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LB log - 20120815

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Addendum to yesterday's entry about Pine Grove Hospital: The Racine Project is the means by which Carbondale was able to make an official connection to have Runners get direct and anonymous treatment for job related injury, as well as make sure that rivals who may have needed to be eliminated and had not met such a fate would assuredly do so in this location.


19380216 03:41:03

He knew that it didn't actually happen, but as the elevator took him up to the floor where his room was, it felt to Kedzie like there was a small pause and rest upon each floor as he ascended upwards. As he leaned his forehead against the side wall of the carriage, he felt the vibrations which coursed through the compartment. The sensation felt unpleasant, but standing upright seemed less appealing. When the eighteenth floor was finally reached and the door opened to the dimly lit hallway, he lurched away from his position with an audible groan and staggered out just as the door closed behind him. As he slowly ambled to his room, he used his right hand to anchor himself against the wall, repositioning himself with each pair of steps. When he finally reached his doorway, he resumed leaning his forehead against the door so that he could have his right hand free to dig through his pants pocket to get the key.
Kedzie nearly fell to the floor when he opened the door, but summoned enough energy to maintain balance and limp to the couch in the main room, where he finally fell upon his side in a heap. He clenched his eyes shut and took protracted breaths as the numb pain pulsated through his left arm and his feet. This is when Booker jumped upon Kedzie, and began kneading at his chest after walking up his body.
"Mmm... go get me some water, cat." Booker purred and kneaded harder as Kezdie rubbed at his sides and haunches; but rather than sitting upon him, Booker jumped down and stared up at Kedzie from the floor. When Kedzie shifted his body, the cat jumped back and walked towards the kitchen. The intent was clear.
"Fucking cat." He sighed and rose to his feet to walk over to the kitchen. Booker led the way to the refrigerator, from which Kedzie took out the bottle of milk and poured some for the cat in a nearby dish on the ground. He then took a glass and quickly filled it with water from the kitchen sink before returning to the sofa. He sat upright and held the cup to his body while not drinking from it. Booker returned to the sofa and kneaded his front paws into Kedzie's lap before resting upon it. Kedzie generously rubbed behind its ears, in response to which the cat contorted its head to feel the rubbing more deeply.
In times like this, Kedzie found himself contemplating how incredible the situation was, in that just hours ago he was in the middle that exhausting battle, and here he was with an animal which completely trusted his touch and care. Kedzie imagined how easy he could take an animal like that and commit horrible abuse within a blink of an eye - he could simply pick the cat up from the back of the neck and throw it against the wall, or even carry it to the balcony and throw it out to let it fall hundreds of feet. He could unsheath his sword and mutilate the thing as he had done to Victor just hours ago or countless other people before him. The violence which he inflicted on them he could just as easily impose upon this living creature with as much ease as flipping a light switch. But the cat wouldn't know that. The cat would want his care and attention regardless. Despite the disparity between a delinquent gambler and a housecat, he still found it amazing how differently he handled either living being.

Extra Mode.
			EX% & Rank	EX.p/f		combo	nc	onc	%+ 	date
i was the one remix @	72.41 A		1050.P	404.		0168	0725			2012-08-15T23:10:26:215Z

im for real @		71.54 A		0684.P		0218	0478			2012-08-15T23:13:09:042Z

fun @			66.63 A		1230.F	461.308.104.20.71	0104	0923			2012-08-15T23:15:53:137Z

R2 @			70.29 A		1607.P	616.375.132.6.28	0149	1143	1143	0	2012-08-15T23:22:13:433Z
			01.46+		0028+	34+40-2-1+8-		0050-				2012-04-02T00:46:36:313Z

yco is dead or alive @	54.04 C		1575.F	561.453.321.23.197	0155	1457			2012-08-15T23:25:56:659Z

the smile of you @	75.01 A		2087.F	812.463.73.12.61	0136	1391	0904	053.87	2012-08-15T23:29:16:595Z
			14.91+		0435+	287+159-131-2-6-	0104-				2012-04-12T01:40:39:251Z

virtual mind gravi @	37.65 D		2182.F	742.698.744.257.953	0132	2897	1105	162.17	2012-08-15T23:34:34:162Z
			10.97+		0636+	244+148+274-19-34-	0016+				2012-08-13T23:06:42:436Z

eris mx @		46.08 C		2026.F	701.624.487.153.605	0113	2198	1461	050.44	2012-08-15T23:39:43:107Z
			03.48+		0153+	68+17+7-21-10+		0027+				2012-06-21T02:06:17:407Z

dancin into the night @	78.69 AA	0373.P		0192	0237	0237	0	2012-08-15T23:44:44:816Z

mind mapping @		63.80 B		1964.F	755.454.174.39.208	0157	1539	1295	018.84	2012-08-15T23:47:51:809Z
			00.36+		0008+	7-22+0+17-4-		0028-				2012-08-14T23:49:14:652Z

no doubt get loud @	68.53 A		1564.F	598.368.88.16.116	0118	1141	0634	079.96	2012-08-15T23:51:32:810Z
			03.82+		0060+	9+42+68-3-11-		0019-				2012-04-02T00:28:25:831Z

indigo vision @		70.34 A		0868.P	331.		0125	0617	0617	0	2012-08-15T23:59:11:345Z

ever even eleven @	51.77 C		1839.F	659.521.269.94.273	0136	1776	0179	892.17	2012-08-16T00:04:50:050Z
			03.41+		0121+	63+5-169-11+10-		0069+				2012-06-01T23:57:10:941Z

rainbow rainbow @	38.74 D		1646.F	530.586.546.161.695	0125	2124			2012-08-16T00:09:37:667Z

in the blackest den @	50.02 C		1825.F	638.549.370.83.415	0137	1824			2012-08-16T00:12:50:025Z

yakumo joint struggle @	34.50 D		2211.F	744.723.844.284.1459	0066	3204	2628	021.91	2012-08-16T00:16:18:298Z
			06.46+		0414+	167+80+72-62-110-	0015-				2012-05-19T00:52:13:251Z

rainbow flyer @		59.17 B		1587.F	579.429.216.29.170	0109	1341	1167	014.91	2012-08-16T00:21:04:177Z
			02.89+		0078+	41+4-28-5-12+		0016+				2012-05-09T01:38:58:964Z
Good run today. Usually when a recently played song comes up and it's something which I don't outright hate, I'll play though the first few measures to see how the chart feels. Despite having played Mind Mapping just yesterday - almost exactly 24 hours apart, at that - I kept with it today because it seemed to have a good layout, and it was a good thing that I did so. No Doubt Get Loud also seems to come up too frequently but I finally get an increase out of that chart as well. The increases which I did have for Yakumo and particularly The Smile of You were rather surprising - in the latter case at least I would have sworn that I had done better than a 60% B before. I skipped In the Blackest Den either yesterday or the day before, so I felt more compelled to get it done today. Pleased with the raw number of A rank plays which I had today.

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