0177-				0005-
Another good run of play here. To be off by 145 EX in Artelia Method is a small miracle in itself, considering the last half of that chart is pure scratch spam bullshit that has extra notes for both hands added on top of it from Extra Mode. More sharp increases with Denjin Chop and such. Not surprised that Itoshisuru (Koi-suru?) troucned me at the end there. I cannot fathom how people like that song, good Lord.

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