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LB log - 20120721

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19510608 11:06:11

"This isn't the first time that David and I got into a fight." She rubbed her hands over each other in a nervous circular motion while admitting this. "And not the first time outside, neither. This is just how it goes sometimes, but I love him, though, sir."
"Right, ma'am. Just stick to the answer."
"Now David didn't hit me, now, he just held me tight and was yellin and hollerin as loud as can be, and I was yellin back and strugglin because that's how I have to stand up to him, and I was movin' around and he was just yelling about 'Don't make me hurt you' but he didn't do nothin. This was on for like a few minutes or so. We was yellin so much that I didn't see him approach."
"He ws just there?" The Officer asked this without looking up from the small pad of paper where he was writing notes.
"Right, right, we goin, we yellin, then we stop and look and there's this ... guy. Just standing there only a few more steps apart than we are now. And he didn't do nothin right off neither, he just stand there starin. Just starin. Not a word. He's starin David down hard, though. That he did right off. Then David asks the guy what's he lookin at, and that's all it took. David says that, next thing this guy rushes up and tackles him. Pins Davey against the car and holds him against the side by his neck, holdin him down, and starts swinging hard - real, real hard - on his face. If the first hit didn't make blood the second or third did for sure. And he just kept going. He didn't stop until David stopped squirming and went limp. Only then he let him drop to the ground."
"So how would you describe this individual?" Now the Officer took the time to make eye contact with her.
"Oh, I say wild. Looked wild. Hair was a mess, clothes were holy, his face kept moving around, like he didn't want me to see his eyes. He licked his knuckles when he was done doin that. David's on the ground most dead and he just stands over him lickin his fists like a fucking animal."
"Right. What would you say about his physical characteristics?"
"White man, maybe six feet, long matty dark hair - I think it was dark hair. Never said a word. While he's standin there lickin chops, I start to ask why he did that, and he just snorted and ran off."

Extra Mode. The Usual.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
mind mapping @		62.89 B		1936.F	747.442.175.45.211	0149	1539	1295	018.84	2012-07-21T23:37:29:456Z
			00.32+		0010+	20+30-4+9+18+		0143-				2012-06-05T23:44:55:802Z

troposphere @		46.62 C		1672.F	586.500.424.84.403	0071				2012-07-21T23:41:01:184Z
					0144-				0085-

hydrogen blueback @	42.80 D		1535.F	532.471.441.112.456	0082				2012-07-21T23:56:50:064Z
					0172-				0019-

back into light v mix @	34.23 D		1691.F	536.619.776.173.661	0038				2012-07-21T23:59:54:279Z
					0401-				0013-

quell @			36.35 D		1385.F	475.435.502.125.628	0069				2012-07-22T00:02:32:311Z
					0023-				0063-

la mar @		48.81 C		1735.F	618.499.447.59.272	0118				2012-07-22T00:08:00:502Z
					0159-				0123-

kecak @			46.44 C		1726.F	618.490.409.107.489	0047				2012-07-22T00:12:54:464Z
					0003-				0039-

honey @			56.96 B		1481.F	550.381.237.38.182	0066				2012-07-22T00:15:30:470Z
					0140-				0020-

no doubt get loud @	62.35 B		1423.F	531.361.143.18.147	0092				2012-07-22T00:26:57:071Z
					0081-				0045-

the last striker @	33.77 D		1384.F	481.422.601.213.799	0166				2012-07-22T00:34:53:583Z
					0264-				0010-

嘆きの樹 @		37.14 D		1713.F	575.563.516.204.831	0062				2012-07-22T00:37:56:056Z
					0169-				0038-
Yup, that's pretty much a pile of crap there. Wonder how I managed to open with an increase.

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