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LB log - 20120802

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Spent most of the day working on XML tag replacement scripting for the 1120 series. Some of the initial test data I created has dates of March. I fell rather behind in making all of this stuff, or at least had problems getting to this point in that it took this long to get here. The amount of forms to create were in fact substantial, but the blame and culpability still falls on me for taking this long to get this work done. It's going to take even more time to get to the point where I'm ready to submit a test return. Another situation bothering me presently is that with my lawn mower. The mower we own was purchased brand new last year. This year it has worked fine, but I haven't had to use it in some time in light of the drought. It's at the point now where the lawn finally does need to be mowed, and in the last round, I used the last bit of gas in the container on the machine. It seems that gas was quite old and the mower has basically become enfeebled from it. After getting it more oil and a new spark plug, as well as a full new tank of gas, I let it run out today and at the end it seemed like that it finally regained its strength. I then refilled the tank again with new gas, and now the mower won't start at all. I'm supposing that I will want to clean or replace the fuel filter or do some kind of more advanced repair, but I haven't done so before and have become laggard in researching how to do it. With the weekend now here, the repairs will have to wait until Tuesday as well.



19210422 15:41:44

Lilian was not in a very happy mood as she started to walk home with Henry. It was bad enough that she had to wait so long to leave because of Henry's extra work that he had to do with his class, which meant that their normal bus ride had gone by the time they were ready to go. She was also unsure of how long she'd have to wait for the 72nd Street city bus to come around, and if it would be worth it to wait for it to arrive as opposed to just walking all the way home from here. Her shoes still weren't worn in after a week of little use, and she didn't need or want to imagine how her feet would feel after the trek. She didn't have the luxury of voicing her displeasure to Henry, because her speaking would cause him to stop walking and try to process her speech, despite his inability to give any sort of reaction to it. Lilian had no choice but to simmer over her displeasure to herself. It was then that he called out to them.
"Hey, you!"
Lilian knew it was addressed to either of them, as there was nobody else around on the sidewalk. She turned around to see Mark Voller approaching them. Lilian knew of Mark in passing, mostly because he was in a grade higher than she was, but he was distinctive enough with his large stature and ears which stood out from his short hair. She also heard that he was essentially a bully who seemed to enjoy to throw his considerable weight around. She was perturbed that she didn't notice him before he called out - where did he come from? Did he start following them when they left the school? Was he too far away that she didn't hear him walk in their wake? Was she too distracted with her own displeasure of the walk home that she didn't notice him beforehand? She resolved to try to be more attentive in the future. Mark was finally close enough to address them.
"You're Lilian, right?"
"Yes. And your name is Mark, I believe, yes?"
"Yeah. So uh, I heard that you uh, sell ... stuff."
She gave a wan smile. New customers are always welcome, but she didn't know what to make of him approaching her like this instead of in the school like normal. "Well, what kind of stuff did you mean, Mark?"
"Uh, some cigs, basically, yeah."
"Well sure, Mark. It's a quarter for a score."
"Uh, OK."
With the terms agreed upon, Lilian still felt uneasy about the exchange. He shifted his hands in his pockets haphazardly, in what she assumed was a search for the money. She knelt down to get a pack of cigarettes from Henry's backpack.
This was the confirmation Mark waited for. Before she could get a pack in her hand, he quickly scooped the backpack up and took off running down the street.
"Hey! What-" Lilian started to run after him but only advanced a few steps before she stopped in realization that his speed was considerable and that she couldn't possibly catch up to him. "Hey!" she called out again, unable to think of anything better to do. She felt a wave of coldness sweep over her body. Henry didn't contemplate the situation for long, after seeing his sister's face. He looked at her, read the frowned wrinkles about her eyes, looked up to see Mark running away, and decided what to do. He took off after him.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
enjoy your life @	68.96 A		1200.P	472.	0154	0870	0554	057.03	2012-08-02T22:40:20:022Z
			03.07+		0027+	41+55-9+2-28-		0044+				2012-04-07T00:22:28:299Z

be rock u @		65.81 B		1240.F	463.314.118.16.69	0140	0942			2012-08-02T22:43:54:600Z

doigts de fatima @	77.27 A		0561.P		0130	0363			2012-08-02T22:46:47:401Z

im in love again yco @	75.96 A		1334.P	528.		0305	0878			2012-08-02T22:54:09:120Z

mermaid girl @		61.21 B		2025.F	801.423.228.70.263	0127	1654			2012-08-02T22:56:57:320Z

rise'n beauty 10th @	67.51 A		1615.P	617.381.171.8.46	0219	1196	1159	003.19	2012-08-02T23:01:18:726Z

awakening @		64.26 B		1590.P	577.436.179.13.80	0154	1237	0873	041.69	2012-08-02T23:05:25:920Z
			01.01+		0001+	7-15+11-10-12-		0092-				2012-04-03T00:22:59:808Z

queen's jamaica @	79.52 AA	0369.P		0204	0232	0232	0	2012-08-02T23:08:57:071Z

ウサギの為に鐘は鳴る @	50.59 C		0933.F	308.317.188.43.139	0040	0922	0335	175.22	2012-08-02T23:11:43:831Z
			02.60+		0048+	1+46+0-2-40-		0040-				2012-06-20T00:39:13:046Z

into the sunlight @	48.22 C		2146.F	726.694.443.134.521	0129	2225	1477	050.64	2012-08-02T23:17:13:806Z
			06.67+		0297+	130+37+152-6-27-	0015+				2012-05-12T01:02:30:142Z

choo choo train @	65.75 B		1206.P	450.306.120.3.72	0081	0917	0863	008.57	2012-08-02T23:21:33:200Z
			01.41+		0026+	18+10-9-5-4+		0057-				2012-05-04T01:27:36:680Z

absolute H14 @		72.24 A		1403.P	525.353.84.2.14		0311	0971			2012-08-02T23:24:55:191Z

tripping contact rmx @	61.82 B		1772.F	658.456.226.24.154	0153	1433			2012-08-02T23:27:52:871Z

satellite 020712 @	36.90 D		1575.F	528.519.548.217.814	0094	2134			2012-08-02T23:32:11:927Z

d.a.n.c.e. H14 @	63.37 B		1379.F	508.363.144.12.110	0143	1088	0425	156.00	2012-08-02T23:35:25:240Z
			02.67+		0058+	16+26+28-9-3-		0049+				2012-04-09T01:14:52:446Z
Mostly easy songs came in today, which is what made Into The Sunlight and Satellite such a shock. More so with the substantial increase I had with the former song. The unaltered chart of it has chords basically throughout the entire song and I knew that it wasn't a good play in general, but I swore that I never played it that much worse every time prior. Satellite likewise felt very bad but ultimately wasn't too far off from the best I've ever done with it. More important with that is the clear of Awakening - glad I got the crucial +1 EX to go along with it.

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