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LB log - 20120803

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Lawnmower still won't start, and today was rather exasperating day for retail work with a majority of the time spent on my own. At least I didn't have people jumping down my throat about it.

Draft (continued, revised date).


19220421 15:41:44

Mark didn't have to look back to know that Henry was on his trail - he could hear the gallop coming from behind him. He judged himself to be maintaining distance and knew that he wasn't running at his utmost of speed, so he felt assured of his escape. His premeditated route of weaving through the alleyway behind some stores facing 72nd to make it through the main street seemed to be working as he had planned. The alleyway approached and he banked into it while maintaining speed. Yesterday's rain still sat in puddles and kept the loose gravel of the alley moist, which meant that Mark's footing wasn't as assured. He made it out of the alley and ran through a small parking lot where he had to hold a sharp right turn to dash through the adjoining driveway. A car was pulling up just as he was getting through and Mark planted his hands on its hood so that he could pivot away from it and continue running. His handplant on the car shook the car's body against its shocks and made it lazily bounce. Henry maintained pursuit and anchored his hands on the corner of the same car to jump over its right headlight. Now Mark noticed that Henry seemed to be gaining on him and he forced himself to run harder, which led to his direction becoming unfocused. Mark was forced to weave his way through the pedestrians in front of him on the sidewalk of 72nd, while Henry kept a linear stride in his wake as the people parted to the sides and gawked. The opposing traffic to the right of them was dense and couldn't be crossed. Mark reached out to grab some trashcans on his right side and pull them down, and Henry responded by simply jumping over the entire canister and not losing a stride upon landing. The gap was narrowing. Mark meandered and dashed in a crazed sprint while Henry ran behind in precise strides and hands pointed at tips and alternating between his steps as if he were running for sport.
The intersection ahead finally put up the red light for to the oncoming traffic to stop, which gave Mark a chance to cross the street. The driver approaching northbound on J and turning into their direction was quick on anticipating the green and began to move out as soon as the cross traffic stopped. The oncoming car slowed to a crawl in order to avoid hitting Mark as he turned hard to his right to avoid the collision. The lack of forward progress at this point was the moment that Henry caught up with him. Before he made it to the southern sidewalk, Henry made a lunge to tackle Mark and caught him by the legs. The two boys tumbled together over the street, and Lilian's bag scattered to the sidewalk gutter after Mark lost his grip. Henry rolled on his back with the momentum and came to his knees before Mark could get up by his back. Henry pounced upon Mark and pinned his knees over his body and held him in place under him. Henry leaned back to swing and connected his fist right into Mark's mouth. The second punch split Mark's lip. The fifth punch dislodged some of his front teeth. The ninth punch splattered red blood over his face and hair, and clung to Henry's fist and clothing. Each strike caused Henry to scream out in a piercing screech which successively increased in volume and pitch. Eleven. The blows were coming less rapidly but still with as much force. Fifteen. No traffic moved on the street, and everyone on the sidewalks froze to watch the beating. Seventeen. Mark's body ceased to spasm in pain. Eighteen. Henry's body heaved in breath as he stared at the shattered face beneath his legs. He tilted his head back and released a primal scream that echoed against the buildings lining the intersection. He then slowly raised himself, his right foot before his left, and walked over to retrieve the bag. Henry left the body on the ground behind him and walked back to where he left Lilian.
Lilian made it to the end of the block when she heard the screaming and nothing else coming from her left. Her body cringed in knowing how horrifying her brother would now become. She was too far away to make it stop before Henry was done. She folded her hands demurely into her waist and looked down upon them, unsure of what else to do but wait for the incident to conclude and not draw attention to herself. The wait for Henry to return to her seemed to be interminable. Once by her side, Henry froze in place and extended his bloodied fist which clenched her bag in offering. She quickly took it from him and spun around without saying a word to walk away from 72nd. They walked past the school again within a few minutes. She decided that it was probably the best course of action to take the long way home after all.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
high school love @	38.86 D		1344.F	431.482.570.51.368	0046	1729			2012-08-03T23:21:53:376Z

no doubt get loud @	59.15 B		1350.F	500.350.183.15.149	0120	1141			2012-08-03T23:29:08:248Z

iidx @			70.90 A		0780.P		0321	0550			2012-08-03T23:31:24:698Z

traces tracing you @	42.32 D		1566.F	529.508.508.107.444	0053	1850			2012-08-03T23:35:40:987Z

wise up @		54.44 C		1469.F	521.427.271.41.180	0132	1349			2012-08-03T23:42:17:922Z

make a difference @	51.99 C		1539.F	566.407.310.48.282	0108	1480			2012-08-03T23:46:21:720Z

outer wall @		53.53 C		1316.F	475.366.244.35.207	0047	1229			2012-08-03T23:50:48:474Z

flash back 90s @	55.61 C		1762.F	628.506.308.43.189	0199	1584			2012-08-03T23:55:29:121Z

sweet sweet magic @	62.45 B		1454.F	541.372.181.24.136	0122	1164			2012-08-03T23:59:19:161Z

vermillion @		47.09 C		1494.F	523.448.332.113.388	0094	1586			2012-08-04T00:01:45:874Z

brightocean @		70.35 A		1372.F	530.312.90.18.57	0148	0975	0624	056.25	2012-08-04T00:05:05:984Z
			00.30+		0006+	1+4+6+6+19-		0041+				2012-06-17T01:12:04:494Z

evans @			34.05 D		1346.F	455.436.531.227.821	0069	1976			2012-08-04T00:10:16:586Z

shakin 31 @		71.44 A		1549.P	597.355.111.2.31	0334	1084			2012-08-04T00:14:59:210Z

limited @		71.30 A		1255.F	481.		0143	0880			2012-08-04T00:26:04:258Z

lets say hello @	68.93 A		1176.P	453.	0155	0853			2012-08-04T00:35:48:954Z
Whole lot of common songs come up today, and a fair stretch of Yoshitakaness on top of it. Well, at least, that's how it feels when I open 800 off with High School Love and encounter Evans later. Despite the relative lack of increases in comparison to the last few days, most of today's plays weren't too terribly off that I'm distressed about it. The weekend is far from over regardless. Failing out at Limited because of inattentiveness to simple jacks is always a big pain in the ass.

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