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LB log - 20120727

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Draft continued from Wednesday (with terminal line lead-in).


19020719 09:48:55

"I told him that I needed more time. Six hundred bucks isn't something that I just have lying around, y'know?"
"Oh, I see, and by that you mean you don't have six hundred just lying around now." Western cast his glance away from the wall, out through the kitchen window, and continued. "Because I recall being told that you bet nearly twice that - a cool thou - on that fight last April, with you taking McVey over Sullivan. You recall that, don't you?" He returned his sight forward. "I recall hearing that you got paid for it. We honored our terms, Paul."
"I said that times weren't good now, my bills piled and work ain't paid as much. I'm not runnin scared from you. You're here in my house. I'm not hidin. You'll get your damned money, but only when I got it to give to you."
Western bore a countenance of depression with the answer, and resumed looking out the window when he spoke next.
"Paul, I'm sorry to hear that you don't have six hundred just lying around. It is a lot, yes, but you really should have it. For times of emergency, y'know?" Upon saying this, Western held his right hand up towards the window in a fist, and snapped it open. A silver rod shot immediately from his hand and shattered the window, and retracted into his hand before the shards finished falling to the floor. He then adjusted his hand to the cabinet to the side of the window, over the sink, and the cylinder fired again, tearing a hole through the wooden door and shattering the glassware inside. Paul quickly recovered from the shock of this unexplainable destruction and rose up from his chair to make a dash at Western. In response, Western aimed his right hand and shot the mercuric beam directly at Paul, lodging the blunt end of it directly into his neck. Paul was rendered motionless by the suddenness of the metal being lodged into his throat. He felt the metal vibrate against his skin, and his coarse breath strain against his constricted vocal chords.
"Listen, Paul, just because you don't hide from me doesn't mean that you don't want to pay. We know, OK? We know that you can. So be a man and do it. That's not too much to ask of you, is it? I surely hope it isn't. I definitely hope you don't forestall this concluding in a mature manner."

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
virtual mind @		44.84 C		1018.F	337.344.319.37.189	0166	1135			2012-07-27T22:42:43:583Z

somebody like you @	59.75 B		1182.F	426.330.148.16.127	0107	0989			2012-07-27T22:45:28:064Z

shift @			72.07 A		1505.P	589.327.114.3.23	0329	1044			2012-07-27T22:48:33:142Z

acque minerali @	49.40 C		1574.F	540.494.328.71.335	0084	1593			2012-07-27T22:52:08:353Z

doll @			79.57 AA	1469.P	592.		0296	0923			2012-07-27T22:55:08:889Z

plasma @		69.99 A		1684.P	643.398.138.5.43	0251	1203	0848	041.86	2012-07-27T23:02:18:034Z
			01.88+		0018+	18+18-8-3-14-		0091+				2012-04-05T01:56:41:646Z

gobble @		51.25 C		0940.F	328.	0053	0917			2012-07-27T23:07:19:592Z

happy angel @		59.45 B		1472.F	547.378.188.23.187	0081	1238			2012-07-27T23:10:07:304Z

feeling of love @	59.89 B		1519.F	568.383.182.40.157	0049	1268			2012-07-27T23:21:30:240Z

511 A14 @		67.41 A		1107.P	401.305.111.0.6		0700	0821	0796	003.14	2012-07-27T23:29:26:883Z

contract @		27.75 E		1209.F	399.411.641.297.940	0064	2178			2012-07-27T23:36:49:283Z

with you @		62.93 B		1956.F	749.458.249.25.132	0152	1554			2012-07-27T23:45:48:276Z
Plasma is always a good chart to play, even the EX version of it, and I can't pass up playing With You, so that's double Sota today. Good thing I didn't get hit something that's legitimately rough (hi, Cyber Force). Had a few songs glitch out on me (Almagest) and a few misloads meant that it was time I had to wait to let the system recuperate (or else the program crashes right out), so that leads to fewer songs played than possible in an hour. Surprised I didn't have a record for 5.1.1. before, and I almost did FC it. Not an exceedingly terrible session today overall.

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