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LB log - 20120805

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18961118 16:41:54

Grace quickly thought of something else to bring up - she figured something lighthearted and irrelevant might not be so bad.
"Oh, you would have loved to see it at class today. Mrs. Betten had a big stack of papers she was about to hand out when she slipped on the floor somehow, and the papers went up flying everywhere like a parade! We were all laughing."
Grace held the smile briefly, then looked down to her feet in embarrassment. No, inane humor probably wasn't going to go over well, but what would? She didn't want to hear how her Dad was busy tracking the rapist down, did she? She didn't want to hear about how two of the other men were caught and being questioned by them right now, did she? She didn't want to hear patronizing genial speech about how "things will get better with time" and other frivolous, empty phrases. Right? Could Grace give her a hug? Just hold her? Just do something to show support and care? Would that make things worse? The complete lack of knowing how to best respond to this made Grace angered and disgusted, with herself as much as the situation and for Marilou's condition. Grace's father had the position in the city where things like this could happen to family members. Marilou just happened to be Grace's friend who was with her that day. For all the power which she could only imagine her Dad having, this is what was brought upon them. For all of the intellect which Grace had and the sympathy which she could offer, she was completely failing at doing anything helpful for her friend now. Grace became terrified over how powerless this ordeal made her feel. The sensation was completely alien to her.
"How are you feeling?"
Grace snapped her attention back to Marilou. She maintained her position on the bed and her sight away from making eye contact.
"I'm... fine, really. Fine. And I'm glad they let me here to see you."
"Uh... oh, say. Y'know what might be good? A walk maybe? Get you on your feet a bit, out of this stuffy room? It might-"
"No, thanks. I'm comfy here. I'm comfy here." Marilou said this while rocking her head slowly forwards and back, with her arms wrapped around her knees as they pressed against her chest.
"OK, Louie, OK. That's fine. S'ok if I stay here a while with you then?"
Grace nodded with a faint smile and turned around to sit in the sparsely padded chair behind her. She had brought a copy of the novel assigned for the Literature study - Thoreau's Walden - and resumed reading. Marilou remained seated upright in the bed.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
satfinal @		38.74 D		1273.F	425.423.517.103.390	0082	1643			2012-08-06T00:21:18:033Z

eris mx @		40.76 D		1792.F	614.564.620.147.575	0091	2198			2012-08-06T00:27:53:048Z

mermaid girl remix @	53.89 C		2143.F	806.531.418.93.363	0062	1988			2012-08-06T00:31:18:424Z

soldier's waltz @	56.53 B		1549.F	553.443.221.41.224	0057	1370			2012-08-06T00:35:01:807Z

eden @			52.40 C		1876.F	687.502.364.86.346	0115	1790			2012-08-06T00:39:34:023Z

raspberry heart @	64.35 B		1811.F	667.477.126.45.209	0171	1407			2012-08-06T00:43:50:367Z

tell me more @		77.77 AA	1386.P	545.		0334	0891			2012-08-06T00:48:35:769Z

memories @		64.32 B		1639.P	603.433.480.13.72	0101	1274			2012-08-06T00:58:11:015Z

rugged ash H14 @	83.58 AA	0336.P		0092	0201	0201	0	2012-08-06T01:03:02:174Z

go beyond @		27.80 E		0992.F	312.368.513.183.741	0036	1784			2012-08-06T01:10:05:191Z

dont stop @		81.55 AA	0734.P	300.		0288	0450	0450	0	2012-08-06T01:13:17:496Z
			02.20+		0023+	21+19-6-0+0+		0160-				2012-03-31T01:38:32:947Z

silvia drive @		61.89 B		1707.F	635.437.235.16.97	0105	1379			2012-08-06T01:18:20:551Z

youll say now @		40.60 D		1336.F	448.440.420.93.473	0079	1645	1299	026.63	2012-08-06T01:21:01:503Z
			01.91+		0063+	22+19+7+38-34-		0034+				2012-07-12T00:29:12:175Z
I'm intrigued by this trend where the first song on the list is the first song that I play for the session, and the score for that singular song is substantially worse than everything else played in the night. I guess it'll only be an issue if I get a song which I want to play well right at the start. Otherwise, maybe an initial floundering is as good of a warmup as playing a handful of easier songs. Go Beyond came and went like a blur and I have no recollection of hitting half of the notes in any capacity, yet I didn't do as badly with that as I did Satfinal. Otherwise mostly easy songs today. Erin MX is still very nice, even if not 100% incredible. I fear that the program isn't saving volume settings while the database isn't available.

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