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LB log - 20120725

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19020719 09:48:55

"Thank you for letting me in, Mrs. Walsh. Is your husband still dining upon his breakfast in the kitchen? I'd presume as much on this hour."
"Mhm, I just made some coffee for him and he's having some toast I think. Could you wait here for him to come out?"
"M, no, actually. I'd prefer to go meet him if you don't mind?" Western didn't want to have a scene get ugly in the main front room here. If he did have to take action in this case, he didn't want to have to do it in this main living room at the front of the house. His wife seemed pleasant enoguh and there were a few prized possessions in this area, such as family pictures hung on the wall and framed with intricate silver decor, a sofa and love seat featuring an elaborate fine thread pattern, and an apparently recently purchased upright piano. This wasn't the time for this place to be put in risk. "I am in a rush as I have many things to attend to, you know how Saturdays are, most folks work during the week so that lives precious little time for me to find them! Yes indeed, the days when most of the working class are at rest, are the days which I have the most to do. It's rather taxing, I must say, Mrs. Walsh." He remained standing and holding his hat by the brim while saying all of this.
"OK, well, he's just over there then." She waved to her right with a flip of her hand and quickly returned her attention to Western. His impatience was starting to make her nervous. He nodded silently and immediately proceeded to the kitchen.
Paul Walsh was hunched over the far end of the table with his left hand tightly clenching the newspaper while he vigorously chewed his food. Half of one slice of toast rested before him on a small white plate. He swallowed his mouthful before placing the paper down to address him.
"Hello, who are you?"
"You can call me Chris. Mr. Walsh, forgive my bluntness but my business with you should be kept to a minimum. I'm here on behalf of Carbondale."
Upon hearing the name, Paul angrily tossed the paper to the table's side and quickly walked up to face Western closely. He kept his voice quiet.
"I told him that I needed more time. Six hundred bucks isn't something that I just have lying around, y'know?"

I will continue this tomorrow, now that I know where I'm going with it.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
more deep @		69.27 A		0841.P	322.		0129				2012-07-26T00:15:55:038Z

u gotta groove mix @	66.85 A		1182.P	442.	0231				2012-07-26T00:20:29:076Z

lab H14 @		66.57 B		1414.P	531.352.143.6.52	0105	1062	1014	004.73	2012-07-26T00:27:21:442Z

absolute H14 @		72.29 A		1404.P	544.316.106.0.14	0377				2012-07-26T00:38:05:548Z

cherry blossom shower @	22.63 E		1384.F	433.518.862.396.1515	0055				2012-07-26T00:42:49:692Z

天国のキッス @		63.77 B		1028.P	384.	0121				2012-07-26T00:53:11:132Z

abyss @			73.23 A		1412.P	553.306.77.4.37		0090	0964	0964	0	2012-07-26T00:56:31:924Z
			01.28+		0016+	22+28-13-2-14+		0227-				2012-03-22T02:11:28:766Z

september wind @	44.22 D		1501.F	541.419.402.105.424	0116				2012-07-26T01:08:24:725Z

get out @		48.87 C		1861.F	662.537.353.122.433	0056				2012-07-26T01:17:37:738Z
One small positive to this method of play is that I don't have to spend as much time warming up, since it's much more likely that I'll encounter songs which I actually can pass or are otherwise easy. Had a bad crash take up some time in the middle of this, so I wasn't able to get many songs in. I skipped Cherry Blossom Shower a few days ago so I decided to endure it now, and I'm not particularly happy to have done so.

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