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LB log - 20120724

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Today is the day that my wife was appointed to provide testimony to a trial regarding an incident related to her job. Before that, I had to take my mom-in-law's car to the family mechanic so that the rattling in the undercarriage could be repaired. We left an hour earlier than we did the week before in order to adjust for traffic, and in taking a different route, arrived an hour ahead of schedule. After lounging for some time in a local coffee shop, we proceeded to the location and had to wait another 90 minutes before it was her time to testify. I brought the book "How The Other Half Lives" with me (this version specifically: and had just finished the introduction by the time the ordeal was over. Doing so has given me a few things to look up and research, and I should probably take the time to finish the book before writing more. At least, I don't have the attention span to write anything today. Well, that is a defeatist attitude, isn't it. I keep contemplating about it. Let's just spit something out.


This mixed-used two story structure was first opened in 1894 as the London Hall, where the lower level provided fourteen Kinetoscope units on opening day to the public. The original owner was Harlan Mills. When the fad over the machines died out and theaters began to rise, the decision was made not to adapt the business level to theater use but to obtain pinball machines instead. Other coin-operated machines were slowly integrated with the pinball tables over time and the concept proved to be sustainable and successful. Its long presence on the street and its proximity to the Seaside Resort helped to establish the local identity and give the area a kind of "summer resort" feel. The London Hall received an appreciable free boost in supply when it received many pinball tables for free after the New York ban was instituted by Mayor LaGuardia on January 21, 1942. By this point, the upper apartment houses were purchased by Mr. Mills and this second story was converted to an open public space which had a licensed bar and prohibited the admission of children. Harlan Mills passed ownership of the business to his son, Larry, on May 14, 1947. This long presence as a coin-operated amusement center continued into the 1970s and was among the first businesses in the city to obtain the new arcade video game machines. The subsequent boom of the arcade game industry led to the London Hall being sought for purchase by investment groups, and Larry Mills sold ownership interest to the firm HH Little on June 2, 1982. Several managers were established in the London Hall, but none remained in charge for longer than a year and the business model after 1983 led to the location to begin a slow decay. London Hall was closed without prior notice on November 17, 1995.

I'll need to expand on that more. The most difficult part is to start the ball rolling.

Extra Mode. The Rebuild.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
eraser engine dd	36.37 D		1391.F	429.533.557.139.562	0069				2012-07-25T00:36:22:685Z

the end spiritually @	58.30 B		1292.F	444.404.192.14.86	0142				2012-07-25T00:55:01:450Z

murmur twins @		50.15 B		1628.F	584.460.337.96.335	0089				2012-07-25T00:55:01:450Z

bloody tears @		54.02 C		1583.F	570.443.258.57.269	0101				2012-07-25T01:06:33:037Z

虹色 @			46.77 C		1582.F	551.480.352.121.411	0094				2012-07-25T01:10:49:748Z

brightness darkness @	66.26 B		1552.F	585.382.133.18.117	0317	1171	0984	019.00	2012-07-25T01:15:22:873Z
			04.31+		0075+	26+23+27-17-47-		0211+				2012-03-30T02:43:36:918Z

the limbo @		31.45 E		1471.F	492.487.682.262.860	0085				2012-07-25T01:19:31:788Z

hell scaper last esc @	39.47 D		1762.F	609.544.537.162.774	0084				2012-07-25T01:23:21:453Z

special energy @	74.69 A		0611.P		0275	0409	0409	0	2012-07-25T01:27:18:585Z

red by fmj @		49.71 C		1948.F	693.562.239.93.654	0087				2012-07-25T01:31:16:828Z

never alone @		63.28 B		2524.F	968.588.266.66.194	0386				2012-07-25T01:37:41:690Z

xepher @		41.42 D		1608.F	543.522.484.106.561	0143				2012-07-25T01:43:37:268Z
A song which I played yesterday (Digital Mind) came up today. This prompted me to research and discover that the songs which I have played are not being saved by the program at all. This means that until this DB issue is resolved, I'll have no way of singling out which songs I want to play in EX mode beyond the basis of "No Play" and choose from the entire pool of songs. It could be much worse (like playing folders at a time, as I did with LR2), but I still feel annoyed about it. Regardless, this gives additional substantiation behind keeping my own records as I have done here. Unspectacular day otherwise, though I did have a strong sense that I had Brightness Darkness better today before I was halfway through it - the random roll for the chart was good enough that I didn't struggle with it as much.

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