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LB log - 20120808

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After the passing of a few weeks, the lawn is finally mowed. The "Guaranteed to Start" lawn mower which I had borrowed from the parents did fail in its guarantee at least one period of time between me removing a full bag of clipping to empty out. If the issue had continued for another ten minutes I would have become incredibly enraged that my lawn would have managed to essentially wreck no less than three mowers. But a cooldown was all it apparently needed, as it picked back up and allowed me to finish the rest of the yard off. Hooray.

Draft (continued).


19490616 06:21:18

Chene then pulled out from Albert's neighbor's driveway and began to follow him.
Albert drove up to South 56th already in a hurried state - Chene had to tail at 30 MPH almost immediately and had to bank hard in making the left hand turn behind Albert, as Albert managed to make the turn with little room behind him for the oncoming traffic. Chene could not allow more than roughly two car lengths between them without the connection to the metal in Albert's car being too thin to be maintained. They approached the intersection at C with the light being red, as planned. Chene saw a man standing behind the metal door of the control box near the corner street light, which told him everyone was in place so far. He wondered if Albert would take his usual route of going all the way to K before going North, but Albert took the right turn once the light turned green and roared off down the street. His temper was indeed getting to him. The next light was 48th, and there were two lanes to choose from on this portion of C. Albert weaved his way around two alternating pairs of cars which were staggered apart within the two lanes, and Chene kept pace in kind right behind him. By this point, Albert had already turned the radio in his car off and felt the blood pulsating within his fingers as they forcefully clenched the steering wheel. He ground his teeth in seething rage and released an audible grunt every time he darted around the next car in front of him. He paid no attention to Chene following closely behind. Albert didn't slow down for the red light at 48th until he was less than a block away - and then he suddenly accelerated even harder and ran through the intersection at a faster clip. Chene laughed softly and pressed on behind him, hearing a car horn blare and depress in tone as he sped past the cars. Albert gave a passing glance in his rear view mirror once he noticed that someone did follow behind him, but he didn't pay it any attention. He was in a hurry and already had a shitty start to his day, and it wasn't any of his concern if someone was following him. If it was a cop, he'd set it straight. With that thought in his head, Albert sped down C even faster now as he approached 32nd; who cares if a cop was following him, who cares about the other traffic around him - he was one of the Runners now, and it was almost his duty to bend the law to his will. He wondered why he didn't bother doing this every day since being indoctrinated into the system. "Fuck it all! This is my road!" is the thought Albert said outloud to himself as he approached the intersection. He reached the crossing as the light was still green. Now was his chance to turn! He started the left turn early and left a visible and audible streak behind him as his car slid on the pavement with the momentum carrying him forward.
The location wasn't what he had planned, but Chene saw it as the time to strike. He snapped his wrist down as Albert skidded to the left in front of him, and the trap sprung. The metal which lined the wheel hubs in Albert's car shot out in rigid spikes, which caused the two tires on the passenger side to rupture with a loud bang. The metal then swiftly slinked back into Chene's weapon as Albert's car tipped to the side and rolled onto the ceiling, which threw sparks into the air as it scraped against the asphalt. Chene continued driving Northward and pulled his nightstick away once the metal had fully retracted from the outside. Albert's car careened into the corner grocery store at full force, making it crash into the brick wall and display window glass which lined the wall. The steering column and engine block of the car became immobilized by the brick base upon which it hit, and Albert's body carried its inertia into the car parts and wedged itself into the metal. His body had no resistance from crushing into the steering wheel in front of him and exploded around the wheel. There was no prolonged suffering - the collision was instantly fatal.
The Nine of Hearts was down.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
denjin akatsukini @	36.23 D		1448.F	479.496.630.180.526	0062	1998			2012-08-08T23:50:07:200Z

bring her down @	49.25 C		1254.F	447.360.347.39.151	0150	1273			2012-08-08T23:53:09:175Z

thunderbolt @		27.01 E		1524.F	463.698.889.342.1225	0035	2821			2012-08-08T23:57:17:472Z

phoenix @		39.36 D		1511.F	517.477.531.172.535	0175	1919			2012-08-09T00:01:10:600Z

narcissus at oasis @	51.54 C		1132.F	418.	0167	1098			2012-08-09T00:04:07:016Z

come with me @		64.34 B		1175.P	438.	0120	0913			2012-08-09T00:06:30:350Z

tranoid @		38.77 D		1226.F	398.430.458.82.419	0135	1581			2012-08-09T00:08:53:920Z

in the blackest den @	44.59 C		1627.F	547.533.419.100.484	0141	1824			2012-08-09T00:12:08:240Z

アップダウン峠 @		26.42 E		1706.F	536.634.933.411.1480	0062	3228			2012-08-09T00:18:34:246Z

heaven above @		51.69 C		1376.F	495.386.323.53.189	0108	1331			2012-08-09T00:49:14:415Z

funny crasher @		29.85 E		1138.F	391.356.580.230.750	0086	1906			2012-08-09T00:53:35:159Z

b4u @			62.48 B		1261.F	466.329.145.16.98	0202	1009			2012-08-09T00:58:42:448Z

sana molette ne ente @	63.69 B		0879.P	309.		0151	0690			2012-08-09T01:03:30:703Z

fake time @		56.65 B		1465.F	525.415.238.35.181	0185	1293			2012-08-09T01:09:56:104Z

the detonator @		46.47 C		1940.F	690.560.487.103.540	0118	2087			2012-08-09T01:14:36:710Z
Not a plus to be found here today, but it honestly didn't feel that poor in playing. Had a crash occur after Blackest Den which I knew I caused because I loaded a new song too soon after the previous one failed to load. My rush caused that failure. At least I cleared Come With Me today - had a much better roll with it.

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