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LB log - 20120804

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18961118 16:41:54

"Now, we've told her that you were coming, and even though she understood and accepted to have you visit, you need to understand that she's still very uh, sensitive, and that you need to be careful around her. Be sure to remain calm and not do anything to upset her."
"Of course." Grace didn't feel patronized by the instruction. The nurse spoke in a caring and motherly tone which she imagined would be difficult to do on a daily basis in a hospital. She suspected that the nurse was likely a mother herself. Her words reflected her nature and intent of genuine concern for patients like Marilou. The remainder of the walk up the flight of stairs and through the hallway to her room was in silence. When they arrived at the doorway, the nurse placed a hand gently upon Grace's shoulder and instructed her to "Wait here." with a whisper, referring to the doorway. The nurse proceeded inside.
Rather than eavesdrop on whatever the nurse was saying to Marilou then, Grace took the moment's wait to collect her thoughts on how she would conduct herself now. Specifcally, she contemplated on what she would say first beyond the initial greeting. "How are you feeling now?" seemed to be the exact kind of question to not ask at this point. The answer was not something which needed to be the subject of conversation. Grace specifically didn't bring any sort of gift, as she was unsure if there was anything appropriate to bring at this time. The nurse called out to Grace and said she could come to see her now.
The nurse made a point to see both girls and nod to them before walking backwards a few paces and showing herself out of the room. Grace stood before Marilou with her hands neatly folded into each other and around her waist. Marilou sat upright in the bed beneath the thin sheet and could only manage to look at Grace directly for a brief moment. Even this much seemed to make Marilou take deeper breaths. Grace studied her and she looked away, and first noticed the puffiness of her eyelids and how her hair was so unusually disheveled. The tone of her skin was discernibly more pale. Finally a question she felt comfortable in asking came to mind.
"Have your parents been here to see you yet?"
Marilou silently moved her lips to form words, as if she was analyzing each word of the question and constructing an appropriate response. "Yes. Daddy was here... a while ago." The word choice shocked Grace. She can't remember how many years it has been since she ever referred to her father as "Daddy".

-to be continued-

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
love is dreaminess @	61.20 B		1103.P	392.319.152.4.40	0076	0901			2012-08-04T23:26:15:929Z

absolute A14 @		43.20 D		1596.F	527.542.525.91.325	0093	1847			2012-08-04T23:29:13:329Z

yabis starlight @	65.26 B		1505.F	577.351.160.14.103	0106	1153			2012-08-04T23:32:23:792Z

かげぬい Ver.BENIBOTAN	41.61 D		1658.F	569.520.493.146.547	0046	1992			2012-08-04T23:40:45:353Z

andromeda II @		63.40 B		1684.P	619.446.221.7.85	0111	1328			2012-08-04T23:46:06:343Z

sweetest savage @	62.48 B		1256.F	465.326.139.14.118	0138	1005	0751	033.82	2012-08-04T23:50:04:399Z

ganymede @		59.00 B		1678.F	602.474.229.23.180	0272	1422			2012-08-04T23:58:08:919Z

コスモス @		45.02 C		1748.F	607.534.295.179.480	0043	1941			2012-08-05T00:02:36:208Z

G59 @			33.21 E		1595.F	521.553.665.212.894	0040	2401			2012-08-05T00:05:48:344Z

perfect free @		77.50 A		0510.P		0112	0329	0329	0	2012-08-05T00:13:47:816Z

tomorrow perfume @	48.53 C		1429.F	516.397.390.39.187	0105	1472			2012-08-05T00:22:31:209Z
Not a lot to say here. Nothing extraordinarily bad for the most. G59 will give terrible rolls, so that's not a shock. Rest of the plays were dull. Seemed to develop a headache after an hour and play felt pretty futile. Very drained by today's work and it's only the second of four days that I have to do the shit. More whine than in a vineyard.

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